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Have you ever played a game called Chips Challenge? It was one of those old classic Windows games from back in the day of Win95 (also had a rep even predating that period.. but I remember it from Windows 95)

Basically you played as a boy named Chip and you ventured around a large series boards collecting computer chips, avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles. The premise of the game was that you, as Chip wanted to join a club hosted by Melinda the Mental Marvel. But in order to do so you'd have to complete her challenge.

And now to the real topic of this thread which is a bronified version of this game! The Great and Powerful Trixie has her own special club and for you to be able to join it you'll have to accept her challenge and enter her magical Game of DOOOOM

I was thinking of who the player would be in the game, and its a mix between Snips&Snails or Sethisto from EqD (because, you know, I like kissing major plot for attention :P herp derp... )

The graphics would certainly be revamped to have a more fitting Pony-ish theme and besides collecting computer chips, maybe the player could collect wizard hats or crystal balls or something.

The game would be developed for a number of platforms, firstly for Windows, Mac and Linux, and maybe I'll branch out from there to certain portable devices (I may program and develop it in Monkey: )

I'm not 100% certain I'll go through with the project just yet, as I am pretty busy with Spikes Quest, but I was hoping to get some opinions on the concept.

What do you bronies think?
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>> No. 33535
Will it feature new puzzle designs and new gimmicks (like those seen in the unreleased sequels)?
>> No. 33547
I would love you for making this game ponified, though I think Twilight would be a better protagonist IMO
>> No. 33557
i remember downloading chip's challenge ready to play it after years...only to find out it was 16-bit and won't run on my x64 system. Is this going to be built from scratch or be a modified Chip's Challenge?
>> No. 33564
oh wow! I was starting to think nopony was interested.
Anyway, time to answer questions :3

It'll be a fresh new experience from the ground up. I might recruit a few ponies to assist in the level designs.
so new gimics and puzzles are eminent!

I'd like to hear why you think that. Not coming against it, I'm just curious ;)

Entirely from scratch! Its being coded in Blitz Max and the tileset graphics are completely new.
>> No. 33617
File 132876278516.png - (268.69KB , 613x557 , 132789706093.png )
Sounds good! I would definitely give it a go :)
>> No. 33622
Oh man, I loved chip's challenge! I would love a pony version!

I think I'd be more interested in a Twilight protagonist also (or one of the main six) although I'd also be into Snips. Snips' Challenge just sounds right. Playing Sethisto doesn't really have much appeal to me at all, sorry Sethisto!

If you really want there to be a story behind your motivation for playing the game and completing all challenges, I'm sure I could come up with something for any pony. To be honest I never even knew about the whole point to chip's challenges, I just liked playing. It could be about anything - putting together a surprise party for a pony, preparing for the summer sun celebration and Princess Celestia visiting, collecting stuff to put together the elements of harmony (and perhaps freeing the six main ponies representing the elements + other important ponies like the Princesses, hence why Snips would be left up to the task). If you're making this from the ground up, could you have each level focused on one pony with a challenge unique to them? There are so many ponies, you wouldn't run out. You could be just all over Ponyville just helping out everypony!
>> No. 33638
To be completely honest, I think it would be better if you focused on Spikes quest rather than starting a new project now =/
>> No. 33639
This isn't my primary focus right now. Its just a concept for a later project (or when I need a break from Spikes Quest).

Right now Spikes Quest IS my primary focus. This thread is strictly for the concept of a much later project.

Rest easy! :)

I've decided that for the player I may just create a custom OC pony system. But if I find that to be a bit overwhelming I may go for the Snips character!

and as for the story I'll just keep it on the Trixie's Club Concept. Trixie is just perfect for the 'Melinda the Mental Marvel' role :)
>> No. 33991

>> No. 34004
Dont worry! I'm making it! xD

atm its just a small bit at a time though. A kind of before bed project where I add a few lines of code/graphics. But since it'll be such a small simplistic program it shouldn't even require even that much ;)
>> No. 34010
You could have this story instead with Spike collecting gems for Rarity, but maybe that's Spike's quest...
>> No. 34011
actually, Spikes Quest is a Metroidvania style game where Spike sets off into a subterranean world to rescue the main six from The Diamond Dogs (there's way more to the story than that, but that's for another topic. c_c)

And again, I really like to keep the story involving Trixie and her 'club' because its a perfect mirror to Melinda the Mental Marvel and her computer club)

thanks for the suggestion though! :)
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