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File 132872008247.png - (127.60KB , 1054x799 , Fighting_Is_Magic-2012-02-08_16_46_51.png )
33580 No. 33580
Me and Another programmer are doing a make a complete game in a month, For this we have deiced to make a quick and rough version of "Fighting Is Magic" but in a more "NES" Style. However when going though code dev, We lost our artist. We are in urgent need of one.
If you can make art (Like what is going to the first post of this thread.) Then please get in contact with us.

You can find me at:
[email protected] (Email)
benjojo12 (Skype)
benjojo207 (Steam)

You will be given full and major credit when the game is done (As one of the top 3)
Thank you for reading.
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>> No. 33581
File 132872014044.png - (7.61KB , 848x192 , applejack.png )
>> No. 33583
By helping out in the project you will be working with two highly experienced programmers, You will be using SVN for version control.
Hopefully this is not a issue.
It is also desirable that you have some trustworthy people for build testing as the game is multi-player only to reduce development time.
The Requirements for Testing are as follows:
XP SP2+ / Vista SP1 / 7 (With .NET 4 & XNA Redis)
A router that supports UDP (99.99% of routers but NOT things like school networks.)
>> No. 33584

Credit to Desktop Ponies would be nice instead of just taking and redistributing their material as if it were your own, don't you think?

Seriosly, without them a soild 95% of fanprojects could have never existed and yet nopony drops even a line of credit or thanks to them? What`s wrong with you all, guys.
>> No. 33585
Of course they are going to get credit.
I would not even go near content like that with out giving credit. Giving I'm basically going to owe the project to it.
>> No. 33587
thanks :)
>> No. 33588
This project would not be rolling with out you <3
>> No. 33589
File 132873056283.jpg - (3.86MB , 2781x3692 , Squeak Whoof 1.jpg )

I love doing game art. It's a shame I'm currently so busy. I'm already a full-time student and doing the posters for Doctor Whooves Adventures.

I'm just too damn busy, but I'd surely help if I could.
>> No. 33590
Yeah, I wish I was not so limited on the time.
>> No. 33630
No one up for the offer?
>> No. 33648
I hate bumping but we urgently need a artist after the old one left because he was too busy.
>> No. 33675
how true will you be sticking to NES graphics? i might be able to help
>> No. 33700
It is a strict art style.
>> No. 33702
i could make the graphics using a literal NES data set- as in, draw the 4-shade graphics in unsigned 2bit set, then leave breaking them into sprites up to an NES-style asspmbler you would make.

is that how stict? can i get an exmaple?
>> No. 33709
Not that strict :P
As much as that would be a awesome techincal challenge I don't think we have time. Just exporting them as TGA sheets is good enough. But still keeping a NES Art Style.
>> No. 33710
NES color pallette as well?
what graphics exactly do you need
>> No. 33712
Basically, If you look at >>33581
Then we need graphics in that style (Or if you want to remodel the whole thing then that's fine by us, We are programmers, As far as away as artists as possible :V)

If you don't want to remodel the art base then we just need fighting style sheets.
>> No. 33754
I know this sound like we are "begging it" but we really do urgently need a artist, We have done loads of engine and networking work and if we cant get art done in ~18 days we have wasted our time :(
>> No. 33774
Ok so you just want some desktop pony style fighting sprites?

How many different animations are you looking for? And could you list them out?
I should be able to do a few sprites for one of the characters so let me know.
>> No. 33776
For time reasons we are just doing AJ and RD.
We basically need sprite sheets in the same style of DTP but ~general fighting~ (Like kicking, Jumping. Special combo etc) If think there is a better way to do the art style then we are more than welcome for suggestions
>> No. 33974
Still no one up for the offer?
>> No. 34040
Ok, Me and the other programmer have decided to halt the project. It's a waste of time unless we can find somepony to help us out.
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