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Basically, I have all of the ideas, and I can make all of the stats and such, but I don't have to technology to make it. I need a programmer. If anything else, I just need some people to give me some ideas.
I've started making the Ponies, but I've only got around 60 something right now.
Help please?
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Okay a few ideas then.

Try Advance map it's real easy to get the hang of and I know it can do fire red/leaf green. I'm not sure how in depth it get's but you CAN create events and add sprites, though from personal experience adding music can be a B****.

As for sprites talk to either KGPrestige or DMN666 on Deviantart. DMN666 already has a bunch of Ponymon sprites.

Tpo add to the character count you could add more non-ponies, use oc's, or perhaps fanfic mash ups (more for breeding like Twi+Trixie=Midnight).

That's really all the advice I can give as far as a ponymon game goes.

Also, love the name xD
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File 132845503990.png - (277.15KB , 1700x1500 , 131097824915.png )
Pokémon hacking is so well documented that you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the hang of it - not to mention all the tools that have been created to make hacking as convenient as possible. If all you want to do is replace Pokémon with ponies, you should make it just fine with a stat editor and Unlz-gba (provided that you're hacking the 3rd generation games). If you want custom maps and scripts, get Advancemap and XSE. My tools folder is probably rather outdated since I abandoned my last project over a year ago but you should find everything you need to get started (both tools and instructions on how to use them) here:

If you have any specific questions, I'll do what I can to answer them for you. I've done graphics and music importing, mapping and scripting so I should be able to answer all basic questions about hacking the 3rd generation games.
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File 132847086890.png - (62.70KB , 722x635 , facehoof.png )
'sigh'. I probabley should've stated in the OP that I have a Mac. Macs are good for many things, but making games is not one of them. I can only run advance map. So yeah, THAT'S why I need a programmer.
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That does complicate things. I'd offer my assistance, but I have enough trouble staying motivated with my own projects and I'm pretty busy with other things right now so I can't really dedicate myself to a project like this. Have you tried emulating Windows on your computer? I don't know how it practically works because I've never used a Mac so I can't really help with that though.
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Bump for desperation.
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