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File 132498684892.jpg - (75.42KB , 1024x768 , anypony.jpg )
33790 No. 33790 is live and ready for users!

A fast, free and reliable email service!

I was going to set up an email server just for the knowledge but I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate ponies!

>inb4 it's the same as derpymail. yes, it is another brony email service. no it is not identical. just like gmail and yahoo mail. I made this to be better than derpymail when it comes to activation time and amount of users ect ect. I hope nopony thinks I "copied" derpymail.
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>> No. 33791
File 132498847988.png - (219.52KB , 864x681 , 132287049494.png )
the site may be blank for some people for the next 24 hours or so. It seems to be fine in Australia, Canada and some parts of the US.
>> No. 33792
File 132500815937.png - (41.35KB , 800x800 , disappoint.png )
Blank for me in the UK,and I was looking forward to it. Oh well.
>> No. 33793
File 132503869766.gif - (54.17KB , 172x172 , derpy_rainbow_dash_by_wolf20-d4a4aor.gif )
It was working fine for me (Southwestern US), so I signed up. Hopefully it'll be up soon :D
>> No. 33794

Wrong picture XD Oh well :P
>> No. 33795
OP here.
Nameservers are still refreshing. <12 hours by my guess.

Please try again then
>> No. 33796

People who has recently made an account. It has now been activated.

Please log in with the default password, please remember to change your password!

If you have a problem please contact me:
>> No. 33797
File 132507297024.jpg - (60.58KB , 262x247 , happy_rainbow_dash_staring-(n1307096011768).jpg )
Yay, got my account
>> No. 33798
File 132507861450.png - (149.09KB , 302x359 , 132422026256.png )
Code has been updated. Some nice stuff included, you can see what has been changed in

Please let me know if the website is still showing up blank for you

(clearing your cookies/cache might help, but be careful, if you delete the cookie ponychan gives you you will need to re-enter your name/trip)

Again. issue's can be directed to or posted here
>> No. 33799
File 132508337806.png - (212.13KB , 398x400 , 132453582263.png )
Silly me!

I made a mistake when adding the nameservers to the domain.. how embarrassing.

It is fixed now, ALL ponies should be able to access the site within the next couple of hours.

Novice mistake :(
>> No. 33800
I won't be able to donate, though. I would totally if I could.
>> No. 33801
File 132508531629.png - (281.09KB , 630x842 , 132366041026.png )
Your account has been activated :)

Also I have left you an email
>> No. 33802
File 132508608903.png - (39.08KB , 200x212 , pp1.png )
a ok on Guam
>> No. 33803
>> No. 33804
Wait I don't have it.
Yahoo is probably slow..
>> No. 33805
File 132508648316.png - (77.42KB , 251x253 , 132305403643.png )
Can you access your account?
>> No. 33806
File 132508654927.jpg - (14.25KB , 166x151 , 132487389930.jpg )
Oh, wait, I send you the email to your account!
>> No. 33807
File 132515027781.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 132094270555.png )

Facebook "Share" Button added!

Please share the site around via Facebook or other means!
>> No. 33808
>> No. 33809

If this doesn't help, send me an email from:
>> No. 33810
File 132524999746.png - (293.95KB , 625x402 , 132401425537.png )
More code fixes and some other nice things included, check to see what's new!

Now on PonySquare!
>> No. 33811
File 132525796722.jpg - (70.37KB , 936x768 , 132197967524.jpg )
A couple more code fixes, and some new pages made. not included in /news.html because my last update wasn't long ago.
>> No. 33812
File 132539404282.png - (173.31KB , 900x887 , 132352440746.png )
Sign Up page has been updated.

I added another question to be answered, for statistical reasons.

Happy New Years!
>> No. 33813
File 132540549076.jpg - (12.25KB , 239x227 , lol.jpg )
You might want to change the URL on that "secret" page if you really wanted it for premium users only. No, really. I just guessed it on my first try. Excerpt for proof included.

"You found the Secret Page!

>> No. 33814
File 132540957802.png - (23.85KB , 336x263 , 132460181970.png )
Yeah, you might want to attempt to be more secretive... ;)

Awesome site though. You wrote it yourself? I lurve PHP! :D

And what is this ponysquare? Is it a complete copy of facebook? O_O
>> No. 33815
File 132541302661.jpg - (231.84KB , 1200x920 , 132421225915.jpg )
Hahaha the secret page is a joke, I even mention in the "benefits" page that its nothing special. If somepony wants to go looking for it then congratulations if you find it.

Now that you have mentioned it though, I am going to change it -_- Actually, I'll password protect the page. suck it

I wrote all the HTML and CSS code myself but the javascript goes to its respective owners on dynamic drive, I don't know javascript well enough to make my own. As for the PHP scripts, I downloaded a form uploader script and then edited it to suit my need.

PonySquare is Facebook for pony's pretty much.
>> No. 33816
File 132541377805.png - (9.51KB , 493x434 , guessnowbiatch.png )
Guess it now.
I dare you. :)
>> No. 33817
File 132543389693.png - (38.13KB , 191x208 , 132437139094.png )
Sign Up and Instruction page now contain more information that's displayed neater! Hopefully it will reduce the amount of people trying to create users with capital letters in them, which the server cannot handle.
>> No. 33818
nuuuuu lol
>> No. 33819
File 132547933403.jpg - (54.40KB , 700x445 , I aint even mad.jpg )
No worries. The page's contents now grace my hard drive. It'd be like robbing a reinforced safe that I've already relived of all contents.
>> No. 33820
File 132548006659.gif - (713.67KB , 126x120 , 132499993847.gif )
I will sell the code of the "contents" to you
>> No. 33821
File 132552259558.gif - (894.81KB , 200x200 , 129923084389-(n1302997854766).gif )
Apparently I abused the sign up page...
>> No. 33822
File 132554341566.jpg - (57.55KB , 512x379 , prezsimpson.jpg )
>I was elected to lead, not to read.

Yea, sorry, it was late, I saw you had signed up for the account "anypony" and used the name "Anon" and I was like "Enope"

Did my banning system work?
I kinda just wanted to test it out as well...

Your ban has been removed :)

Please make another account, and use an actual name this time, and please choose a different email address, anypony is already in use by myself :)

Post the first and last letter of your account name here and I will raise your quota to 250mb.

account name: [email protected]
post: tm
>> No. 33823
>post: tm
edit: post: tt
>> No. 33824
I'm working on a script to finally stop ponies signing up with capitals in their desired account name haha, but because of my working hours it is still a week away..
>> No. 33825

I like the sound of that. :D Jumping ship from since it's gone down all of a sudden.

One question I do have is, is it possible to add server settings into sites e.g. gmail so we can send and receive email through those accounts?
>> No. 33826
Reliable is what I strive for, I promise you as long as this fandom exists and I can get the funding this website will stay online.

And yes, I believe it is possible, I haven't looked into myself though yet, I will when I get a spare moment
>> No. 33827
if(strtolower($email) != $email)
// oops, there are some caps
>> No. 33828
File 132567036029.png - (152.73KB , 900x900 , 132352852515.png )
I was going to do it via javascript, I have slightly more knowledge with it over PHP..

Thanks for the script though, I'll look into it
>> No. 33829
File 132570232984.gif - (74.71KB , 720x550 , 132372689939.gif )
You really should be sanitizing user input using PHP, if someone happens to have JavaScript disabled, using noscript perhaps, then your no-caps JS will have no effect.

Also some more tips -
Some of images should be resized to what they are actually displayed as (will save bandwidth & reduce page load time), like the 99.9% logo.

Using PHP to serve a random image is fairly inefficient, use PHP to pick an image and output the direct link to the HTML, also again, the walking pony gifs are HUGE but are only displayed as a tiny image.
>> No. 33830
Cheers, I know the huge images is an issue, but it is low on my prority list for now. I have to get the sign up page working efficiantely first.. I'm not concered abt bandwidth on my servee but I understand that not everyone has unlimted bandwidh

Also, I don't really understand why you think the rotate.php script is inefficiant? Other than the .gif sizes?

>sent during my lunch break at work, on my mobile :( sigh, I get no free time anymore
>> No. 33831
Increases server load
Slower than directly linking the images
>> No. 33832
File 132585733146.png - (146.17KB , 1102x724 , 132307322007.png )
Cheers, I will look into it!

I'm going to be away for the next 48 hours so nothing will happen in that time, but with any luck after that I will get some time to code.

I have updated /news.html

Account requests are still daily but the site has come to a standstill with an average of ~70 viewers a day, which is a shame, I need to get some more advertising, if you omit the last 3 days the average is more like ~150 a day
>> No. 33833
File 132601431399.jpg - (23.30KB , 500x335 , 398679_277269222330234_277268632330293_842853_103629983_n.jpg )
Instructions updated, but a small update, I don't have a huge amount of time on my hands.

Users are being activated as per usual now.
>> No. 33834
After a report about legit emails being stopped by the spam filter, the spam protection will be lowwered ever so slightly, I will watch carefully for an increase of spam and if there is one will change it back. Any user who gets an influx of spam emails please alert me from I will lower the protection in 9 hours from now (when I get back from work) cheers.

>sent from my mobile, boy, I sure do hate this phone...
>> No. 33835
File 132636843324.jpg - (42.11KB , 300x250 , 132554013812.jpg )
Anypony Email is looking for Mods!

Some small site upgrades, still gotta get 'round to those images, but, it works!
>> No. 33836
File 132652717749.png - (249.39KB , 500x700 , 132541248344.png )
You know, just some small updates, the usual
>> No. 33837
File 132671966044.png - (252.76KB , 1591x2000 , spitfire_brushed_hair_by_sierraex-d3gp101.png )
Making the final adjustments to the Moderators area... I already know of one relatively large issue I am going to have. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Until then we are on schedule!
>> No. 33838
Hey, sorry for the brief outage (should've been a couple days at worst). I was out of the county for business and could not fix it in realtime.

And yes, was set up a week before and I am not mad at the admin for that.

Looks like a good service to me, good job! Loads faster than mine, for sure. :)
>> No. 33839
File 132679252089.jpg - (99.88KB , 220x329 , 132084980950.jpg )
Thanks man, that is really kind of you!

I'm re-creating the index page of Anypony Email should be done around about the same time I hire my moderators! Get keen for it because it's going to be sweet!
>> No. 33840
File 132679613468.png - (552.53KB , 945x945 , 132294418481.png )
I just removed the pop-up when you load the homepage, I think most ponies understand that I am looking for mods now!
>> No. 33841
Stupidly, the new code I'm working on looks much better on smaller screens (including mobiles) compared with HD screens.

Everything is too spaced out on widescreen displays.
>> No. 33842
File 132703798675.jpg - (23.11KB , 476x344 , 132409297176.jpg )
Check out the new code!

>> No. 33843
File 132775142687.png - (283.83KB , 1000x781 , 132352407384.png )
Most of my attention has been put towards the Mod area of the site lately, although I have now updated the links that originally went to this thread in /www/

The mods are doing a great job though!

In other words. Bump
>> No. 33844
File 132775731765.png - (202.33KB , 559x554 , 1327665495876.png )
Hope everyone is doing well!
We're activating, Taking care of, and solving problems behind the scenes.

See you at !

>> No. 33845
File 132775788300.png - (16.40KB , 120x106 , amyapples.png )
I just signed up. Hope to meet some pony there :)
>> No. 33846


If it was you, it should come as no surprise that you are permanently banned from the site
>> No. 33847
File 132777812518.jpg - (53.79KB , 651x593 , 131128051791.jpg )
I just made an account. I just need to wait until activation.
>> No. 33848
Anypony abusing the upload form(s) on the site will be perma banned. Which is kinda a waste considering the form is extremely secure and trying to trick it into accepting PHP is a joke.
>> No. 33849
File 132780698325.png - (146.27KB , 557x557 , 132438628144.png )
PS: Sorry for the delay, Anypony Email is having some minor issues with Management.
>> No. 33850
File 132795875584.jpg - (17.84KB , 340x340 , lurk.jpg )
Oh, this is where the thread went.
>> No. 33851
File 132802027254.jpg - (6.93KB , 195x197 , 132318296273.jpg )
I almost lost it! I thought it would be moved to /collab/ but I couldn't find it there!
>> No. 33852
File 132823059476.png - (472.56KB , 1366x768 )
This does kind of belong in /collab/, actually. I'll move it there in a few days after the people following this thread have a chance to see this post

Also, I replied to your meta thread, email me
>> No. 33853
File 132824183917.png - (121.98KB , 180x200 , 1325595154259.png )
>after the people following this thread have a chance to see this post
I don't even follow this thread! haha I doubt anyponyelse does!

I'm actually thinking, Maybe it would be best to just delete this thread and I'll make a new one for /collab/ The pic on this thread is really out of date, and nothing much has happened during the course of this thread. I'll think about it.

>> No. 33854
File 132824206880.png - (25.18KB , 500x500 , I spy with my derpy eye.png )
>doubt anypony else does
Oh hi there.
>> No. 33855
File 132825818978.png - (168.32KB , 600x705 , 132488335470.png )
Done. It'll be your responsibility to monitor this when you become a mod. :P

Which is <48 hours away. Mod area almost complete, just need to add the security/tracking stuff to it to protect myself from any rogue mods.
>> No. 33856
File 132830242565.png - (211.94KB , 1000x1000 , nachos.png )
>my responsibility to monitor this
Easy enough.
>> No. 33857
Yea, just move it, I can't be bothered making a new one. Cheers
>> No. 33858
File 132844988171.jpg - (24.66KB , 300x226 , 132542873768.jpg )
Anypony Email. 300 Accounts and Counting!
>> No. 33859
File 132845819287.png - (37.66KB , 450x377 , pic unrelated.png )
>300 accounts
>video related
>picture unrelated
>> No. 33860
File 132846158203.png - (38.39KB , 116x111 , 132845541432s.png )
I could be a MOD. i have expirence: I worked as a MOD at 4c**n for over a year befor i quit when they banned ponys............ plus: Im derpy!!!!!!!!!!!! the mailpony!!!
>> No. 33861
Im shamelessly begging the almighty admin of ponychan right now for a janatorial position to become a MOD someday.
Iv been a mod for so (att 4chan) long it realy feels weird to be just another dude on the block :"(
>> No. 33862
File 132849009623.png - (101.19KB , 555x393 , 132368572405.png )
Mod positions closed a while ago. Wait another month or so and maybe they will re-open. Sorry, but I am in no need for any more mods.

That will get you nowhere unfortunately. Mods are picked, it's not a "apply for a position" kind of thing.

I will be writing the instructions for the Mod Panel during my lunch break at work, expect an email from me in less then 12 hours.

>> No. 33863
File 132849413459.jpg - (80.40KB , 900x559 , 11332 - artist-shutterflye Bonbon cake derpy_hooves fridge I_emptied_your_fridge Lyra muffins mu.jpg )
>used to be a mod at 4chan before they banned ponies
So what was it like being a mod there? You must've seen some really messed up stuff while on the job
>> No. 33864
Is the site experiencing any problems? I'm trying to sign in, but the site's not responding. I need it for some schoolwork, but I'm at school so that might just be the problem.
>> No. 33865
File 132865559483.png - (223.03KB , 1400x1400 , 132837665292.png )
Don't think so, I just tried it out and connected fine.
>at school
>school computers almost universally suck
Yup, that's probably your problem
>> No. 33866
File 132866340478.png - (124.25KB , 637x657 , 132099611508.png )
not responding as in straight up not there.. yea, that was a problem. server derped, sorry for the inconvenience.
>> No. 33867
File 132871590301.png - (131.88KB , 777x606 , 132449785232.png )
Anypony Email now has a Terms of Service page. All previous users must read the page.
>> No. 33868
File 132882662125.png - (737.84KB , 900x900 , 132564980652-TdTc3.png )
Just sent in a request
>> No. 33869
File 132882961660.png - (147.58KB , 1000x625 , 00548650549.png )
Just sent the account info to ya. Another mod made it earlier by the looks of things, but sent the info to a wrong address that thankfully didn't exist
>> No. 33870
It wont let me login : (
>> No. 33871
File 132883008721.png - (58.28KB , 89x125 , 132742908294.png )
>just tested it
Huh, I'll have to message the admin about it. I'm not sure what went wrong.
>> No. 33872
I think creating two accounts to different email addresses trip a security protocol of some description
>> No. 33873
File 132883052449.png - (52.02KB , 500x580 , orange delivery.png )
Just messaged the admin about it, we'll see what he says. Sorry for any inconvenience.
>> No. 33874
Never fear. admin is here, I'll check it out
>> No. 33875
File 132883079106.jpg - (182.17KB , 2000x1120 , sonic derpboom.jpg )
Wow, that was a faster response than I expected.
>> No. 33876
File 132883093858.png - (127.51KB , 900x821 , 132383478077.png )
I'm getting ready for work.

Your account beginning with the letter "t" has been changed to the default password. It should be working now.

Possibly a slip of finger by a mod when setting the default password.. Which needs to be investigated.
>> No. 33877
File 132883114730.jpg - (22.48KB , 300x263 , approved by the derpartment of awesome.jpg )
Ah, got it.
>> No. 33878
Iff you need more mods, im willing to help
>> No. 33879
Also its fixed now
>> No. 33880
File 132883157296.png - (712.34KB , 916x940 , 132322458580.png )
Not right at the moment, but the site is constantly growing so as it does positions will become available.

Fill out the form here, that way I can keep track of all the people who want to be mods.

>> No. 33881
File 132883175235.png - (105.95KB , 526x541 , 132882262506.png )
and when he does need mods, it'll take weeks to get them set up
/sort-of inside joke
>> No. 33882
that was more or less because I screwed up your application and you didn't get to start with the other mods, then other things got in the way, it was a spiral downwards
>> No. 33883
File 132883217167.png - (234.20KB , 945x945 , derp pipe.png )
Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it. I just enjoy poking fun when I think I see a good chance.
>> No. 33884
>> No. 33885
Hmm your location might win you brownie points. I already have too many mods from the other side of the world.

Ok, I'm off to work. Chow!
>> No. 33886
File 132883263840.gif - (350.64KB , 500x375 , wave hard.gif )
See ya!
>> No. 33887
File 132883277898.gif - (131.68KB , 649x649 , 132649558110.gif )
So mods post as derpy?
>> No. 33888
File 132883299767.png - (62.85KB , 187x186 , golfball.png )
I do at least, and so does the admin I guess. Not sure about the others.
>Pretty sure I'm the only mod watching the thread
>> No. 33889
File 132883307646.gif - (350.64KB , 500x375 , 132883263840.gif )
>> No. 33890
File 132883359029.png - (106.30KB , 689x956 , awesome face.png )
>> No. 33892
File 132901850621.jpg - (107.95KB , 1280x720 , spoiler.jpg )
Dude. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 33896
File 132902732495.png - (1.01MB , 1440x900 , faster than the speed of light.png )
>didn't notice the thread got moved
Whoops, re-added to watchlist.
>> No. 33899
File 132904383581.png - (87.94KB , 435x394 , 132542385220.png )
eyup, requested it earlier, /now/ wasn't the right place for it
>> No. 34041
File 132930553627.png - (172.77KB , 1024x768 , poll.png )
Thought I would bump with a sneak peek at the new poll code, user interaction at it's finest!

Blacked out bits for stuff I don't want ponies to see yet
>> No. 34042
File 132931012858.jpg - (16.53KB , 239x200 , I AM THE MUFFIN.jpg )
>almost 400 users











and then I got lazy and forgot to finish it.
Am I best mod yet?
>> No. 34043
No mod is best mod, there is just "Ok mods" and then "the ones that I need to get rid of" Cool story though :P
Every mod is best mod!

399 ponies never looked so small!
>> No. 34044
File 132931056642.png - (826B , 229x43 , 399.png )
WOW! Probably not a good idea to post an entire screenshot of my cPanel.. Let's try again.
>> No. 34045
File 132931068300.png - (85.29KB , 220x293 , 132831154718.png )
ok, I know.
true story
>> No. 34046
I also just realised "Pros" and "Cons" aren't spelt with apostrophe's
>> No. 34047
File 132931130062.png - (834B , 229x43 , 400.png )
Happy 400 users! Here is to 400 more!!
>> No. 34048
File 132931235444.png - (236.85KB , 500x372 , picture-21_large.png )
So Sammy finally found ponychan I see =)
I'm the guy with the He-man pic on FB.
>> No. 34049
>> No. 34051
File 132931261185.jpg - (19.96KB , 305x293 , 132352325720.jpg )
Been on Ponychan since Sep/Oct last year :)
>> No. 34052
maybe it was oct/nov.. eh...
>> No. 34053
File 132931289884.jpg - (48.05KB , 403x594 , yes.jpg )
Cool, I haven't seen you around but I mostly hang around in chat and music and science now =)
>> No. 34054
File 132931377399.png - (300.42KB , 750x942 , hipster.png )
I've been here since April.
/hipster oldfriend
>> No. 34185
File 132952315798.jpg - (73.59KB , 451x572 , AJ - Uhh, I don\'t know___.jpg )
Anypony else getting a "The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond" error?
>> No. 34186
File 132952358815.png - (187.77KB , 894x894 , 132926440357.png )
Yes, I think the server might be down right now. Let's wait and see what Sammy says.
>> No. 34187
File 132952374182.png - (132.99KB , 1158x690 , 132884444060.png )
>forgot the post I made before this one was anon and I didn't reset my trip
lol, whoops
>> No. 34188
File 132952386483.png - (113.01KB , 596x609 , 132742896123.png )
Nevermind, looks like it's working again
>> No. 34190
File 132952418055.png - (92.11KB , 500x500 , TwiSpi - Yes!.png )
>> No. 34195
File 132952907520.png - (99.64KB , 900x502 , 132303508901.png )
Sorry for the inconvenience, the server derps on a fortnightly basis. It is never more than an hour or so though.

When the new role out of code comes out users will have the opportunity to have a say in what donation money goes towards, one of the choices will be services that entitle better uptime.
>> No. 34212
File 132956249887.gif - (393.83KB , 440x260 , tumblr_ltco1umJuU1qafrh6.gif )
500 users and counting!
>> No. 34215
File 132957754442.png - (187.98KB , 460x300 , George Derelle.png )
You're paying for this out of pocket?
>> No. 34216
File 132958160611.png - (329.11KB , 1500x1456 , 132857225642.png )
Didn't we just hit 400 like, 3 days ago?
>> No. 34225
I always liked Derpymail, mostly because when I gave people my email they thought it was fake. My biggest problem with it was the email systems it used. Squirrelmail was the only one that worked for me, and it wasn't very good.
>> No. 34241
File 132962396101.png - (253.09KB , 1682x1740 , 132083097065.png )
yep, ~42 hours a week working in retail just cuts it, it won't do for much longer though. The hosting company wants me to upgrade to VPS because I'm hogging too many resources on a shared server.. They've offered me a good deal but it still works out to be about $11 more a month.

3 days to be precise. It looks like we will make 600 users either today or tomorrow as well!

I don't mind SquirrelMail, I use it on my phone, but for the most part RoundCube is the winner. They all have their benefits though. Horde is great for non smart phones, or when your light on resources.
>> No. 34258
My computer apparently sucks and will only run Squirrel Mail.

The only thing about that's arduous is how you have to wait through the processing to find out if the name you chose is available.
>> No. 34267
Website was updated~ Looks very nice Adding abit more features to the front page! Hoping to see more users signing up.

Well we're possibly adding a name auto check, so if it is available then it sends, otherwise it returns an error saying "Username already taken" or something along those lines.

~Cheerilee Anypony Manager~
>> No. 34271
ain't that a bitch. was made with very very little PHP which in hindsight was a mistake. I wanted the website to be simple so I chose to make everything in HTML/CSS/JS and use PHP for the forms only.

Cross referencing a username that a user wants with a list of all ready made users would have been easy if I set it up when we only had <20 accounts, but now, unless I find a script that would do it for me making a list with 600 email accounts on it is pretty far down the priority list. maybe next time.

Speaking of "next time", anypony email has got a couple of pretty major extensions coming along. still in the developing stage at the moment but stay tuned.

maybe this time it'll be more successful than my attempt at a brony file sharing website....
>> No. 34513
File 132994387519.gif - (2.39MB , 400x353 , Im bumping this thread and you cant stop me.gif )
>> No. 34855
File 133054884580.gif - (258.47KB , 400x400 , 132977758962.gif )
Been a week since the last bump, so I'll do another.
>> No. 34880
File 133061618797.png - (230.63KB , 500x500 , 132445552104.png )
ha, once I've settled down into UNI life will be back on rails.
>> No. 34885
nice thing u got there if the website loads
>> No. 34891
4 months later..
would you send me an email to the one to confirm it?
>> No. 34900
File 133063516913.png - (125.49KB , 500x1000 , 132746355803.png )
2 things:
1: You should repost with your email address in the post
2: I maybe reading this wrong, but you want us to send you an email to confirm your account was made, yes? We'd need the account name you want for that.
>> No. 34907
99.9% uptime, I'm not perfect.

Your account has been made, activated ect ect. I remember making it. If you're having problems logging in, fill out a helpm ticket at:
>> No. 34909
I've looked into your account, your password was changed. I can default it back if you want, but you will need to fill out the form so we can confirm you actually own that account.
>> No. 35078
File 133095210819.png - (109.87KB , 1024x768 , managers.png )
>> No. 35079
File 133095222987.png - (132.35KB , 348x362 , 132724104831.png )
I lol'd
>> No. 35091
File 133098082139.jpg - (23.88KB , 360x207 , 133089207542.jpg )
Oh ok.
>pic might be related
>> No. 35174
File 133119657870.jpg - (23.11KB , 476x344 , 132409297176.jpg )
I attempted to create a "theme changer" for, in fact you can see the beginnings on the homepage atm. But I'm abandoning the project because it was going to require some work on the banner colours (so that each theme matched the banner) which I didn't want to do. In stead I'm thinking about a re-work of the homepage design

>> No. 35229
Expect Major Delays effective as of now. I will get back in touch when things are sorted out.
>> No. 35236
File 133132676728.jpg - (14.80KB , 166x151 , well fuck.jpg )
Yeah... that is a pretty major delay right there...
crossing fingers for mod position again
>> No. 35246
File 133135187859.png - (4.96KB , 361x102 , mods.png )
Interesting that 3 of the 5 original moderators re-applied for their position.

I feel as if (as a team) you were not reliable enough. Yesterday, over a 12 hour period not one mod logged in and yet 36 New User applications arrived. Out of 5 people, no one checked the emails.

I understand that people are busy and have a life. I don't expect them to give it up to mod but this system obviously didn't work. I chose you all for a reason, and I made sure that I had mods from all around the world so there wouldn't be any "dead times" when they were all asleep but in the end it didn't matter. Not enough user requests came in and people got lazy.

A couple of days ago I noticed a mod log in, saw there was a whole lot of users waiting to be activated and then log out! And he did it twice! Please remember everything you do is logged

>pic is a small graph of mods who logged in over a period (the graph also includes my logins which are ~daily)

I'm really sorry if I'm sounding like a prick but I hope you can understand the point I am trying to portray here.
>> No. 35248
File 133135741113.jpg - (121.76KB , 945x945 , 131421681959.jpg )
I get where you're coming from, but some advance notice would have been nice.
>> No. 35249
I needed to have a serious re-arrange anyway, best to start afresh.
>> No. 35253
We are working to activate all the accounts. Sorry for the delay.
>> No. 35256
File 133139397919.gif - (287.78KB , 200x200 , 132114494327.gif )
>> No. 35323
do you use a script?
>> No. 35333
File 133152695542.png - (103.60KB , 841x548 , 132428077789.png )
I don't actually. I'm hindsight I should have, but when I started my knowledge of PHP/Databases ect was lacking (it still is).

So PHP collects the users details through the sign up form and then it is presented neatly for the moderators and I to use.
>> No. 35417
Is anypony down? If so will it be back?
>> No. 35418

Please see: for the latest updates on the server.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
>> No. 35419
File 133165457679.png - (205.18KB , 583x520 , 132452990988.png )
After 1 hour and 5 minutes, she's back. For now at least
>> No. 35803
File 133240141699.png - (168.32KB , 600x705 , 132488335470.png )
Quick before we hit page 3!
Quite a major update coming along, our biggest one yet.

Then an extension.
So secretive
>> No. 35805
File 133241659323.png - (94.15KB , 780x579 , 133212756774.png )
mfw I forgot to bump it
Hooray for updates and extensions!
>> No. 35806
File 133242063365.gif - (1.97MB , 640x447 , 132395082697.gif )
We haven't had a day this slow since March 8th
>> No. 35819
There's thirty-nine pages, guys. I don't think you're going away any time soon. :P
>> No. 35820
File 133245800829.jpg - (38.31KB , 518x600 , aint even mad.jpg )
I don't think so either, but the first page obviously helps a lot more than the others.
>> No. 35857
File 133251066098.png - (163.25KB , 300x300 , 132325986468.png )
Ponychan provided about 40% of our users back when it was only me running it (under 300 users). This thread is still needed though, I don't think it's an annoyance or anything by the occasional bump.
>> No. 36179
File 133307929841.jpg - (322.89KB , 1680x1050 , 133221764624.jpg )
>> No. 36438
File 133361775429.png - (83.85KB , 269x269 , 132542251502.png )
Users getting a "Database Error: Connection Failed" error, please stand-by. The MySQL server is having issues. Support staff are fixing it at the moment, but you may experience periods of downtime.
>> No. 36448
Mod no 4 checking in
>> No. 36449
File 133363837014.png - (265.14KB , 572x507 , 132127013105.png )
I'm sorry.. What?
>> No. 36450
File 133363856271.png - (103.40KB , 750x480 , 132437107957.png )
Oh! Tuesday! Sorry Sorry! I totally forgot! It's just I'm using the method "mod1" "mod2" ect. ect. as labels for a secret project I'm working on, and you scared me when you said "no 4" as in "mod 4" because I thought you knew something that you shouldn't!

Let's forget this ever happened!
>> No. 36452
File 133363882278.png - (158.53KB , 961x831 , 132544690572.png )
In anypony's case your name is just fraulein :) Hey, weren't you on holiday or something?
>> No. 36453
File 133363989064.gif - (99.81KB , 185x160 , maximum triforce.gif )
>mod no. 4
Mod no.
▲ ▲ checking in.
>> No. 36454
>   ▲
> ▲ ▲
Greentext tri force.

told meter
not told[---------│--]told
>> No. 36455
File 133364104654.png - (131.44KB , 200x139 , 132300736348.png )
It's hard to judge mod numbers, because some mods have left and some mods have been what's a nicer word for fired? but yea, you are mod 3 as of now.

> told meter
>> No. 36456
File 133364108033.png - (1.66MB , 1920x1080 , 1329587378390.png )
>implying that's difficult
>▼ ▼
>  ▼
upside down greentext triforce
>> No. 36457
File 133364125173.png - (82.39KB , 850x750 , 133248571185.png )
>> No. 36461
File 133364276368.gif - (387.52KB , 380x205 , 131518068981.gif )
lol. look what I just found edited to make more sense :












I don't even understand the "forms" bit hahaha
>> No. 36462
File 133364310091.jpg - (12.65KB , 421x318 , 131670163236.jpg )
Database errors had to come in and ruin the fun. Many apologies to users experiencing "DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED!" errors at the moment. I'm trying my best to get them sorted.
>> No. 36464
File 133364335673.png - (129.22KB , 500x304 , it\'s dangerous to go alone take this.png )
>> No. 36483
nah broadband cut out
>> No. 37081 still on top.
>> No. 37594
File 133532636042.jpg - (95.60KB , 1061x753 , trixie__s_overload_by_sierraex-d4si8n0_png.jpg )
>> No. 37806
File 133575624162.png - (114.66KB , 894x894 , 132498183720.png )
What's that I hear? 1208 bronies. Thanks!
>> No. 38136
File 133636250737.png - (403.13KB , 720x1280 , 133210470511.png )
>inb4 screencap/admin bump
>> No. 38141
File 133637311353.png - (384.74KB , 1024x739 , second.png )
not fair haha

heavily in development, but have a pic of the new homepage. (intentionally zoomed out)
>> No. 38142
File 133637325457.png - (192.21KB , 1023x738 , third.png )
zooming out gives a false impression of what it'll look like on other resolutions, but on 1024x768 it looks a little like this at the moment...
>> No. 38149
File 133639081441.png - (109.91KB , 1073x1024 , 3846559483.png )
I think it's totally fair. And the new homepage is still awesome looking.
>> No. 38175
File 133642987711.gif - (1.00MB , 500x500 , typing with hooves.gif )
>just noticed this hasn't been mentioned yet

Hey bronies, anypony email now has an IRC chat. It's #anypony on
>> No. 38185
It's in the poll section. It'll be pretty dead until we upgrade.

I've just made it and I'll leave it until I'm ready
>> No. 38186
I know it's in the poll section, I meant it hadn't been mentioned here.
>> No. 38192
File 133647993141.png - (898B , 140x140 , chart.png )
Neither has our new Mobile Site!
New features, nicer layout, nicer icon.. It's just.. Better!

>Mobile Site

>Android App (app is different than the screenshot given)

>pic is QR code for android app
>> No. 38198
File 133650744956.png - (303.60KB , 728x1098 , 133223237628.png )
Hooray for better things!
>> No. 38343
File 133696179792.jpg - (154.81KB , 1350x639 , makeshift edition the best thing since sliced bread.jpg )
Bump because of the Makeshift Edition, which is a sort of cross between the old look and the one Sammy is still messing around with
>pic related, and so is filename
>> No. 38374
File 133699340486.png - (498.45KB , 960x542 , 132083617712.png )
there is a reason for it. SERVER UPGRADES!

We are unfortunately going to loose our HTTPS for webmail.. But I don't (and neither should you) consider this a security risk. To remotely sniff a password sent over HTTP, isn't as easy as people make it out to be. For the time being HTTPS is over-rated and over-priced. Maybe the next lot of donations can go towards it
>> No. 38429
If you had read my post you would have seen I wrote "remotely", and I did that for a reason. I could re-say everything in your post with 2 sentences.

Yes, locally sniffing passwords is relatively easy and you should be mindful of this when on a shared network (like an internet cafe). But as for remote attacks (people outside of your network) it's a whole lot harder and you shouldn't be concerned about it.

Also, mentioning "nextdoor neighbour" isn't correct (as I'm sure you know, but considering your post was really only made to "highlight" the dangers of http to people, I'm making it clearer/corrector). Your neighbour would first have to hack your wireless network (which, most will have a password and not secured by WPA). Anypone who managed to make their way around the internet should know of the term "wireless password" very, very few wouldn't.

Yes. I mad. You can't come into a thread without reading what the other person has posted, then try to correct them and in doing so only making people think their passwords are going to be taken from entering them on my site.

To answer your question. Currently no. Expense is too high at the moment.

>It's just that false security, which stems from a lack of understanding, is even worse than no security, so I had to clear up that misconception.
Honestly, did you.
Wow. Really.
>> No. 38431
File 133716254067.png - (188.20KB , 900x1024 , spitfire_by_tecknojock-d3g0b2t.png )
hmm, what a terrible use of the word "corrector".. Let's go with "better".
>> No. 38432
Actually... I think I might have some SSL ports available.. I'll look into it more and get back to.

Remembering a chat I had with the sales desk a while ago
>> No. 38433
Yea I can do it, but it'll spew warnings at you because the certificate is provided by cPanel itself, not the hosting company. But it'll be the same port as it was before. Port 4(hundred and something)
>> No. 38448
I'm sorry. I didn't mean this to be an attack on the integrity of your website, and I didn't mean to offend you. And no I didn't see "remote" the first time I read this. If you want, we can continue this over e-mail before posting anything else in the thread. I still think anypony e-mail is a great service, and don't want to discourage anypony from using it.

In my experience, most people don't have WPA. Usually they simply don't know and either leave their router on default settings, or set a WEP password, although some don't use it because of technical limitations (e.g. a friend of mine uses a PSP, which only supports WEP). Even some quite a few people who should know better do not use WPA. In my apartment, the contracted ISP accept payment for building-wide wireless internet through their online ordering form, from behind a captive portal, which does not support SSL; you're literally submitting your credit card over plaintext wifi to order internet. Plus, those who have laptops are quite likely at some point to use a public wifi network that is not encrypted, regardless of what type of security they have at home. It's not difficult to sign up for anypony e-mail, or use ponychan, or even know one's way around the internet in general, without knowing certain types of technical information that are relevant here. The assumption that everypony who is savvy enough to know about anypony e-mail will also understand wireless internet security doesn't seem valid to me.

>It's just that false security, which stems from a lack of understanding, is even worse than no security, so I had to clear up that misconception.
In hindsight I might not have worded this as well as I could have, so just in case it was unclear, by "lack of understanding" I was not referring to you. I was referring to users who see "But I don't (and neither should you) consider this a security risk" and thus do not keep the above information in mind when logging in.

>For the time being HTTPS is over-rated and over-priced. Maybe the next lot of donations can go towards it
Yes, it is overrated and overpriced. Actually, in practice it more closely resembles a protection racket than a "trusted third party". Still, it adequately handles most passive network-level attacks. I will consider making another donation if it helps support deploying SSL.
>> No. 38449
File 133718500878.png - (139.71KB , 420x355 , 132116290988.png )
Finally, we are on VPS! It took a long time and there were a lot of hiccups and obstacles in the way but it's done. Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy using Anypony Email as much as I enjoy running it! Remember to report any issues you are having with this new server

>The assumption that everypony who is savvy enough to know about anypony e-mail will also understand wireless internet security doesn't seem valid to me
What I meant was that most would know if they have a wireless password, but it doesn't matter any more, I am waaayyyy to tired.

>Still, it adequately handles most passive network-level attacks
SSL is next on the list for what donation money goes towards, yes.
>> No. 38574
File 133748028760.png - (230.65KB , 1024x768 , annnnnyyyyyppppoooooonnnnnyyyyy.png )
I'm not sure if I like the title image breaking out of the main div, I think I'll change it in the new code
>> No. 38812
Mobile and Pony SFW site not working, I am aware of it and will fix it when I can. Sorry for any inconvenience.
>> No. 38817
File 133794199091.png - (597.00KB , 3500x3584 , 132383829116.png )
Huge thank you to Myth who provided anypony with SSL, I do hope you enjoy our new https status, if you have any problems with it, please don't hesitate to mention them.

Also Pony SFW site should be all working now. But the android app/mobile site still has issues with the new https, I'll let you know when it's working again.
>> No. 38907
File 133813867431.png - (59.09KB , 638x719 , cert.png )
I just noticed the new cert a few days ago, really nice and thank you to Myth for providing it. Also looks like the UI stays SSL all the way through, which is good and addressed the concerns I raised earlier.

However, it's acting a little weird on IMAPS/SMTPS. Thunderbird says it can't verify the certificate, but literally says "for unknown reasons". I can only guess it's an HTTPS-only certificate or something, that isn't "stamped" for IMAP/SMTP. It shows the CA in the basic view, but then shows at the top of the hierarchy when you click details. Works just fine in Firefox, and same fingerprint. Any insight?
>> No. 38908
File 133814101221.png - (329.11KB , 1500x1456 , 132857225642.png )
>not sure if Sammy using a new trip
I can't really offer any insight, since I know nothing of how this kind of stuff actually works.
>> No. 38942
File 133822377917.png - (41.71KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m0qc20iSLc1qc5ffho1_500.png )
SSL is site wide yes, including sub-domains (not really because it isn't a wildcard cert but it works and that's all that matters).

The errors were to be expected, I was messing around with the CA certificate because it wasn't working properly, this would have caused that problem, SSL wise everything is working fine now.

If thunderbird is still spewing errors let me know and I'll look into it more.

------------------------ is working now as well. The mobile site, not so much.


Naa, still me!
>> No. 38967
Probably spoke too soon. is the URL for the Pony SFW.

Also https has taken part of the server down as of now, use to check mail.
>> No. 38969
File 133825276161.png - (79.91KB , 793x433 , manual.png )
Thunderbird is no longer complaining about the cert. However, if you document application-specific config settings, you might want to account for Thunderbird's quirky automatic setup, as it will default to and, then complain about a certificate mismatch.
>Screenshot attached, editable pic available
>> No. 38975
File 133826135894.png - (194.58KB , 419x365 , 132496013170.png )
Interesting that SSL is still working for you, it's down for the rest of the site. Man, stuff always goes wrong with my sites at the most inconvenient times..
>> No. 38977
I did it again.. Spoke too soon, it's all working fine now.. except for the mobile site...
>> No. 38978
Remember that I'm using IMAP, so I'm skipping the website entirely. The whole web service (assuming Apache?) could crash, but as long as the server is still online the e-mail service will be unaffected.

I just logged into the mobile site 3 times without issue, trying all 3 applications. Roundcube didn't like that I had javascript disabled, but everything was fine otherwise. I'm not sure how it would look from a phone, but it worked fine in a standard web browser, which means unless the server is supposed to redirect to a more mobile-friendly app, or I'm missing something, everything is running normally on the server side.
>> No. 38980
Yea I knew you were using IMAP, so when you mentioned it was working for you I narrowed it down to Apache pretty quickly. Sure enough, I installed the GD graphics library last night and when I re-built apache the httpd.conf file went stuffy.

It should be fixed now, everything SSL wise fixed.

The mobile site works fine on everything other than mobiles, I've tried changing the user-agent to desktop or iPad ect ect to no avail. I am fairly sure it's to do with SSL but I haven't had the time to look into it.
>> No. 38983
File 133827457023.png - (388.44KB , 627x477 , standby.png )
>mobile issues
This may be a couple things. First off, I don't have a mobile browser, so I couldn't tell if those applications were mobile friendly (were they in the past?). Whatever I say here is basically just speculation. Second, depending on how the carrier has it set up, they may want to pass you through a plaintext WAP proxy if the domain isn't m.SOMETHING (which you're redirecting out of). It could also simply be a matter of the phone running out of memory to load the page.
>building apache from scratch
Wow. If that's how you want to set up a server, then go for it and don't let me discourage you, but most Linux distros already have a prepackaged Apache suite in a repository somewhere.
>> No. 38984
File 133827918847.png - (219.52KB , 864x681 , 132287049494.png )
Site is mobile friendly it worked up until the day it went ssl. I am looking into mobile proxies as a viable problem, it definitely makes sense.

lol, I'm not building Apache from scratch, I was editing the pre-configured build to suite anypony's (and some other smaller sites on my VPS) needs better.

In unrelated news, ALL emails from are rejected because they ( do not provide valid verification. No, I will not whitelist them, Yes they are aware of the problem. But really, it's not like anypony would have actually known, no one has received an email from their server, at least not while we we're on VPS.
>> No. 39021
File 133835308045.png - (289.51KB , 800x1300 , i-brought-you-a-letter.png )
So basically just editing the httpd.conf and other config files then, or something more in-depth I'm missing?
>ibrony blocked
Getting a bunch of spam, are you?
>pic related
>> No. 39030
Umm, naaa. I had to re-build apache to install the GD graphics library. It was a bit more than editing httpd.conf :)

400+ emails a day are stopped from them and it's using an annoyingly large amount of RAM.
>> No. 39183
File 133870530325.png - (202.44KB , 650x650 , 132410659565.png )
Mobile Site is finally working again!
or the android app (preview picture is incorrect, but it's the same app)

Note, it's not using https at the moment, that was the cause of the problems. I'll find a work around at some point.
>> No. 39297
File 133886619674.png - (169.53KB , 301x455 , 132381761070.png )
This android app will be the death of me.
I've had reports that the mobile site works but the android app doesn't. If somepony else also confirm this I would be very grateful.

Until then, stick with the mobile site.
>> No. 39305
File 133887091557.png - (241.37KB , 1831x1568 , 132797781564.png )
OOOk. Android App should now be working. See the homepage for more info.
>> No. 39376
File 133900833345.jpg - (19.93KB , 480x270 , fluttershy.jpg )
Sorry to bother you with this, and you might have already noticed it by now, but I'm getting an NXDOMAIN for I don't have a lot of experience with domain registration, but don't domains usually last at least a full year? What in the hay is going on (if you don't mind my asking, that is)?

~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer
>> No. 39383
Not sure about that myself, but I'm trying to get in contact with Sammy about it.
>> No. 39398
It has absolutely nothing to do with the name registration.

Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, the server went down at 1am my time and I was asleep.

I am speaking with the hosting company about what happened.
>inb4 DDOS attack and the hosting company took my VPS offline to minimize load on the rest of the server.

Please Stand-by
>> No. 39399
File 133903772929.jpg - (57.49KB , 500x500 , monitoring thread.jpg )
>> No. 39401
File 133903896665.png - (66.40KB , 600x612 , why.png )
That sounds like a dickish move on the hosting provider's part. Didn't they even contact you before cutting off service? And who would DoS you? I didn't think you were even big enough to be on anypony's radar yet.

Anyway, it's not clear that they took the server down so much as the DNS records, which is what struck me as odd. Is the server itself down as well?
>> No. 39404
No they didn't contact me before OR AFTER, they waited for me to email them regarding it.

The hosting company is now being slow to reply, but they told me I need to confirm myself as the admin, do a malicious code scan on the server and then they'll bring it back online.

The server is offline, the DNS records are still there, they just don't point to anything.
>> No. 39405
actually... The server is probably online, and they're deliberately not letting the name servers point to anypony's IP. That's more like it.
>> No. 39406
I just hope they at least bring it up soon, All the ponies trying to access the website must be upset at the down time...
Personally I think they should provide compensation for the downtime.
>> No. 39408
File 133904120695.jpg - (70.82KB , 660x766 , 132671210847.jpg )
I bet they won't, the hosting company will probably turn the blame onto me after it's fixed.

I do apologise for all this downtime, if I could hurry up the fixing process I would but it's up to the hosting company now.
>> No. 39410
File 133904246786.jpg - (33.45KB , 540x479 , 132352189583.jpg )
>hosting company tells me they are "escalating" my problem to a higher department.

>that was 1/2 hour ago and I have yet to hear anything from them..
>> No. 39413
File 133904294674.jpg - (165.22KB , 900x675 , 132960302859.jpg )
<<<Hosting Company
>> No. 39414
File 133904338056.png - (344.83KB , 710x740 , checklist.png )
I don't blame you for it; I knew something was up when I got a DNS-related error. I just wondered what was going on. Sadly most people won't know any different and immediately pin the blame on you.
>confirm self as the admin, do malicious code scan
Checklist of things to do:
>Long, complicated FTP/SSH password, never sent in clear?
>Sanitize user input and don't accept uploads via web forms?
>Mail apps are up-to-date and don't parse malicious attachments?
I can't think of any other vectors from your end. Did you humor them and run a security audit anyway?
>> No. 39415
File 133904380233.png - (170.77KB , 703x717 , 132500440475.png )

They haven't given me access to the VPS yet.I know my server is secure, I don't know what they expect me to find.
>> No. 39416
File 133904392924.gif - (595.73KB , 700x700 , 131781969481.gif )
after all is not one word
>> No. 39417
File 133904434859.png - (234.20KB , 945x945 , derp pipe.png )
You obviously did that as an intentional joke, because it was Derpy. RIGHT?
>> No. 39418
File 133904446281.jpg - (70.37KB , 936x768 , 132197967524.jpg )
you got me
>> No. 39419
File 133904452348.png - (182.09KB , 703x717 , myhosting.png )
I like this one better.
>> No. 39420
That's a good one!
>> No. 39421
File 133904528663.png - (3.72KB , 476x475 , derailed.png )
Glad you like it!
>didn't see all those derpy variations posted before uploading
>> No. 39428
File 133905907635.png - (251.53KB , 678x478 , 132410591460.png )

After almost 16 hours of downtime, myhosting finally started the server again. They have stopped replying to my emails, but I have been told why they took it down, as to whether they've fixed the problem, I don't know, still finding out.

Anypony Email apologises for the inconvenience everypony and I assure you that's enough downtime for today.
>> No. 39555
File 133940367386.png - (45.18KB , 595x260 , virusssss.png )
ClamAV now scans ALL incoming mail for malware and viruses, don't "test it out" just trust me.

Also system-wide virus scans have been increased to daily (from weekly).

>pic is of the email I received from gmail when trying to send a virus to my anypony account.

I hope you enjoy this increased security.
If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us from the problems form:
>> No. 39593
File 133955519719.gif - (122.25KB , 496x330 , mylittleponyfriendshipismagicbronythereifixed_12082.gif )
Just a random bump and an image for Sammy I found today.
>> No. 39598
File 133958414729.jpg - (6.93KB , 195x197 , 132318296273.jpg )
lololol that little "503" that pops up the top finishes it off nicely. I like it, I'll have to find somewhere to put it...
>> No. 39602
File 133960876572.png - (87.38KB , 1024x768 , atmail.png )
Atmail has just been installed!

A very pretty, very fast alternate Webmail application! That makes four different application for users to choose between.

It looks great I think, here's a screenshot.

Hope you enjoy using Anypony Email + Atmail
and if not, then tell us D:
>> No. 39617
File 133964462201.png - (41.71KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m0qc20iSLc1qc5ffho1_500.png )
Backups have been increased to Weekly (from monthly)
>> No. 39840
File 134012316472.jpg - (39.88KB , 489x590 , 131670233007.jpg )
I am so angry right now
>> No. 39841
File 134012385450.jpg - (10.34KB , 247x200 , b8f.jpg )
That copypaste is so subtle. You can hardly even tell it happened.
>> No. 39842
File 134012550318.png - (119.51KB , 308x324 , 132307091936.png )
Yea, it's not like they ripped of our slogan either, that would be real dirty. *sarcasmmmmm*
>> No. 39938
File 134024074810.jpg - (27.70KB , 385x383 , 134007414815.jpg )
>and then all was right with the world the internet
>> No. 39955
File 134029471104.jpg - (728.42KB , 600x600 , 132550913866.jpg )
>that picture is bad and you should feel bad

A couple of people seem interested in what software/hardware Anypony runs, so here you go. Basically, it is:

A hdd, a large intel cpu, ponies, 1TB of porn, linux, emails, Jesus, a small car, ram, ice cream, buttons, an apache helicopter, soul, ethernet cables, a small man (he does the cleaning), aluminium, lawyers, part of antartica, herpes and dust crammed into a box.

You learn something new every day!
>> No. 39956
>an apache helicopter

You guys run on an apache server? ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist xD
>> No. 39957
File 134030451847.jpg - (19.47KB , 500x564 , 133947446067.jpg )

Also, can I quote you on that for advertising purposes?
>> No. 39962
File 134032245498.png - (435.98KB , 695x720 , 132424879206.png )
you got me! I actually did that deliberately just to see if somepony would pick up on that. A+

Yes, it's all true so.
>> No. 39964
>I actually did that deliberately just to see if somepony would pick up on that
I am failing at English.
>> No. 40152
File 134072456572.png - (59.14KB , 447x543 , playing video games.png )
BUMP BECAUSE HOLY SHIT, WE'RE HOSTING GAMES NOW And by "games", I mean one. It's called Crazy Pony, and it's fun and challenging, give it a try
>> No. 40155
File 134072491489.png - (186.24KB , 464x637 , 133963096059.png )
its thread:
>> No. 40156
File 134072493189.png - (117.09KB , 478x490 , fuck the police.png )
I didn't know it had a thread. Oh well.
>> No. 40415
File 134141268193.png - (422.01KB , 758x717 , 132353147448.png )
Looking through the accounts made/accounts used statistics I thought I would mention;

If you have an account but have forgotten the password or had/having issues logging in don't hesitate to contact us about it! We can get your account back.
>> No. 40416
File 134141559947.png - (22.46KB , 177x200 , 133659660009.png )
Yes, please give us something to do. Also Sammy, I'm curious about something. Why isn't there a link for Crazy Pony on the main page?
>> No. 40434
File 134145653078.jpg - (44.26KB , 500x606 , 1330529102689.jpg )
Crazy Pony is getting truly enough popularity haha Youtube it, Equestria gaming has an article on it, his site has pulled 2GB's in downloads in the last 5 days. I might link it, if I have the time after work.
>> No. 40435
File 134145839701.jpg - (33.47KB , 419x490 , 1340170300577.jpg )
Yeah... some of that popularity might be my fault.
>mfw successful advertising
It's infinitely easier than I thought.
>> No. 40616
File 134201585550.png - (238.13KB , 776x1029 , 134090908969.png )
Sorry for the little hiccups we had today, just making the mail server the best it can be! Unfortunately to do that I had to restart/turn off a couple of services including dovecot.

But, things are back now, looking very pretty. The time between emails being sent and arriving to your mailbox has been improved, and plenty of smaller tweaks.

Still working on the new code, I've been bogged down at work lately but I'm getting there. Please keep sharing around, tell your brony friends about how wonderful we are ;D
>> No. 40851
File 134271485433.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , 132094270555.png )
ahahahahaha mail servers! They are truly amazing things!

It wont be long now until we are receiving over 10 000 emails a day!

Pony on my Pony Loving Friends.
>> No. 40857
File 134271872072.png - (1.96MB , 1500x2000 , 1338683371910.png )
Aw yeah.
>> No. 40876
File 134278222995.png - (145.16KB , 414x477 , 131714380052.png )
Holy Shit! was hacked!

All their data has been erased. My sincere condolences to the admin and his users. I am very sorry to hear of this.
>> No. 40883
File 134279722241.jpg - (14.80KB , 166x151 , well fuck.jpg )
I don't even have a comment for that, it's just terrible.
>> No. 40955

I feel like being an asshole and accusing you of doing stuff that is illegal, even though I have no proof. May I?
>> No. 40969
I'm sorry, what?
Are you accusing us of hacking
>> No. 40975
File 134293928006.png - (218.75KB , 1455x1385 )

Don't particularly care if you were joking or not, but could you not make baseless accusations like this?
>> No. 40978

Guys there's no epic Derpymail war scheduled for next tuesday, sorry :P

the issue has mostly been sorted out: some russian spammer figured out how to use derpymail as an open relay. I had to take the service down for a day or so to sort it out to prevent the server from being blacklisted by other email exchanges.

The admins of the various derpymails etc. talk regularly and we get along reasonably well :)
>> No. 41009
File 134306060647.png - (157.03KB , 1500x1300 , 132420633730.png )
>we get along reasonably well
>reasonably well

>Guys there's no epic Derpymail war scheduled for next tuesday, sorry
>> No. 41062
File 134330435128.png - (0.97MB , 800x560 , 133091537947.png )
Bump because I finally got my internet working properly I think, and should be able to resume mod duties later.
>and because I need to add this thread to my watch list again
>> No. 41086
File 134339663365.gif - (333.93KB , 810x666 , X2VSp.gif )
awesome! Things are "as always" anyway, nothing spectacular, still haven't had time to nut down to this code..
>> No. 41162
File 134360123319.png - (357.64KB , 1000x1103 , 132514754953.png )
If you actually have forgotten your passwords can you please post here with your name/trip. Cheers
>> No. 41165
Yeah, sure. My message on skype has been pending for days now lol.
>> No. 41456
File 134459785105.png - (301.38KB , 725x524 , 1324286344079.png )
Have some delicious EMAIL SERVER Facts!

30% of all emails are spam. (Taking a sample of 6000 emails that hit Anypony.)

The top sending hosts for Anypony Email are:
YouTube and other Google Services
FillyRadio, MeetUp, other addresses make up a large majority of the middle section.
I expected Tumblr to be a larger contributor, but, it doesn't seem so, they're right down the bottom of the list with ~30 emails being sent to Anypony each day. It could be possible that I have mistaken one of Tumblr's servers as something else and haven't included those stats.

In the last 19 hours 945 different servers have emailed users of Anypony Email.

Every quote you see in the banner is real, the only modifications have been spelling and grammar fixes.

When the voting of Epic Pony Rap Battels of Equestria: Big Macintosh VS Blueblood opened, Anypony Email was unintentionally DDOS when hundreds of users checked the box "Email me when someone else votes of this pole" after voting on who they thought won the rap battle. Over 5000 emails were being sent to Anypony Email EVERY SECOND! Causing the software in charge of scanning each email for viruses OOMing the server!

This issue was patched shortly after and the server should cope fine with that amounts of emails being received for the next time.

At Anypony Email slowest rate we still receive ~3 emails/minute.

I hope you've had a great week, and are looking forward to/enjoying your weekend!
>> No. 41459
File 134460519301.png - (44.26KB , 299x276 , 132785656545.png )
Everypony loves fun facts.
>> No. 41486
File 134478086806.png - (816.16KB , 3000x3000 , 131517845575.png )

New Update!
Get it while you can!

This game makes me want to kill someone. 5/5 stars. - Brony
>> No. 41506
File 134486375107.png - (89.08KB , 414x356 , 132383917671.png )
Terms of Service has been updated.
The changes effect new users, but current users should take note of them as well.
These changes are effective as of immediately due to their importance.

The terms can be found here:

The changes are in the form of two new points.

- You will provide us with valid and correct information regarding your identity when creating your account.

- You will not use our services as a fake identity or a means to get around another websites/systems identity checks, this includes but is not limited to: Fake email account(s) for fake user account(s) on other websites/systems or fake account(s) for benefiting/giving an unfair advantage to yourself or anyone else.

Maybe you could take this time to read through all the terms, because after all, they control my relationship with you.
>> No. 41518
File 134491435980.png - (95.70KB , 640x389 , read.png )
No offense, but they look like they're made from a template. I can understand having a bunch of stuff from a template in here, because there are a lot of dumb/obscure laws that are hard to keep track of, and it's easy to forget something, but some of these are either absurd or don't make sense. A few examples:
>Our services are very diverse, so sometimes additional terms or product requirements may apply.
As far as I know, only provides e-mail, except maybe a few games for which I can't imagine a ToS applies.
>Don’t remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices displayed in or along with our services.
Sounds like intellectual property terms. I've never seen a legal notice at the bottom of your e-mails.
>When you upload or otherwise submit give Anypony...worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works,
>communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.
Also copyright-centered. Does this mean that every e-mail sent through is subject to being shared with the world if it's funny enough?
>You will not post content that is:... You will not post content... You will not post...
This is e-mail, not a forum/imageboard/blog/social network. For the most part, I don't think "post" applies.
>You will not post anyone's identification documents or sensitive financial information on our services.
Including my own? Does that count using for PayPal transactions, online banking, or buying ponies?
>It is possible we may also use your personal information to send you advertising or promotional material...We may also use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies.
Wait, you're spamming us now? And conducting Google-esque Big Brother marketing research?
>In the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganisation, bankruptcy, or other similar event, your personal information...
Bankruptcy, merger, and acquisition? I thought this was volunteer-run. These terms apply to business law and consumer protection.
>Copyright Protection (clause)
IANAL, but I don't think DMCA takedowns and safe harbor apply here. Also, I'd be surprised if the second paragraph held up in court, if Hasbro sued in the first place (unless you got an official license, in which case good on you).

Also, you misspelled "affect" in a couple places, including in the javascript alert directing visitors to the terms page (which I think is the wrong way to go about alerting people, but I digress). Effect is the noun, and affect is the verb.
>> No. 41521
File 134492354446.jpg - (105.30KB , 900x900 , v5zWg.jpg )
Ok, let's go.
IANAL, neither is anyone else on our team.

>No offense, but they look like they're made from a template
One of our previous mods wrote them for us. You would have to ask him whether or not they originated from a template. I have been modifying and changing them since.

>Our services are very diverse, so sometimes additional terms or product requirements may apply.
>As far as I know, only provides e-mail, except maybe a few games for which I can't imagine a ToS applies. is a mail server, but these terms are used for other sites as well, (which I have now specified in the first line instead of later on) which are labelled as "sister organisations" because I didn't want to narrow them down to just "websites". If you had read the terms at a previous date you would have also seen a sections for an IRC's and also a polling/survey function which were on other websites that I own/run. I removed them recently because I'm trying to narrow these terms just to apply for and some other brony orientated sister sites.

>Don’t remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices displayed in or along with our services.
>Sounds like intellectual property terms. I've never seen a legal notice at the bottom of your e-mails.
Currently we do not own any intellectual property, but people who use our services may, this would fall "in or along" our services.

>When you upload or otherwise submit give Anypony...worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works,
>communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.
>Also copyright-centered. Does this mean that every e-mail sent through is subject to being shared with the world if it's funny enough?
Complete Quote:
>When you upload or otherwise submit content to our services, you give Anypony (and sister organisations) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content.

If you read our Privacy Policy (specifically section "To whom is my information shared with?") you will see:

>From time to time, Anypony may share your personal information with third parties who provide services or support to Anypony, including website hosts, IT back-up service providers, and other IT or payment service providers. These entities will not use your personal information for any other purpose.
>Anypony does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose personal information collected from and about its customers to third parties for promotional purposes.
>We restrict access to personal information to our employees, and agents who require that information.

I have clearly defined who has access to user data and where it may be shared if necessary.

>You will not post content that is:
>This is e-mail, not a forum/imageboard/blog/social network. For the most part, I don't think "post" applies.
I brought up in the second paragraph, Anypony Email's sister organisations/sites. Since opening Anypony Email I have also used these terms for a kusaba x image board and a brony related eBay site. One of which are out of my hands now, so some of these terms may need re-wording. Arguably, when uploading content to Anypony Email (ie in the form of an attachment) you are using the "post" method of html form's. Or even the word post as in "posting mail". "post, upload or distribute" would cover all grounds.

>You will not post anyone's identification documents or sensitive financial information on our services.
>Including my own? Does that count using for PayPal transactions, online banking, or buying ponies?
If any of those involve the sending/receiving of identification documents (no) or sensitive financial information (also no, "sensitive financial information" does not include your bank balance and this kind of information won't be emailed to you in any normal case.) then, yes. I run a mail server for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Information that you find sensitive or is classified as sensitive is something I would prefer not to have on my server for your safety and mine.

>It is possible we may also use your personal information to send you advertising or promotional material...We may also use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies.
>Wait, you're spamming us now? And conducting Google-esque Big Brother marketing research?
Have you ever received advertising or promotional material from Anypony Email?
Not that I know of.
I used the words "It is possible" for a good reason and to date have never emailed any user to advertise, but as the term says, we can if we would like.
>We may also use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies.
This is in regards to the tracking software that provides information for Anypony Email.
Under the section: "What information does Anypony collect?" you will see exactly what this is in regards to:
>Your current IP address (including ISP details)
>Your browser information including version

>In the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganisation, bankruptcy, or other similar event, your personal information...
>Bankruptcy, merger, and acquisition? I thought this was volunteer-run. These terms apply to business law and consumer protection.
The use of "acquisition" is incorrect, true, but the others are valid.
Merger, perfectly possible, just because we are volunteer run does not mean we cannot.
Bankruptcy, again, I run Anypony Email out of my own pocket, it is possible (albeit not likely) that I will not have enough to pay Anypony's server rental or other fee's and charges involving anypony. This isn't the correct use of the word though, because bankruptcy is a process and not just a term, it is clear what I meant, I'll look for a better word.

>IANAL, but I don't think DMCA takedowns and safe harbor apply here.
>IANAL, but I would prefer to be safe rather than sorry.

>Also, you misspelled "affect" in a couple places
Oh English.. I will endeavour to fix them.

>which I think is the wrong way to go about alerting people, but I digress.
The only reason the terms were updated in the first place was because of a problem regarding a new user. I needed the script there fast. I hate that pop-up script, believe me, I hate it, but I did not have time last night to do anything more.

You have to understand that I run a mail server for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, perhaps my Terms of Service are too official, but as the saying goes "better be safe rather than sorry", perhaps I could shorten them down to barely anything like or not have them at all like, I would prefer to at least cover part of my back rather than none at all.

Thank you for your input, and I invite you to email me if you have any further questions or concerns regarding Anypony Email.
>> No. 41638
File 134559427400.jpg - (191.80KB , 1680x1050 , 00173.jpg )
I hate bumping this only when we have problems...

Sorry about the webmail not functioning correctly earlier today. The SSL ports went offline again. It's all back and running correctly now.

>no pony pics on this laptop other than wallpapers..

>no trip on this laptop either, email me if you are concerned that I am not who I say I am.
>> No. 41813
File 134639189209.jpg - (32.22KB , 614x170 , ss (2012-08-31 at 01_41_28).jpg )
>> No. 41815
File 134639196229.jpg - (23.79KB , 999x74 , ss (2012-08-31 at 01_43_24).jpg )
>> No. 41816
File 134639183220.jpg - (22.30KB , 350x196 , ss (2012-08-31 at 01_39_59).jpg )
>> No. 41878
It would be most ideal if our thread could be restored?
>> No. 41879
>> No. 41880
File 134676801575.png - (39.16KB , 219x302 , 134508732061.png )
This is going to sound like a silly question, but why are you anon now? Also, if you're going anon, can I have your tripcode? I sort of have a collection of tripcodes I've been collecting from random posters for a while now when they mess up entering the code or forget to block it out in a screencap.
>> No. 41948
>This is going to sound like a silly question, but why are you anon now
lost my trip :/

>Also, if you're going anon, can I have your tripcode?
see above :(
>> No. 41949
Oh, that's too bad. I was hoping to add another tripcode to my collection.
>> No. 42031
Glad to be back on the team. Jappleacke is at your service, everypony!
>> No. 42124
I am investigating the current issues with users accessing their email.

Sorry guys, hang tight.
>> No. 42125
File 134828520918.png - (194.17KB , 756x1056 , in_would_fly___rainbow_dash_by_frezarion-d42bb96.png )
>> No. 42180
File 134867003934.gif - (2.17MB , 720x405 , 1346423516091.gif )
Still trying to get this beta code done, I get no free time anymore, sigh.
>> No. 42250
File 134918847006.png - (94.02KB , 1025x497 , ss (2012-10-02 at 06_40_46).png )
I do hope you like Roundcube's new theme. The first of a couple theme changes.
>> No. 42270
Sorry about the derpy server, it's a cpanel problem, they are investigating it. Until then, hold on tight.
>> No. 42271
>no mane 6 names except if you pay $10 dollars

Screw your rules, I reserved >[email protected]

>> No. 42272
Without the ">", of course.
>> No. 42273
I'm glad you appreciate the hundreds of hours I have dedicated to this site.

As of the 27th of this month, Mane Six names will no longer be available to purchase.

Good email address though,
Happy Emailing.
>> No. 42412
File 135013845325.jpg - (115.58KB , 1928x1088 , ss (2012-10-13 at 10_26_14).jpg )
I spent a couple hours this afternoon making a nicer version of the PonySFW page found:

I hope you like it!
It includes a new "Auto Load" feature which allows you to go straight to the Webmail application of your choice, neat right? It will also remember your choice for next time!

Let me know if you find any bugs or have any issues.

I found my trip again :')
>> No. 42434
File 135017898201.png - (211.96KB , 400x308 , article_letters_2.png )
BY CELESTIA'S BEARD, MOD POSITIONS ARE OPEN. If you would like to apply for the position, please email your qualifications/reasons you should be chosen to [email protected]
>> No. 42604
File 135130705860.jpg - (368.15KB , 1912x742 , ss (2012-10-27 at 11_02_01).jpg )

Report anything that doesn't work properly from the help page
>> No. 42706
What does mods do?
>> No. 42736
stuff. mostly email.
>> No. 42743
And I just realized my new modem reset my IP so I need to re-watch this thread...
At the moment, not much. It used to be mostly account activation, but that's mostly automated now. The new upcoming mod panel will have new stuff to do, and it will also have Blackjack and Hookers.
>> No. 42745
File 135235049228.jpg - (150.30KB , 755x1057 , 134725354264.jpg )
Allot of what mods used to do is now automated. However we do handle background stuf such as handling the process of converting old users to the New email fraim work so now you can recover you password faster as well as creating one in the first-place

However the jobs we now do will change as our side of the site updates as well. I really can say more than than im afraid :3
>> No. 42747
File 135238098152.png - (56.58KB , 1916x989 , ss (2012-11-08 at 09_15_16).png )
Well, under the current mod panel, not much. It's quite limited and doesn't suite the new websites code. So I'm re-building it! The new panel allows mods to do heaps more cool stuff.

Obviously, receiving and replying to emails from users is a large part of their duty, so the mod room allows them to do all the necessary things they may encounter when helping people. A couple of them include:

* Create Anypony Email Accounts
* Add messages to the rotate banner in the header
* Recover Accounts (change password)
* Change Account Quota's
* Ban/Un-ban users

On top of this stuff, they can view statistics (pic related. sorry it's so blacked out, I take security seriously, but hey, you can see the pretty design!) and I've created an in depth AJAX powered system notification system that alerts them to any problems the server may be having and how this effects us. (It includes everything from processes crashing to server loads to disk space)

We also have a mod chat where we talk about random crap that generally has nothing to do with emails!

>> No. 42789
File 135270606729.png - (194.13KB , 835x339 , 1352705597360.png )
So many shiny new buttons.
I wish "Blackjack and Hookers" did something though
>> No. 42835
File 135311946373.jpg - (190.33KB , 1026x648 , ss (2012-11-16 at 10_40_23).jpg )
>IP based locations of the last 100 users (from the 16th) to create an Anypony Email account!
>> No. 42881
UPCOMING MAINTENANCE NOTICE - The HDD's running Anypony Email are being upgraded and because of this we are going to have some downtime. SCHEDULED FOR - 10:00 p.m. EDT November 22nd. Downtime should not exceed 1 hour. Apologies for any inconveniences.
>> No. 42971
What qualifications and responsibilities are you looking for in moderators?
>> No. 42981
>> No. 42982
File 135438005854.png - (83.85KB , 269x269 , 132542251502.png )
Knowing English is a plus, knowing how to spell also brownie points. To be perfectly honest, there is no real prerequisites or qualities. Someone who is willing to give up some time to check emails in a browser is good enough. It's not a glamorous job, I try hard with mod panels where mods can do more stuff, but it boils down to, checking emails, responding to emails, forwarding emails. On top of that it's been dead lately, users are getting created but no one's having trouble! It's unfortunate that Anypony Email was never going to create a community it's a mail server, it's hard to get a community around that.
>> No. 42988
I'm honestly LOVING the email service! It's great!
>> No. 42989
I'm honestly loving the email service! It's great!
>> No. 43075
Just how much time are your looking for?
>> No. 43078
File 135510148949.png - (108.74KB , 504x544 , 1353045906183.png )
Whatever free time you'd be willing to give up to check it. Not very much, I check it once or twice a day (or I try to remember to) for a few minutes to up to a few hours, depending. (A few hours meaning "I am logged in, but I'm probably not actually watching the site much because vidya, though I do glance at it once in a while"). Not much to do now, but the new panel is getting close to done.
>> No. 43094
I may just give it a go, if it really doesn't take up too much time. As long as I know when there's something I might need to check out. I'll probably wait a few hours to finish my Chem Finals, then apply.
>> No. 43102
This, of course, assumes I can figure out how.
>> No. 43109
File 135521978502.png - (67.29KB , 220x209 , 132352111635.png )
Lash me an email, bro.
My life has been pretty hectic lately, but I really am trying to push out this new mod panel quickly.
>> No. 43115
That picture is so relevant to me right now, it's not even funny. Also, one e-mail has been lashed to you from my Anypony account at [email protected]
>> No. 43141
Sorry i haven't replied yet, i did read it though!
Just really under the pump with other stuff atm, please give me a couple more days.
>> No. 43148
No worries. I understand that you're busy.
>> No. 43167
Server is under excessive load. I am really sorry for the periods of downtime. Our hosting company has not been able to provide an official time of fix. Emails are still coming in. The server just cannot cope with having too many users checking them at the moment.
>> No. 43168
I was about to ask why it was being a bit wonky. I guess all I can do is wait :)
>> No. 43281
File 135605981983.png - (282.76KB , 900x900 , 135262204885.png )
I will reply to your second email today!
Sorry Christmas and all has just be bogging me down
>> No. 43288
I know the feeling, and I will await the response.
>> No. 43309
File 135627810520.png - (5.71KB , 38x35 , default.png )
email is pretty rushed, i'm so tired heh

Anypony Email is almost 1 year old...
26th Dec.
>> No. 43313
And apparently it's down. won't load right now. I'll try back later and see if it works then.
>> No. 43324
Server problems :/
Sorry bro's
>> No. 43342
No problems. It's working now, and Merry Christmas, and Happy Hearth's Warming Day!
>> No. 43428
Forced a server restart...

Possible failing HDD in the server, am getting our host to look into it.
>> No. 43506
File 135761713899.png - (34.77KB , 323x434 , tumblr_inline_mg4j7yUru01r7qofm.png )
So yeah... bump because I did lose my mod password, and the thread could use a bump anyway.
>> No. 43717
File 135893418211.jpg - (44.65KB , 720x395 , 1349362512914.jpg )
My sincere apologies for the downtime, the server that hosts Anypony Email was taken offline to help mitigate a DDoS attack. (Apparently 24 hours downtime is standard practice in these situations). Our hosts have told me our server should be back within 6 hours from the time of this post.
>> No. 43718
File 135893579698.png - (297.35KB , 563x586 , 1358637539363.png )
>24 hours downtime is standard practice in these situations
Wow, a whole day?
>> No. 43722
Yea, they null-route the server so that the DDoS attack has no IP to target then they wait exactly 24 hours before bringing it back. If I had more money+time I would get a backup mail server so that in situations like these we would just switch over, the best I can do atm is: which I haven't even finished setting up XD
>> No. 43723
Was someone targeting in a DoS?
>> No. 43724
I don't believe it was a direct attack against Anypony Email, although I wasn't monitoring the server at the time it went down (it was late at night my time) so I wasn't aware of anything out of the ordinary. My host won't tell me anything more about it.

It is very annoying that the server still hasn't come back and yet it's almost 2 hours over the time they told me it was going to be back online... Unfortunately I can't do a whole lot more than winge at them.
>> No. 43727
File 135896260502.jpg - (72.69KB , 400x400 , 12436350.jpg )
Waiting on website design client's email
Waiting on details for my successful application as DemonVPS staff
Waiting on ponies
Anypony Email down

>> No. 43728
Yes, that is me
>> No. 43730
Them fiends attacking our e-mail. All we can do is wait.
>> No. 43732
File 135898570940.gif - (235.77KB , 281x274 , HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.gif )
I try to load the homepage and it gives me a message saying it couldn't connect. tried restarting router, etc, but still no help. any ideas? (picture unrelated)
>> No. 43733
Please see:

I apologies for the inconvenience, my DemonVPS VPS is also offline at the moment.

Still waiting on my host to update me on the current status of the mitigation. It has been about 32 hours of downtime for us now which is unacceptable even for null-routing for a DDoS.

Again, I apologies for the inconvenience and I appreciate your understanding regarding it.
>> No. 43734
You need a more reliable host.
>> No. 43737
myhosting hasn't been the best I agree, but they have been fairly reliable. Coming up a year of hosting now and the only reliability problem we have had was a slow site periodically caused by failing hardware in the server and now this.

However this is a huge problem and has caused major disruptions to our service so it makes up for a bunch of the good hosting we have got out of them...

All in all I won't be looking at another myhosting server for a production site any time soon.

The hosting company has told me I will receive an update from the 'engineers' working on my server shortly. I'm at work at the moment so if she doesn't come back in the next 5 hours I will have another update from them by then with an ETA to post.
>> No. 43739

It has been confirmed that Anypony Email along with all other pony related websites that I run across three servers have been targeted in a large DDoS attack. The hosts of each server have temporarily shutdown my sites, Anypony Email included. The server came back online for less than 5 minutes before being shut down again and null-routed for another 24 hours on top of the 42 hours of downtime we have had because the DDoS attack against Anypony's IP was not mitigated.

My sincere apologies for this disruption and trust me I am trying everything I can with my hosts to get Anypony Email's server back online.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in this thread.
>> No. 43745
Well, I checked the site due to a gut feeling, and although quite slow, I did succeed in getting to my e-mails no problem. I don't know if I got lucky or if it's actually back up, but I think that people might want to know it.
>> No. 43749
File 135906403632.png - (75.82KB , 500x509 , tumblr_inline_mg1hpdP7EO1r7qofm.png )
Yes, everything appears to be in order from what I can see. Although Sammy can see more than I can, so he'll have the final say on that.
>> No. 43757
File 135908085082.jpg - (23.23KB , 460x357 , whats-the-worst-you-can-do-caps-lock-me-to-death.jpg )
myhosting stopped replying to my emails once I started sending them in caps lock
>pic related
but yes, they brought my server back before the 24 hour null route period.

Please read my release about it here:
>> No. 43761
File 135912094395.png - (193.46KB , 1600x1019 , derpy___sad_by_cptofthefriendship-d4no131[1].png )
So it was deliberately aimed at Anypony? Talk about haters going a bit far. I understand that not everyone likes the show, but attacking people over it's rather pathetic to be honest.

And yet, the server seems to be down once more, and all I can access is the status post you made. Another attack, or is my internet just screwing up? I sure hope it's just my internet...
>> No. 43762
It's another attack against us :( the reason you can still see the post on is because it's hosted on a different server.

Anypony Email has again been DDoS'ed, null-routed and taken offline.

I am so sorry. I wish I could do more.

Please see: for more info.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 08:08

>> No. 43763
I know only so much can be done, and it's not your fault you're being targeted. I'll be praying that the attacks stop soon, but that's unfortunately all I can do.
>> No. 43764
File 135913103709.png - (53.01KB , 763x1046 , twilight_sparkle_2_0_by_stickfigurequeen-d5shr7o.png )
The site appears to be working just fine, except for the homepage which is being... weird. If you need to log in, use for the time being.

(The above is a suggestion that I tested myself since I could connect to the site. If you can't connect to anypony at all, that might be "normal" for the time being)

Last edited at Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 09:27

>> No. 43765
For some users (like myself) not even that sub domain will work. It seems to be an internal routing mis-configuration causing this.

The DDoS stopped, my hosts stupidity continues.
>> No. 43773
Server has been DDoS attacked and null-routed again. Host says that we will have another 24 hours of downtime from this point.

In a recurring fashion, I apologies for the inconvenience this causes and am really fighting with my host for them to do more than just take us offline every time we get attacked, but I'm only a small customer in the scheme of their business.
>> No. 43776
Just a lesson to learn I suppose. When someone charges only a couple of bucks for VPS hosting, it is too good to be true.
>> No. 43777
A couple of bucks? Are you being serious, I don't think I have ever disclosed how much I pay for this VPS but it sure as hell isn't only a couple of bucks!
>> No. 43779
File 135930744324.gif - (1.95MB , 172x165 , RkWwx.gif )
Anypony Email will be back shortly.

Please note the change in hostname if you are using an IMAP or POP3 service:
>> No. 43782
I'm sorry. It's just that you mentioned DemonVPS, and I thought that's who you were using for Anypony. My bad. :(
>> No. 43786
My apologies, I am mentally exhausted from all this. I took your post the wrong way. Anypony Email isn't on a DemonVPS server, however I have a VPS with them that also hosts pony material and it was DDoS'ed the same day Anypony Email was.
Happy Emailing.

Anypony Email is back online and all systems are functional.
>> No. 43808
I believe that I may know what these guys are doing.
they appear to be attempting to keep the site down by constant DDoS-ing. All we have to do is figure out a way to circumvent this.
Honestly, i dont entirely understant how DDoS attacks work, but could we possibly block their IP, or filter out all incoming transmissions containing X? (X being something that is frequently used in DDoSes)
I aplogize if i'm being an idiot.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 11:36

>> No. 43840
Unfortunately it's not nearly as simple as that, in two ways.

1) a ddos is done with many (sometimes thousands+) IP's

2) The problem isn't our end. Anypony Email is extremely secure and safe and the DDoS is bouncing right off from us! It's not affecting our server at all! But because the server that my VPS is hosted on doesn't have a secure firewall the attack is using up heaps of their bandwidth and that's why they are punishing us because we are the target. There is nothing I can do to our server to help stop these, other than move to a different host, one that doesn't null route when under DDoS and has a operations team that actually knows what they are doing. Both of these cost a lot of money, money that I don't have and money that Anypony Email can't provide.

Anypony Email has again been taken down with a DDoS, this time I know a bit more about what type of DDoS and why I can't do anything to stop it (see above in this post).

Again I am trying really hard to sort something out, my largest constraint being available funds. Solutions cost a lot of money, and that's something I don't have a whole lot of...
>> No. 43841
Interesting. Barring idiot script kiddies' ping floods, an effective DDoS usually depends on using up the targets memory with bogus requests to either lock up or crash the server, not using up bandwidth. Are you getting compensated by your host; I haven't read their ToS with to regard uptime SLAs (which would be hard to meet at this point), but technically they are paid to provide a service. If their solution to flaky infrastructure is to deny a service they're paid to provide, they're breaching a contract.
What Sammy says is correct. A DDoS, by definition, is not from a single IP address. It's a large number of IP addresses from around the world accessing the server for the sole purpose of using resources. Detecting bogus traffic can be tricky, but is sometimes possible. That responsibility falls on either the webmaster (Apache memory optimization) or the network/firewall team (bandwidth, blocking repeat offenders).
See for more information on what a DDoS is.
>> No. 43844
It wasn't an ICMP flood, I would have detected that and my firewall would have started blocking IP's. As I mentioned, the ports on anypony's VPS are very secure, the server wasn't replying with a destination unreachable packet, it wasn't replying at all. Spoofing the IP wouldn't have helped them either. It was purely on the hosts side.

Don't read their AUP or ToS, it's shocking.

I am so sorry to Anypony Email users.

And (as mbellicus said a couple days ago) I feel sorry for marioland who is a promised mod, but still doesn't have a set of keys :/
>> No. 43859
File 135968833327.jpg - (7.02KB , 97x98 , features_nokeys20080811[1].jpg )
I just literally came here to ask about that. I would have mentioned it earlier, except I put myself on the back burner to massive things like these frequent DDoS attacks. Getting a new moderator a shiny set of keys is a whole lot less important than getting the servers running for the general public, and I'm not going to complain about the little stuff with such monsters looming above.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 31st, 2013 20:15

>> No. 43860
File 135968861666.png - (292.91KB , 600x600 , 1359433467068.png )
Yeah, we're sorry about that. I feel particularly bad for you because this sort of thing happened to me when I became a mod. Sammy was having server trouble, and I think someone was actually trying to hack him IIRC. It took a couple weeks to sort out, but it got done eventually.
>> No. 43864
Please read my most recent report on Anypony Email if you're interested as to what is happening.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 04:22

>> No. 43865
What type of attack are the launching? I have some friends who have more experience with different hosts (including running their own mail servers) and I can ask around about their experience if I know what type of attack to expect. They both have their own IP address.

Also, approximately how much bandwidth is being used in a given period of time by the attack?
>> No. 43866
Just a curious question;

Do we have any idea who is behind the attacks? I mean, I spent hours of going through hater communities, Facebook groups, chans, and some places pretty deep on the web, etc. And didn't find anything... No operations, no bragging, absolutely nothing. I did go pretty deep to be fair, but I may have forgotten some of the most obvious sources.

Has anypony else tried to find any source for this, preferably with any results? Is it just some random individual with too much time on his/her hands? (I tried to monitor some chat channels as well, but those things tend to move quite slow, and since the attacks have been going on for a while, I'm not surprised of the lack of discussion on this matter.)
>> No. 43869
File 135975603183.png - (37.00KB , 240x240 , meow.png )
I have attempted the same, but to no avail :(
>> No. 43876
GNAA has been doing some pony raids in the past few months, mostly against mandopony and the crebers. No idea if they're involved with this, or if so why they'd focus on anypony specifically, but they'd be my first guess.

That said, I'd recommend you not go asking around about it. You'll just show yourself to be "butthurt" and encourage more groups to do the same thing. If they're not doing anything, and you say anything about a pony server getting DoS'ed they might take interest and follow suit.
>> No. 43881
My second VPS, the one that's hosting has now also come under attack and taken offline.

This anon is correct. Attempt not to draw attention from places that look at ponychan as autism central because they sure as hell aren't going to like the word "anypony" in their email. It already looks like I'm going to loose two VPS's and a good couple 100 dollars because of this, I would prefer they didn't find my backup server or another pony content VPS's.

UDP Flood (as I've mentioned before) and none of ours. The attacks aren't/weren't getting passed my firewall but they were using our hosts bandwidth as to what rate, I'm not sure, I am awaiting stats from DemonVPS about the current attack against my server hosted by them.

Probably GNAA, wouldn't surprise me, a bunch of low life script kiddies and a war against bronies they sure are being real hackers.

fimfiction was pretty high on their list as well so I am told. You are correct in you reasoning though, I don't want anyone asking around as to who might be DDoS'ing my mail server it's only going to draw negative attention towards me.
>> No. 43884

So far, I have only been observing... Also, if it was GNAA, I would honestly expect some more bragging, or at very least, taunting. They are all about attention after all, and although they do not understand that Anonymous should never fight behind their own lines (which is why they were kind of idiotic enough to form their own group), I still am pretty sure they are not behind these attacks. Unless of course, there are some random "vigilante" individuals, who still identify themselves as NGAA members, doing something the rest of the group is not exactly aware of yet...

Anyway, if ye require any financial support Sammy, please make it clear. I already dropped few bucks for donation for an upgrade, but if more is required, I probably could add some more, as well as I guess some others would be willing to put on as well.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 19:37

>> No. 43887
Thank you for your offer, I feel wrong asking for donations but to be honest I don't have much more money to put into Anypony Email. If you have a couple dollars I would be very grateful if you could send it my way via PayPal: [email protected]

I'm not sure if you got a chance to read my post on before it got taken down but since has terminated my account I've been trying to find a suitable solution to our problem, unfortunately, no matter which way you look at it it's going to cost a lot more money than I currently pay.
>> No. 43888

Bleh. I sent something, and am certain I ain't the only one.

Still... It would be interesting to find out the responsible party for this little nuisance.
>> No. 43897
GNAA has actually acted a little differently towards bronies. For example, when hijacking the bronystate stream around Thanksgiving they said "hacked by /v/" to rile /mlp/ and other bronies against /v/ and effectively derail 2 groups with 1 move instead of taking credit for the attack. They also allegedly posed as /mlp/ regulars when spreading rumors about Mandopony and Michelle Creber, again not taking credit for anything. And for them, that strategy seems to work; I've seen some people from other communities (such as /r/mlp on freenode) lose their mind with paranoia over an empty threat.
>> No. 43913
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Yea. The main things that drew me towards thinking it was them is the coordination, size, specific direction of the attack + their already well known hate for bronies.

Finding a new host isn't looking too bad!
Despite being rejected by a lot (10+ by now I think) for being "high risk" I am working with a couple who are more dedicated towards fighting an attack as apposed to null-routing. I've also been getting lots of quotes for DNS based DDoS protection (like cloudflare) and a couple look feasible, others not so much... I was quoted $3,000/month by one company!

It still looks like I will end up paying close to three times more than I ever wanted to for Anypony Email which to be honest makes me nervous thinking about how that affects me IRL but throwing in the towel now would only embarrass me. I enjoy Anypony Email and the service it provides to so many bronies for me to give up easily. If you have a couple dollars to help me out though, that would be awesome :) PayPal: [email protected]
>> No. 43931
I will be buying a new VPS tomorrow, complete with two DDoS protection suites:
1) DNS based
2) Hardware based (at the firewall)
But because hardware based DDoS solutions only really work with protocols that have a connection (like TCP) I have also got a DDoS mitigation service that is tech support/systems admin based that will combat any rouge connections that get passed the hardware DDoS system.

The host has agreed that he will not terminate my account no matter how many attacks it comes under and he is confident that my setup will be able to beat the attacks I'm under and some.

On top of this, I have set up a backup MX record server with just as much protection as our main server so that if we have any problems with the main server (maintenance ect) all your mail will be kept and forwarded to you when its back online!

I think that's it for now, see you on the flip side!
I'll let you know of any more updates when available.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 5th, 2013 02:25

>> No. 43935
File 136008031399.png - (607.17KB , 2399x2658 , derpy_is_a_happy_pony_by_noxwyll-d4bpemz[1].png )
Great news has been heard this day, and I eagerly await the return of Anypony to my usual daily routine of email checking.
>> No. 43968
Thanks for the update!
>> No. 44044
Yay! The server's online! (Not publicly usable, but online!)
>> No. 44049
Yes and no.

I updated the status site with an update but I'm going to post it here because of the likely hood of that server going down again.

I apologise this is taking so long, please understand that I really fear rushing things and have this all happen again. I want to be confident that when Anypony Email comes back online she’ll be back for good.

You may have noticed Anypony Email points a server now! It even has a pretty little welcome message. We are still however a little while away from being fully online again, so hang tight.

I have decided to ditch my previous DDoS mitigation plan, having hardware/software + 24/7 managed networks + large ports to cancel out bad traffic is one way of mitigating attacks however it’s expensive and each individual system inside of that has flaws. For example:

-- Hardware DDoS Protection – No good for UDP Floods
-- 24/7 managed networks – Not a real way of mitigating an attack just reassurance that people are trying to help.
-- Large Network Port – Bandwidth will end up costing you your arm and perhaps leg.

The new system however overcomes all those issues while still providing excellent DDoS mitigation strategies. The only unfortunate part about it is that it will take a couple more days than anticipated to set up, my hopes of having Anypony Email back online by the end of this week are unfortunately not looking great.

Hopes up though, when Anypony comes back she will be amazing, an incredible elegant system that will be awe inspiring…. perhaps.

Thank you for your understanding.
>> No. 44088
Your message sounds like it will provoke the parasprites. Like you start by admitting they caused you grief, then challenging them. I'd consider revising/removing it.
>> No. 44101
File 136093293736.jpg - (70.59KB , 917x960 , Pinkie_Troll.jpg )
Don't stress, I'm confident in that servers excellent DDoS mitigation hardware.
>pic very related

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 05:58

>> No. 44120
As long as it can get back up, all will be well.
>> No. 44124
File 136099060154.png - (19.44KB , 417x500 , MLP Pinky Pie Drawgirl.png )
Yes, then things can go back to being relatively normal.
>> No. 44125

Still... It's kinda provoking.

/Internet Civil War Counsil
>> No. 44138
That's the point...

I wouldn't be surprised who ever is behind it checks up on every now and then to see how it's going. It's possible they check up on this thread as well. They found the blog and I only linked that here, of course that could have been found other ways but it's most likely it was via this thread.

I generated huge amounts of traffic towards that server (you'll notice now [as of yesterday] anypony email is just "hello" and points to a different IP address and server) to test it so any helping hand the attackers threw in was going to be appreciated in this case. My provoking paragraph was intentional.
>> No. 44233
What if we give 'em a taste of their own medicine?
Just hit their site with a few attacks, find some weak spots, essentially parasprite them back.
>> No. 44234
double post, ignore this one :P

Last edited at Tue, Feb 26th, 2013 11:04

>> No. 44237
Remember what the Cutie Mark crusaders did? They tried to be bullies to Babs because Babs had bullied them. As is clear from that episode, that really didn't work out for anypony, and neither would it work out for us were we to bully our attackers. Yes there is a time to fight for what you stand for, but it is not worth provoking such groups into harassing us further now that we're finally getting to our safe places. It's just asking for them to return and make our lives even more miserable.
>> No. 44241

I assume you are familiar with the words "circle of hate"
>> No. 44249
I contemplated it, you know, it's a pretty tempting idea to go hunt down who's caused you pain with an "eye for an eye" approach but as mentioned it wouldn't solve anything. Firstly you're dropping down to their level which is pretty pathetic, secondly I have spent hundreds of hours on making anypony what it is and I'm not going to throw that away and start a war with some script kiddies.

My preferred approach is to make Anypony Email as indestructible as possible. Which is the main reason why bringing her back is taking so much time. Her large load shared design across servers in every continent of the world will make her very hard to DDoS, arguably it is the best method to combat these styles of attack.
>> No. 44252
you're right.
i'm sorry for being so dumb the last few days, it's just that my natural instinct is to try to brainstorm ways to solve problems, and this urge to help applies even more so when i'm trying to help others.
sorry. :P
>> No. 44268
Who exactly would you launch an attack on? A DDoS is, by design, decentralized. There is no single website coordinating the attack.
>> No. 44316
whay did i say about not entirely understanding ddos attacks again? :P
>> No. 44398
Can we get a general idea of when the new server comes out? I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one feeling antsy.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 12th, 2013 06:54

>> No. 44414
Indeed. I know I'm looking forward to it's return (especially now that I actually have moderating experience for you guys :D). Patience is the key though.
>> No. 44425
I am trying guys, my life is pretty busy as usual but the moments I get free I spend on Anypony. I have things close to being correctly set up but not quite yet.

I cannot give you an accurate ETA but I am trying so hard to make it soon.
>> No. 44439
Keep on trying. I'll be here rooting for you, even if I have to use Ubuntu to log on at all thanks to Windows getting corrupted.
>> No. 44620
File 136576097142.gif - (120.50KB , 853x480 , jesuswhatsupwithherface.gif )
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to indroduce a new website...

Anypony Email!

That's correct, she's back, please read this announcement though, as some of Anypony's features aren't working at the moment and that might affect you.
>> No. 44621
lost my trip... again :(
also, hopefully a mod will fix my failed link attempt aha.
>> No. 44622
Also, someone remind me to never to suggest cPanel as a suitable solution to anything.

On another note, I have an ongoing list of known bugs:

Do comment here, or on the blog any you come across.
>> No. 44623
>>44622 is down, and apparently I can't log in :C!

EDIT: Yay! I just logged in!
Thanks a ton, Sammy. I love :)!

Last edited at Fri, Apr 12th, 2013 10:04

>> No. 44625
Yea, what a surprise hey, get attacked 5 hours after announcing we're back.... Fucking... Grrrrr. is hosted under a different network than Anypony Email, so only it is being affected at the moment.

The login should be working again, sorry, it went down for a bit while I tried to rebuild roundcube's database from a bunch of backups. Was a nightmare and had to convert the database to MyISAM becuase of some bizare cPanel bug but... Contacts and other personal settings in RoundCube have been restored and are working.

Clear cache (Ctrl+f5 in chrome) and try again to login.
>> No. 44626
Because the satus blog is down I will note here:

Most errors or weird things that happen can be fixed by refreshing the page a couple of times.

For example:
500 error, refresh a couple of times.
Inbox layout all strange, refresh a couple of times.
Roundcube doesn't load messages, refresh a couple of times.
The list goes on.

It's the highest priority bug that I am working with at the moment, but that's the workaround for in the meantime.
>> No. 44629
I'm just glad that it's back up and running. Huzzah!
>> No. 44630
I went to the site and got some vague blank page with text about "you're not supposed to be here, this has been logged, this is your only warning", etc. I refreshed the page, and then everything was back to normal.

>> No. 44631
Ooooo! Nice bug find! - Correct - Correct - Correct - Wrong
>> No. 44632
File 136594550622.png - (194.17KB , 756x1056 , in_would_fly___rainbow_dash_by_frezarion-d42bb96.png )
Okay, that bug is squashed.

Also, what's this! We hit the auto-sage limit! :O

Boy it's nice to see you around, I'll send you an email in a couple days.
>> No. 44636
Yeah. It has been a while. Just a hair longer than 4 months since I applied (on 12/12/12 ironically enough), and I'm still hangin' around. It goes to show I don't give up very easily methinks, and now that I actually have experience moderating stuff (a Minecraft server in this case), it'll probably be a little easier to do.
>> No. 44642
wow... long time... heh.

You submitted a password recovery form but supplied an email address that bounced back. You might want to look into what's going on with your hotmail email account. Your password has been changed. Once you've fixed your hotmail account, email [email protected] from that hotmail address and I will send you the new password :)
>> No. 44643
A long time indeed, and since then I've become a moderator on a Minecraft server at (and from the looks of things, I might make Admin soon, as it's already been proposed to me by the server owner). At least I found something good for my spare time.
>> No. 44651
File 136612855748.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
im having problems recovering my password
>> No. 44655
please tell me more about your problem
>> No. 44656
File 136616902508.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

im using the recovery for old accounts and using the e mail for the one that I used signing up but it rejects
>> No. 44658
So you have an account prior to Oct 2012, so you remember this stuff:

therefore you have to fill out the form here:

NOT the one on the "recover account" page.

Let me know if you have any more problems.
>> No. 44661
File 136620676969.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

that was the one I used
>> No. 44687
File 136628548603.png - (16.16KB , 668x327 , correctfilloutmethod.png )
Ok, I have double checked the code and there is no faults in it. That form should work fine. Please see pic for an example of how it should be filled out.

Please try again.
>> No. 44803
Hey there Sammy!
Thanks for sending resetting my password, I don't know what was going on with my hotmail account, though. Anyway, I have a question!
I just went to
Since my bloody brother was looking, and it said
"You're not meant to be here, you've been snooping....
This has been logged, consider it your only warning. "
And the browser page said "You're not meant to be here"
I guess that should actually redirect to
Anyway, have a nice day.
>> No. 44806
Ahh yes: - Mobile Site - No Pony Site

A little glitch, I've patched it so now it just throws a "dns lookup fail" error.

I should make a new thread for
>> No. 45121
We went far. Thread #2

This thread won't be used any more.
>> No. 47299
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