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Some friends and I have recently been putting together the beginnings of a classic online pony RPG. Currently, we have a private demo build with a standard MMO engine built from scratch that works - and a committed team that will stay on the project until completion (maybe past that). We have an abundance of programmers, devs, and testers, but need additional resources in graphic art and spriting.

Check out the link below, we would really appreciate your help!
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File 132861728627.png - (20.48KB , 550x400 , 131048283517.png )

This is the same thing your doing, and they are a year ahead of you.
>> No. 33530

And he seems to be using their material without permission, which is something the real creators have forbidden since day one.
>> No. 33549
There's more than a few of them, actually.

Nope, we've created all content used on our own.
>> No. 33551
Be very careful when you say stuff like this. The sprites are clearly exact copies of Urimas' pony sprites.

I dunno if you are the person who is making the sprites or if somepony else is making the sprites, but either you or that person is lying or is misinformed.
>> No. 33552
Thanks for the heads up, but I'm completely sure the sprites we have so far were newly made. The sprites indicated in the link you provided are different in resolution and shape.
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