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File 132875717271.png - (408.51KB , 848x1094 , CreepingDarknes.png )
33611 No. 33611
I'm pleased to announced that Pen Stroke's story, Creeping Darkness, will be made into a fan-made 15-part animated mini-series! This is an open crew-and casting call to the ever-talented Brony/Pegasister community, because for this production to go underway, animators and voice actors will be needed. Before we can begin production, we're going to need key positions filled:

Executive Producer: The_Cinema_Pony
Director: The_Cinema_Pony
Assistant Director: *Anonymous Brony*
Writing Adaption Team: The_Cinema_Pony & *Anonymous Brony*

Animation Director: (Open)
Animator: (Open)

Twilight Sparkle:(Open)
Rainbow Dash:(Open)
Pinkie Pie:(Open)
Alan Wake: The_Cinema_Pony
Nightmare Moon:(Open)
The Dark Prescence:(Open)
Thomas Zane:(Open)
Nyx: (Open)

If anypony is interested in one of the open positions, please contact The_Cinema_Pony at [email protected] We'll give periodic updates as positions fill. Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 33613
Also important, please include a sample of your work
>> No. 33632
And Lastly, we need Background Artists!

Background Artist: (Open)
Background Artist: (Open)
Background Artist: (Open)
>> No. 33643
File 132881287642.png - (136.79KB , 640x360 , 513377-rarity_happy__n1295943488721_.png )
Oh how exciting!!!! I'll have a bunch of vocal auditions for you tonight.
>> No. 33658
that's great to hear. And spread the word, as soon as we have the appropriate cast and crew, I'd love to start production, and I look forward to hearing the auditions.
>> No. 33667
I do voice work and music, and would love to audition! How can I contact you for an audition?
>> No. 33668
Hey, I'm willing to play the part of a male background character... feel free to email me! Thanks.
>> No. 33669
[email protected]
Sorry for leaving this info out,
>> No. 33671
My e-mail is in the above post RockFarmer =3 just expand it
>> No. 33674

i do art and am interested in maybe helping.
>> No. 33698
File 132889919399.png - (175.55KB , 800x808 , Cinema Pony.png )
Definitely impressive! My only request is, do you think you can match the art style of the show?
>> No. 33699
In terms of backgrounds, easily. I just happened to have those files lying around.
I also have a 35% complete 3d model of ponyville, if you think that might help >shrug<
>> No. 33701
File 132890776627.png - (175.55KB , 800x808 , Cinema Pony.png )
It would be awesome if you could do the backgrounds. That would be great! Do you do animation too, or just the background art?
>> No. 33706
i can do animation but do not have the time to spare. background art, i can manage.

is the story in ponyville? because my model might be useful.


>> No. 33715
Nope, none of the story takes place in Ponyville actually.
>> No. 33716
what sort of background art DO you need then
>> No. 33717
File 132892017517.png - (175.55KB , 800x808 , Cinema Pony.png )
Ranging from cabins, to weird shadow worlds, to abandoned towns, forests, a castle to name some.
>> No. 33768
File 132898809672.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , 131630006750.png )
I am willing to do a few voice acting roles..though I do not know what use I can be as a colt.

I could try to do a few of the female voices, though I have no idea how it will turn out...
>> No. 33772
i might be interested in doing a line or two as well, but not more than that.

ill be able to draw anything you need me to. just tell me what you need ^_^
>> No. 33909
I am interested in the role called The Dark Prescence, I am good at weird and/or monster voices.
If it's not taken already.
>> No. 33921
i could voice for derpy :P
actualy, im prittymuch useless if its anypony but derpy soooooo...... yah.
just wanted to let you know im intrested :)
>> No. 33933
File 132910239717.png - (175.55KB , 800x808 , Cinema Pony.png )
Sere!nityQyInGg, there's really no colt roles at this point, sorry. It's really centering on the mane 6, and the colts would be background characters, which I'm not focusing on casting at this point, but I promise I'll put out an open casting call for that when the time comes, same to you KMEB. Derpy, unfortunately, isn't in this. *shrugs*. Boegela, that's good to hear. I recommend checking out some game footage from Alan Wake, to get a hold on the voice, then feel free to e-mail me about auditioning =3
>> No. 33953

Okay. See you in late 2013 with your first episode.
>> No. 33989
Can animate.
Can art.
Has voice.
Wat do?
>> No. 34022
File 132927357730.png - (175.55KB , 800x808 , Cinema Pony.png )
Well, what characters would you like to/be able to voice? And I'd be happy to put you as an animator and background artist, we're definitely in need of that.
>> No. 34033
File 132928379570.gif - (15.22KB , 400x400 , afsdsafsdfaser.gif )
Well, I've got a bit of a range in general, but for this I'm intrigued by the Dark Presence and Thomas Zane.
Should I give you something?
>> No. 34064
Well, Zane has been cast, but the Dark Prescence is still being auditioned for. To get a sence for the Presence, maybe look at some Alan Wake game footage, so that you get a sense of the voice, then feel free to e-mail me.
>> No. 34079
Hey, can you give us links to samples of the voices you want? I'm trying to look up Zane and Dark Presence but I'm not finding much yet.
>> No. 34083
I found this for zane:
>> No. 34090
I don't have voice samples for them off hand, and just for the record, Zane has been cast. I'm going to have an updated post up soon, with the cast and crew thus far listed.
>> No. 34094
I could stand in for the dark presence voice...
I could upload vocaroo or whatever tomorrow.
It's the middle of the night and my roommate would probably not like to be awoken now =)

My skype is pantless_ninja if you need to contact me for any reason.
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