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File 132890977088.png - (1.11MB , 1366x768 , screenshot_4863274.png )
33705 No. 33705
i am working on a 3D model of ponyville. it is to-scale using the quake 4 setup* and is fairily accurate, though it does of course have some artistic licence.

anypony interested in throwing together a building or two? :)

for links to the files, go to the google docs page

*don't worry if you have no idea what that means
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>> No. 33711
File 132891543054.png - (971.49KB , 1366x768 , screenshot_4409097.png )
sugarcube corner finished
>> No. 33719
File 132892125543.png - (1.17MB , 1366x768 , screenshot_1139337.png )
schoolhouse finished
>> No. 33781
File 132899894170.gif - (790.78KB , 160x120 , 132894093550.gif )

a full list of all buildings that are built or will be built.

if anypony want to help, speak up!
>> No. 33925
Um, your town square, the area around the town hall seems much too large I think.

Um also, your buildings seem really good, although are the current textures placeholders or are they the ones you're planing on using?

And are you also using a 3rd party modeling program like maya or 3dmax and then importing it into this cube program?
>> No. 33928
File 132909616772.jpg - (134.78KB , 900x1200 , ponyville_map_by_killer0585-d3nj1dl.jpg )
Also this map, there are some scale issues and other stuff, but comparing this map here with a the map overview of the show's opening, this seems pretty close.

I've also been looking at a bunch of maps people made for layouts, comparing them, and seeing the differences, and trying to get a lay out that's extremly close to the show's.

This map though seems to be one of the better maps I have found. So yeah just sharing it.

Also I have more questions, but I'll ask them later
>> No. 33929
File 132909621389.png - (1.15MB , 1366x768 , screenshot_2164482.png )
the current layout is completley temporary, and the buildings are not really to scale with one another or rotated correctly. the current textures are placeholders.

i am making the buildings in cube 2 and will be finalizing them in cinema4d (which is in the same league as maya and 3dsmax)
>> No. 33930
in general, im not trying to actually mach the show exactly, because the show doesn't HAVE a planned map. im trying to make a map that feels right.
>> No. 33940
Ah, that's understandable.
How does cube 2's editor compare to say, unreal or hammer?
And um, I'm not sure if I can help or if my skills even match the quality of your map. (Never used cube 2, moderate expirence with unreal GTK Radient (although that was some years ago), and maybe a basic understanding of hammer, and just begining to learn Maya (have used blender before but again that was a few years ago)).
Oh and I consider my self decent with Photoshop.
>> No. 33941
Cube 2's editor is the best around. It takes months of learning to use well though.

If you want to make a building then go ahead, as long as you can save it as any format I can read I don't care how you made it. ^__^

In the doc is a link to a spreadsheet of buildings that haven't been made yet. One in particular worth noting is the library.
>> No. 34358
alright, on your google page, you posted a .obj file.
did you make that with cube2 and save/export as .obj?
>> No. 34359
is the place to get cube 2 correct?
>> No. 34368

i saved that obj with the /writeobj command in cube.
>> No. 34371
Alright, tonight I'll attempt to learn and get you a building from your list.
>> No. 34372
it can be difficult to learn to use cube.

if you are skilled with any other program it would be better.

if you look around the multiplayer you might find me, i use the name kmeb/derpy on it, and i might be able to teach you
>> No. 34400
I think i got the basics, or maybe a little less. but yeah tomorrow i'll look around on open coop builds?
>> No. 34411
I'm usually in locked coop games or instactf.
>> No. 34415
File 132983779749.png - (971.49KB , 1366x768 , screenshot_4409097.png )

i wrote up a basic guide
>> No. 34434
Um, in one of the videos you posted here, your cubes have a line though it deviding the faces in half.
Does that help with any thing?

Also is there an easy way to select mutiple cubes in a row, and use the middle mouse button easier?

Instead of like highlighting a single cube, holding down middlemouse and sliding your charactor down the row to select half of the cube to do it?
>> No. 34436
if you add


to your name i an search you out with my game and teach you "in person".

at time of posting, im in the server whose map says ponyville01.
>> No. 34442
Is this still going? I looked but couldn't find you
>> No. 34443
no, i had to do something else. coop editing is a powerful tool.... perhaps ill add a chatroom- type link thing to the google docs page so that people who want to work on this can coordinate, because its difficult to find people in sauer.

ill always do a sweep for users with [pony] in thier name, though.
>> No. 34444
I haven't touched Cube 2 in forever, but I'll check up tomorrow to try to figure it out and maybe do some building
>> No. 34446
i tend to be around on cube, but i might be a bit busy tomorrow. either use the chatbox link i added to the docs page, the built-in chat in the google docs interface, or this thread if you need to talk to me.

i've been taking a break from this, and i just realized i need to write down all the new locations from the recent episodes...... ffffffffffffffff

and the library, along with a few other buidings that are not suited to cube, ontinue to plauge me...... grrrr
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