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I'm Wyvern K. but you can call me K-Dub for short.

I'm exploring the wonderful world of midi, and what better way to learn than to take requests?

So I'm opening up midi requests. You can request a piece to go along with anything, be it a story, something you drew, something you found on the internet, a level for a game, or just an idea you had.

Requested midis will have effort put into them and will not be posted until I am satisfied with their quality, so please have no expectations for when your midi will be ready. I will try to compose as many as possible, but I cannot guarantee that everypony's request will be taken, so please don't assume that your request is being taken. I will leave a note here when I take a request and when I complete a request. Uploads will be to YouTube but you can also request the actual .mid if you need it for something.

>Unless my workload is empty, please only request one midi!
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