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File 132889516604.png - (83.52KB , 500x500 , Ponyarium.png )
33695 No. 33695
So for the past 2 weeks I've been messing around with making what was meant to just be a single screen game that generated random ponies and you made houses to raise the pop cap.
Anyway it's all for fun so I wanted to share what I have so far, if anypony enjoys it, that's a bonus.

Download here


1 - Train
2 - Farm
3 - Town

Click Ponies and select apple to send them to the farm, if a tree is there they will buck it.

Click the store to change apple selling speed.

Houses raise the Pony cap, Buckets the Apple cap

Space will activate Invisible parasprites

And yes there are sooooo many crazy behaviors, just where I am with it now.
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>> No. 33696
Youtube embed play button
  Forgot the vid >>
>> No. 33713
Hey this is looking really good! And one of the most complete projects I've seen come here :)

Keep it up, it's a cool idea. I can't wait to see where you go with it :)
>> No. 33742

i wouldnt mind an economic game with ponies , like the origin of ponyville etc.

such games are so rare nowadays. thanks for sharing
>> No. 33788
File 132901581549.png - (72.63KB , 236x250 , Toph_^___^.png )
Wow! Good stuff! Keep it up.
>> No. 33893
I'd like to work on it
>> No. 33900
File 132905273814.png - (52.93KB , 1032x669 , Puarium01.png )
Thanks for the support!
As you've seen I've had a basic game going, but I made it without planning what it was going to look like. (Ponies came first, then the train, then houses)
So I spent this weekend working on a tidier lightcode and making it work in isometric. (Yay new train >>) Also adding some more frames to the Pony sprites.

Anyway, just wanted to update you on what week 3 will most likely be - Make all the graphics Isometric.
>> No. 33902
Now that this out there, I could do with help on pony names, the random name creator relies on 2 columns. "Name1" "_Name2" some Name 2s have no space to make single Names.
My first file of names made some funny results, which I'm all for, but I need as many random choices as possible.

//Pony names

pname[0] = "Sweet";
pname[1] = "Happy";
pname[2] = "Stary";
pname[3] = "Red";
pname[4] = "Blue";
pname[5] = "Dark";
pname[6] = "Ropey";
pname[7] = "Rusty";
pname[8] = "Corny";
pname[9] = "Cloud";
pname[10] = "Lightning";
pname[11] = "Lucky";
pname[12] = "Glitter";
pname[13] = "Time";
pname[14] = "Pon";

pend[0] = " Star";
pend[1] = "spot";
pend[2] = " Lake";
pend[3] = " Trouble";
pend[4] = " Hole";
pend[5] = " Sunny";
pend[6] = " Smile";
pend[7] = " Top";
pend[8] = " Penny";
pend[9] = "cry";
pend[10] = " Burst";
pend[11] = " Bolt";
pend[12] = " Ball";
pend[13] = " Warp";
pend[14] = "ita";

Just continue on from those numbers if you want to add more.

I can make it not join certain ones, as adding Hole to some of those is dangerous ;D but not yet.
>> No. 33904
this is great!
what are you going to add in the future? any plans yet?

would love to see more farming. in addition to aplles you could grow corn, a variety of vegetables and so on.
also houses need a little time to be build and you need stone and wood for them...
well there are so many thingy one could add to the gameplay and i'm really excited which way you will take :3
>> No. 33906
Top on my list of features is special skills (Made the build up bars already) Pegasus Skills will change the weather, Unicorn Magic etc.
I also want different areas, like clouds, and an area for a castle and an Alicorn to rule with there guards.

More Jobs, More buildings and some economic drive is a must.

I love the idea of building times, didn't think of that! Now its getting bigger and more iso, I think it has to be done ^_^
>> No. 33907
i see it's going to be awesome. keep it up! can't wait for the next update.
>> No. 34192
Youtube embed play button
  Alrighty, here is the new iso look running, dropping off ponies and building houses.

This is weeks 3 update, though week 2 is when I started reworking it. And I spent all my time after work this week making a code for finding the shortest path and storing the values for walk paths.
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