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I'm not sure if this has been done before but heyheyhey how's it going, pony folk? This is Circuitfry, not to be confused with Circuitmane, mind, but yeah so after a lovely year of pony I would like to spin a pony-themed distro.

So if you've ever wanted your computer to be a true pony computer, then I will be initiating a little project that will be kinda low priority and all in good fun. Eventually I'll have something nice out but until then it'd be nice to have some people on board who know what they're doing.

I really would only like to have contact with somepony who has spun a distro before since it's going to be a little learning experience for me. I've used Linux for 2 years and would like to put something together for fun and knowledge. I believe other than that I shouldn't need anything more for now!

If you made some sort of fun pony program or something that would be helpful to a pony fan and would like to have it included with the operating system by default that would be super cool. Keep in mind that it won't be Windows-based but Linux-based, although we can certainly try to see if it will work. Y'all know how to reach me. Youtube, tumblr, whatever. I'll check back on the thread now and then. If you can offer advice, my Skype contact will be super obvious. Thanks!
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I suspect it would be far easier to maintain a set of packages to ponify an existing distro. Pony wallpaper package, pony screensaver package, pony icon package, etc. And then a metapackage that installs all of them in one go. Also, this way people can pick and choose what they want.

If you're going to roll a custom distro, please derive from Ubuntu or Debian.
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Sounds like a good plan. Ubuntu sounds like perfectly manageable.
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