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Hi /collab/!

My thread in /now/ will be moved here soon but until then I'm in need of a little advice/help on a different (yet similar) topic.

I created/run the website and it's going great, but, I came up with an idea for another site. It is still in the very early stage of development but it'll get there. only to be unsuccessful and disappointing

I won't give away too much just yet (I would hate for somepony to take my idea) but I am giving a heads up that I am going to need help with making the site look pretty and function well.

I can do the coding, but I have a terrible sense of matching colours and whatnot and my sites end up looking cheap and "HTMLY" (if you know what I mean... which I don't really expect you was a bad joke..). An example of my poor colour coordination is my recently made Mod area for my Anypony Email Mods. See pic. *cringe*

This project may be a while down the track (or it may be next week!) and who knows whether it will even be successful, but this is what I am looking for.

First off: Graphic Mods. My Graphic Mods for Anypony Email do enough for that site already, I would hate for them to try and make graphics for this site as well! The role of a graphics mod is to make banners, backgrounds, icons and pictures that will be put on the site. I give you the dimensions and everything you need to get started and then the mod needs to make it reality. Here is an example of a email I sent to one of my graphics mods earlier this week:

"""Dimensions: 350x255px
Background Colour: White

I need a pony with a smile, or happy or anything just not sad (maybe even a pony offering a brohoof?). Anyway, next to the pony I need something along the lines of:

"300 Accounts and counting!" it doesn't have to be exactly that but something that mentions we've reached 300 users

Feel free to add a signature and I'll make the image a link to your dA when it goes online.

Also, feel free to make as many as you like, I'll have them cycle through on the homepage. You don't have to though, just a suggestion.

If you could do that, that would be great!"""

If you can photoshop and would like to jump on board, send me an email: admin[at] (Please note, if this turns out to be anything like last time I advertised for mods, I won't be able to give positions to everypony who applies, so you should include a little "why you should choose me" which makes the culling..err.. I mean "selection" process a bit easier).

Second: Site Mods, this position won't become available until after the site gets under way, but if you stay tuned for long enough... it'll be beneficial for you. (beneficial if you want to mod a site that is).

So this long thread is actually just for a show of hoofs, who would be interested in lending a hoof with an upcoming brony website? (no guarantee on successfulness)
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Are you still looking for people?
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