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Hi everypony! I plan on cosplaying as DJ PON-3 this summer at bronycon. My question is though, how can I rig my laptop up like this guy did for his DJ equipment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I did one of these. But it didnt involve heavy gears like the dude in the pic has. I just used my Laptop bolted onto some sort of platform along with 2 HQ speakers [The small but loud ones] plugged into the laptop. As for the speaker's power supply, you might want to consult on how to make a portable power supply.

If you've managed to get everything working, the next thing that needs working is the excess wires. A couple of tape should do the trick. Tape them as neatly as possible.

Finally, put some props on it. Glue some miniature DJ stuff or something that looks like a DJ gear but actually isnt. It would give it a much more awesome look if everything's black.

Cant find the pic where I used those. sorry.
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thanks! that helps a lot!
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