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33360 No. 33360
I figured it was overdue time for a new thread. so I'm making a new one!

We have released three episodes so far and and are hard at work to bring you all more!


Applejack: Toyloli

Rarity: Aether Naut

Fluttershy: Lauren Goodnight

Pinkie Pie: Faun of the Devil

Spike: Jaris

Twilight: Buttercupsayian

Rainbow Dash: Runbow Dash

Princess Celestia: Lauren Goodnight

Nightmare Moon: HappyDorkGirl

Trixie: Lauren Goodnight



Mayor Mare


Q:How do i audition?

A:Simple! as long as you have a mic and recording software you can do it easily!

Q:What exactly do i need to do in order to submit an audition?

A:Just record your voice to any lines from MLP FIM scene(s). ad-libing is encouraged! make sure to include your user name of choice and the roll you are auditioning for in the beginning of the recording though so i know what i am listening to! :)

Q:What is Ad-libing?

A:More or less it's adding words onto the scene that were not originally written into the script this is usual done in either a humorous manner or just to add a little flavor to the scene!

Q:I haven't heard from you in awhile or not at all since i sent in my audition. what's the deal?!

A:If i have not responded to you by e-mail it is most likely due to the fact that i have not had a chance to get to your individual audition yet. don't fret though! i'll get to it soon!

Q:I didn't get the role i wanted. Does this mean i won't have a part to play in the abridged series?

A:Not necessarily. you may be cast in as one of the walk on characters such as the first ponies Twilight meets in episode one or even later down the road!

That's about all for this thread so comment here and let me know if your interested and send me those auditions!

The e-mail to send any and all auditions to is [email protected]

Please direct any questions you have to the same E-mail address or in this thread.

The thread will be updated as new roles come to light and roles become filled!
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>> No. 33422
will do my best to have Mayor Mare to you in the next day or so
>> No. 33426
File 132851626015.png - (176.76KB , 639x360 , 8523161-(n1302407727765).png )

sounds good^^ can't wait for it! :)
>> No. 33428
File 132851953885.png - (123.48KB , 894x894 , Flutter24.png )
it has been a while since I have done any voice work..

umm, how accurate are you wanting the voices?
>> No. 33430
File 132851984509.jpg - (43.22KB , 341x324 , 129916848755fluttersly-(n1303693051331).jpg )

Does not have to be 100% on the dot but it needs to be close. which role are you wanting to audition for?
>> No. 33431
File 132852000002.png - (149.52KB , 900x675 , Flutter47.png )
I was thinking perhaps Gilda..though I am a I do not know how good it will turn out..

..I suppose I could give it a shot however
>> No. 33432
File 132852037975.png - (178.51KB , 639x360 , 7413691-(n1302407831225).png )

Give it a shot. if you come close enough i'll cast you in an just up your voice by a couple semi-tones.
>> No. 33433
File 132852084763.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , Flutter66 - Dancing.png )
oh well okay ^^ I shall get to work on it then!

>> No. 33568
File 132869308231.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
>> No. 33628
Even though you aren't looking right now, I was hoping, as a colt myself, I could do the background colts? I've always wanted to get into an abriged series, and this abriged series is definitely one I can get into. I have audiacity and a mic built into the screen of my comptuer. I'll send you a few lines for your viewing, once I get a few minutes in the day. I hope I can be apart of this project.
>> No. 33633
If only you needed Discord, or some minor male ponies. I've done some voice-acting, but my range does not go to the feminine that well XP
>> No. 33642
File 132881265789.png - (231.92KB , 530x432 , Rarity-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27782947-530-432.png )
Sorry about not having Mayor Mare to you yet. Been super busy with college work >.< Tonight!
>> No. 33645
File 132881317892.png - (326.68KB , 448x724 , 131631230645.png )
Hm...I may have to download audacity to get this to work properly..umm you can expect my audition tonight ♥
>> No. 33682
File 132886777207.jpg - (43.22KB , 341x324 , 129916848755fluttersly-(n1303693051331).jpg )


If either of you would lijke to audition for Discord you are more than welcome to! just drop the lines by the e-mail mentioned in the OP. also we are always looking for background ponies. ^^
>> No. 33683
File 132886782724.png - (346.30KB , 750x942 , 5749_-_fluttershy_hipstershy-(n1302592106815).png )

sweet! just make sure to let me know which role your applying for in the e-mail! :3
>> No. 33740
File 132893697256.png - (10.73KB , 378x294 , 132649592851.png )
discord you say?
i might just drop a few of my voices off :)
>> No. 33763
I'll send an audition or two. =)
>> No. 33767
File 132898786799.png - (314.54KB , 497x520 , 131649903496.png )
Okay, just attaching the file now, expect it in a few minutes ♥
>> No. 33778
File 132899526042.png - (254.01KB , 485x575 , 131657336835.png )
e-mails (tried twice from two different e-mail clients) aren't sending so I decided to upload it to sound cloud...

My e-mail is in my name ♥
>> No. 34133
File 132944273163.png - (80.57KB , 657x550 , tumblr_lxo4v6v2nb1r0biauo4_1280.png )
34133 this still going?

>> No. 34389
File 132980739794.png - (282.97KB , 526x353 , Fluttershysmile.png )
Yes it is still going on. I just have been very busy. Your.gilda audition was good but your tone is far too deep. I couldn't get it to sound female without chipmunking your voice lol
>> No. 34416
File 132983877703.png - (192.38KB , 799x1000 , 131533833201.png )
I thought you might have been ^^ that's okay, I could try doing it a little higher, but only if you cannot find anypony else.

Thank you for your time ♥
>> No. 34450
I could try Big Mac...
I've never done voice-acting, so I don't know if I would be any good...
Do you need anything else done? Writing?
>> No. 34481

We already have a Big Mac but if you want to give it a shot go for it. ^^
>> No. 34803
File 133042427489.png - (107.06KB , 400x224 , 131621592974.png )
well...I re-recorded the gilda audition thingy...hopefully you will check back here and are not too busy

I hope it is a little better...if not then it is okay, at least i can say tried my best

I edited it a little make it a teeny bit higher...I dunno if you can tell..
>> No. 35069
Hey deathasia is this still going?

I haven't received any scripts for a while... T^T
>> No. 35148
Yes it is. Working on episode 4 right now
>> No. 35197
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 35199
Glad to see that things are still going

Oh btw Inky Notebook is my chosen OC name so it's no longer Aether Naut even though Ill probably keep it as a spare. :P
>> No. 35441

E-mail with episode 5 script has been sent out btw. if you got it please let me know by e-mail.
>> No. 35442

Damn cookie clearing....that message was me btw
>> No. 35500
Youtube embed play button

>LINK TO EQT BLOG POST ABOVE!(it has neat pictures and looks better!) Also Please comment if you feel the need to!(seriously....a comment from a non-bot would be nice...;_; )

In case you all missed it, EPISODE 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED! The script writer for this episode is none other than our voice of Applejack, Toyloli!

>Attached video to this post

Gotta say I was a bit nervous with how she did this episode at first but after I made the final cut and viewed it in full, I was very impressed with how she did with the script!


Episode 5′s script has been completed and has been sent to the cast members! I have set a deadline for all cast members to get their lines in by March 23, 2012.

Episode 5 synopsis:

Pinkie Pie finds out that Rainbow Dash is just as much as a prankster as she is, but the pink mare gets pink with envy when a new face shows up and steals dash from her. Pinkie Pie plans to play the ultimate prank…will she pull it off?


We need a voice for the characters Snips and Snails in the up coming episode 6! If you can sound anything like them or even think you have a better voice for them. send your audition clips to:

[email protected]

All auditions MUST be in by March 31, 2012
>> No. 35584
File 133203640605.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
>> No. 42557
Youtube embed play button
  I am looking for a few voices for the abridged series project that is currently in progress. We are four episodes in(soon to be five). We have three script writers on board and an animator for custom scenes.

Now our abridged series DOES HAVE mature humor in it, but we strive to never go past the explicit rating in any of our scripts.(In cace if it does, I send it back and ask them to redo the part(s).)

We are currently looking for the people to fill in the roles of Pinkie Pie, Snips, Snails.

It should also be noted we are looking for sound alike voices. You don't have to be "spot on" but you need to at least come close to the original voice.

Now the following part is important! So please make sure you meet the following requirements before auditioning.

1. You must have a decent microphone(No background noise and you can be clearly heard when you speak).

2. You must speak English.

3. You must be 18 or older.(This is avoid any potential unwanted confrontations with parents.)

4. You need to have a skype account. (This is needed in case I need to contact you for a quick redo of a certain line or for general chat in our project chat with other cast members.)

5. You must be prepared to have fun.(Yep, that's right! If your not having fun then what's the point?)

Okay, so with the requirements out of the way and the basic outline of our series posted then I suppose I'll get to the part with the deadline.

>DEADLINE: 11/01/2012

Lines to read:

>Snails: Trixie truly is the most talented, the most magical, the most awesome unicorn in Ponyville.

>Snails: Gangway! Comin' through!

>Snips: Ooo, tell us another story Great and Powerful Trixie.

>Snips: Oh, how we gonna find an Ursa Major when I can't even see my own hoof in front of my face?

>Pinkie Pie: Yes, yes, yes! Twilight's taking me to The Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot.

>Pinkie Pie: Oh, you didn't know? Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala!

It should also be noted that the VA for Pinkie Pie will need to be able to sing in her voice so along with that we need a singing demo reel as well.

Singing reel:

[Pinkie Pie]

Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
Oh the Grand Galloping Gala is the best place for me
'Cause it's the most galarrific superly-terrific gala ever
In the whole galaxy

Roles list:

Pinkie Pie: Not yet filled

Snips: Not yet filled

Snails: Not yet filled

Please send all auditions to [email protected]

With that said I'll end this post with an episode from our abridged series to give you a better idea of what you'll be auditioning for.
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