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33410 No. 33410
I cant draw backgrounds well and the ponies I draw for animation are mis shapen. I find that it is easier to vectorize and import these shapes to flash and manipulate them rather than tracing and drawing each and every pose. I know it's a dirty trick but Im desperate with a long animation to do. I'd like it to appear as if it was produced by the studios themselves.

Are such things legal? (Giving credit of course)
And has anypony ever done something like this?
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>> No. 33411
When I say mis-shapened, I mean irregular. I cant 2 ponies the same way.
>> No. 33440
Wikipedia has this to say about Hasbro's reaction towards fan art and the bronie culture.

>Hasbro has generally not taken a stance against full episodes being available on sites like YouTube, taking down episodes in high-quality that conflict with their iTunes offerings, and this policy has enabled the growth of the fandom.[71][103] Though many fan-created mash-ups combine copyright footage of Friendship is Magic with adult elements ... , Hasbro has not taken a stance against these videos and has allowed them to be hosted at various outlets, recognizing that the parodies and remixes form a "participatory culture" that has helped to draw larger attention to the show.[119][120] Daniel Nye Griffiths of Forbes, in light of the Stop Online Piracy Act, considered the brony phenomena to re-use copyrighted works and create new works from these as an example of the inevitable result of any media that gains a fandom, and praised Hasbro for embracing the means to extend the brand through this instead of trying to endlessly stop such infringements.[103]
>> No. 33475
I do it all the time for backgrounds myself but I never worked with flash or animation. I guess you could make it happen.
>> No. 33477
You're redrawing the assets in Flash, not reusing them. It's legal.

Even if it was not Hasbro isn't going to go after fanart, just full episode uploads.
>> No. 33478
@ "Wikipedia"

1. Wikipedia is not a source, some random guy wrote that.
2. They HAVE been taking down full episodes, and PMVs etc. are probably legal as fair use parody (though the song played would not be since it's untouched).
>> No. 33480
Wikipedia is a secondary and tertiary source of information. This means all the information found there should be just a rephrasing of the information found elsewhere.
>> No. 33487
Well thanks everypony, I guess I could start without worrying.
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