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33708 No. 33708
This is Rusty Bucket, aka. DJRBDash, from a while ago and I wanted to do this project from what the events that our young MictheMicrophone has been having.

Couple nights ago, he opened his paypal up for donation so he can go to BronyCon this Summer during his livestream, and soon, he got around more than $1000+ dollars. This led to him crying, speechless, and thankings to everypony that was there.

The day after, he feels that the ones who donated too much we're too generous, and plans to refund most of the large donations, while he thanks us still.

MictheMicrophone thanks us too much, but we thank him too little, so I thought of this project during class today

It's basically a little similar to his THANK YOU RAP that he made a couple months ago, and I felt this needed to be done
(P.S. If this is probably ignored, I'll probably just do this myself)

Basically, the song is "Been Dreamin'" by TheLivingTombstone and there are two parts in the song with 16 bars each.
I will do the first verse myself as intros and thanks and such, what I want from you is to help in the second part.

What I want you to do is make 2 bars, and comment them below, while the next person responds, continuing the rap and keeping the rhythm going.
That means only 8 people will contribute so first come first serve.
Also, when you finish your bars, record yourself saying those bars, and send them to my e-mail ([email protected]) and I will use it in the final project
It's only two bars so it would be easier if you're embarrassed inside your house.

I just felt that we just don't thank Mic enough, so help, and thank him, and if you can't, your thanks is always good enough~

I really want this project done, unlike my last one that took too long, so if you're interested, submit your entry and do it FAST~
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>> No. 33725
If you'd post your first part, that would help out so following verses can flow better. Also, what about those of us without quality recording equipment or voices that sound even remotely good?
>> No. 33726

I currently won't be able to record and finish until weekend's end, and equipment doesn't matter at all


If I don't get 8 bars of different people soon, or at least a couple, I'll just drop the project all together
>> No. 33733
I can record tomorrow but be warned, it'll probably sound horrible since i can't rap for shit. felt bad not donating after watching the entire stream so maybe this will make me feel better.
>> No. 33734
and the final amount was ~$1700
>> No. 33752
Don't give up too easily. I'm sure that those that do have something to say can fill in and come up with more than 2 bars. It might not be the wide collaboration you were hoping for but something is better than nothing.

I'm working on my 2 right now, as well as a full range of backups. I'll try to have it recorded by the end of the weekend.
>> No. 33773

Yeah, work on it, if this is the maximum amount of people, you can divide it if you want, so if there's 2 people, you can have 8 bars, 4 people, 4 bars each, etc. I'm glad I at least got one, so thanks~
>> No. 33785
Youtube embed play button
I'm gonna have a friends by Monday so ill record mt part then.
>> No. 33915
I'd actually love to get in on this! I have a pretty good quality mic, and I'm okay at rapping. My specialty is writing though. I'll get to work immediately~
>> No. 33919
oh boy, let's all give money to the gigantic attention whore!
>> No. 33922
There's no need for that. Folks are free to do as they please with what they have.
>> No. 33923
Quick update:

8 people, 2 bars each, ok, go go go!
>> No. 33936
Has anypony settled on their bars? It might be prudent to view them all beforehand so there's less going back and rewritting because the same thing is accidental being said multiple times.
>> No. 33937

I didn't really care for that problem when thinking about this project, cause these are all the fans thanking Mic, so it doesn't really matter
>> No. 33956
thanking him for what? doing a bunch of live readings and then begging for money on livestream or whatever?

shouldn't he be the one thanking the people who gave him shitloads of money?
>> No. 33960
I made 16 bars (mostly because it's hard to tell a lot in just 2) and recorded a rough copy, Not sure which two I want to use or which two would fit yet.

I'll record a more polished copy with a bit of reverb when I know which two I'm using.

You say you wanna thank your fans, for inspirin your rhymes
well now we're sendin a thank you to you, cause you took the time
We went and showed you some love, you sent it back, your heart was dyin'
We're gonna keep sendin, you can't stop us don't even try it.

There once came a time when I was a blank flank, my heart sank,
but then I saw some of your shit, man this hit's swank
I felt so inspired, pulled me from my rut, that pit was dank
I got my life back cause of you, and that's who i'm gonna thank.

You gave me a crank, a little twist to go and turn me on
You don't even know, the kinda shit that you just went and spawned
Through the mist and the haze, I'm flyin into this brand new dawn
I'm breakin through walls, according to plan with both my guns drawn

If you ever take a fall, or you're ever feelin blue
Just turn to us, and we'll be there to help you get on through.
But If there's anything we're trying to say, just what we're trying to do
It's: "Fuck this fame shit, we're doin this for nopony but you."
>> No. 33964

Disregard this, I'm retarded. Saw the video RB, Turned out nice!
>> No. 33978

>> No. 33986
Another Quick Update:

Having 8 people do 2 bars each is good, but I've noticed something in Mic's and my own version of this rap, the ending is different.

This means that I need somepony to do those last 2 bars, SPECIFICALLY, like that!

Whoever does it first get's that slot automatically, so first come first serve as well~
>> No. 34002
Unfortunately i have to drop out of this. I just can't get a hold of a working mic. sorry everpony :(
>> No. 34127
Soooooo, how was everypony's day?~
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