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File 132907539931.png - (223.60KB , 900x865 , my_little_time_lord_by_shelltoontv-d4o1iea.png )
33914 No. 33914
Welcome to the TARDIS, please do mind the swimming pool.

Now with trailers and nearing it's first release.

We are making a series of Radio Plays for Celestia Radio centered around everypony's favorite Timelord Pony. They will most likely air soon and I hope you enjoy! Most VA roles have been filled or are being filled currently. But check out our blog (Posted Below) any roles we will be needing shall be posted there. Along with background help. Have some info!

Our Blog:

All scripts can be found here:

Our shorts:

Crossed Wires
Partners in Crime:

Fashionably Late:

The Doctor Meets Twilight:

Voice Cast:
The Jamjar
Lauren Goodnight
(Ever expanding)

The Background Crew:
Your's Truly (Squeak)
The Wonderful guys at Celestia Radio

Onwards and Upwards! You guys are all wonderful.
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>> No. 35391
No problem,but due to circumstances I can only make pencil sketches/doodles/what have you.

Is that OK with everypony?
>> No. 35392
File 133159836427.jpg - (54.06KB , 489x444 , 353291108_472131.jpg )

And the, for just a momment, the earth stood completely and totally still for it knew something amazing had just happened on it's surface.

And the Earth said, "I guess those highly functioning blobs of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are good for something afterall."

The Earth then continued on with it's cycle, however it could be noted that it was now keeping a considerably closer eye on it's Mac...
>> No. 35414

>> No. 35457
File 133172979886.png - (206.67KB , 598x336 , 131353555633.png )
I second the idea of letting them ask any voiced character in this canon. Or maybe if they ask about a voiced character, we can have that person suddenly take over the mic? It might give it more flavor.

>> No. 35468
File 133174486826.jpg - (74.23KB , 768x492 , 353437663_395113.jpg )
I like this idea. It gives the Tumblr a bit of character and really grounds it in the world of DWA. Almost as if there really is somepony on the other side of that mic from the universe.

Also, is the link broken? I'm not getting the page.

Also, also, wouldn't it be a good idea to put a post about this on the Pony in a Box blog?
>> No. 35471
File 133175372581.png - (211.90KB , 900x865 , squeaks.png )
>> No. 35483
I'll put up a blog post once there's a post on the tumblr
>> No. 35485
The tumblr name's askponyinabox,I think.
>> No. 35486

Glad there's so much enthusiasm!

CS is correct, the new address is . Cyber Toaster has already agreed to do the first bit of art, but once you get your comp up and working again I'd love to have you on it as well CS. In anycase, I've got the recording set up and everything, when it's finished I'll make the post and let SS know to make the blog post.
Also Dash, if you could give us a plug on your tumblr that would be fantastic.

Onwards and Upwards!
>> No. 35487

Also...did we just get pied?

>> No. 35488
File 133178042126.jpg - (31.68KB , 600x400 , 353473217_626700.jpg )
I've already thought up a plan of finding the poster's name, residence, and social security number. Once these are attained, we can go on to cause his/her life to slowly crumble around him/her. I have two separate plans for either a quick demise, or a slow, tragic end. And there are certain fail-safes worked in, just in case things don't go quite according to plan. (And let's be real, when do they ever?)
>> No. 35489
Uh,welllllll…I don't think I'll be able to get my comp back till around the end of April,because of exams and all that ._.

I'm still able to dish out pencil+paper stuff,if you don't mind
>> No. 35493
File 133178880191.jpg - (44.12KB , 686x564 , Meanie Pie.jpg )
I love PIE. He turns mundane reaction images into something magical.
>> No. 35499
Sorry for my absence been busy with college as of late. I'll record that Sherlock audition soon but in the meantime...


Here's that recording.
>> No. 35504
Once again Broadcaster, absolutely stunning work!

I say, if events do lead down that road, it is going to be a privilege and a pleasure to work with you.

To tell you the truth, simply the caliber of your voice intimidates me, but in a good way! I'm really going to have to step up my game to keep up with you!

*High Hoof?*
>> No. 35509
Ooh, you added music too? Sweet! And let me tell you, you've got a great voice for this sort of thing! It's so cool hearing my script being performed like this. =)

That said, I hope you don't mind getting some feedback. (I'm known for being picky sometimes.) The words "Luna and Celestia" seem rushed, particularly "Luna". The word "littered" sounds a bit like "lettered". The small pause between "undo" and "The Burning" towards the end seems a bit odd.

But anyway, it's awesome! =)

I've put up a blog post:
>> No. 35510
Hey everypony, I'm updating the blog cast list with lists of people's outside activities (mainly the pony-related ones but non-pony is ok too). Could everypony tell me what other projects they're involved in? Ask around on Skype too and post the answers here.
>> No. 35511

Thanks and no problem. Can't improve without critiques. I'll edit the audio sometime today to fix the problems you mentioned.
>> No. 35519
File 133184284497.png - (138.61KB , 826x855 , 131167191708.png )
I'm also on MLI as Mayor Mare and I run the meetup forum for my state as well as helping to organize large meets. Recently I've been getting into customizing blind bags. And I love dogs. :3
>> No. 35520

Wow. That was amazing. Agreeing with the things Sonicsuns pointed out, but seriously, that was phenomenal. We gotta get you a villain's role as well, because your voice is scary good.

In that case, Jax! Call off the snipers!

I also like dogs, dogs are cute. :3



>> No. 35522
File 133184950679.jpg - (44.67KB , 369x543 , 353542303_930238.jpg )
Awww.... Are-are you sure?

I mean, if the sniper doesn't get him, his house is rigged to blow, and if that doesn't work, I've already framed him for murder. The cops are gonna have a BOLO out on him by now... Do you have any idea how much dirt I'm going to have to dig up to bribe enough poloticians to get that removed?



Ugh, fine.

>Pulls out a walkie-talkie.

Contingencty Abraham. I repeat: Contingency Abraham.

>A collective groan is heard from the speaker.

I know boys, I know... Just, this time, try not to lose anything. God knows we don't need another Schwarzenegger incident. You remember what happened to that team....
>> No. 35524
And here's the updated version with the fixes.
>> No. 35530
Damn it! You made me think of Bolos, the super-awesome living tanks with knight-in-shining-armor complexes and firepower that can wipe out ships in orbit.
>> No. 35531
Thanks! But could you leave both versions on soundcloud? People looking for the original link I posted won't find anything.
>> No. 35532
File 133187270575.jpg - (24.00KB , 350x350 , 353565503_900143.jpg )
>> No. 35535

There's a science-fiction series called "Bolo," created by renowned science fiction author Keith Laumer. In it, are super-huge tanks with artifiicial intelligence, called Bolos. They are one of my favorite series. You used the acronym "BOLO," standing for "Be On Look Out," which is notedly NOT a giant tank with the personality of a knight in shining armor.
>> No. 35544

Well, now I'm going to have to check these books out. As soon as I finish up Watership Downs, which is one of the strangest yet touching books I've ever read.
>> No. 35545
MLI is My Little Investigations, right?
>> No. 35552
Correct. And I'm heinously behind on it too. But don't write down that part. XD
>> No. 35553
File 133193760667.png - (15.31KB , 353x606 , 1322607771119.png )
Is it MLP in a Lovecraftian style?
Sorry but that's just the first thing I thought of.
>> No. 35556
>> No. 35558
>ME3 song
>shivers-down-spine-cool gravelly voice
>Doctor Who
oh god.
>> No. 35562
>> No. 35564
File 133197235621.jpg - (48.05KB , 403x594 , yes.jpg )
Intresting, I'm really stoked to see the finished product now.

Although now I really want a LovecraftiannMLP:FiM
>> No. 35594
File 133208725173.jpg - (238.39KB , 1419x1484 , Doctor Whoof Mailbag.jpg )
Here's the Mailbag illustration that Squeak Asked for.
>> No. 35600
funny =)
>> No. 35610

And now the voice inside my head is telling me to practice my drawing.

My schedule however is looming over it with a rusty metal pipe.

Oh dear... That looks like it hurts.

Fantastic art by the way!
>> No. 35622
oh god.
As in,
I exploded twice, fuck me I love this, asdf
>> No. 35639
Just in case we want some extra music:
>> No. 35700
I thought that was composed for DWaA?
They probably won't mind,but…well,yeah.*shrug*
>> No. 35707
That was for DWaA, please don't use it without permissions all around. Our groups get on so well right now that I don't want anything silly to cause undue strife.
>> No. 35716
Oh, well yeah of course! I didn't mean to imply we should use it without permission. I meant it like "This is a cool song; maybe we should get permission and then use it sometime"
>> No. 35717
(Though I will note that we use music from the actual show all the time. But the idea there is that those people are already getting paid, and anyway we're covered by Fair Use laws etc.)
>> No. 35978
File 133272802817.jpg - (95.89KB , 720x576 , 354420822_893409.jpg )
Live damnit! LIVE!

P.S. Bump.
>> No. 36000
Ehhhh most of the time we're chatting on Skype anyways
>> No. 36031
File 133279388314.gif - (756.43KB , 320x176 , 2q1ifib.gif )

So all my lurking was for nothing? D:
>> No. 36043
Sorry. You can hear more on the blog or tumblr, though:
>> No. 36605
Hey everypony who's still watching this thread for some reason! The new episode is out:

In the future, follow our tumblr and our blog:
>> No. 37353

To the guy who did that audition a while back, the non-canon one, you still around? We may have a part for you in episode three.
>> No. 37521
He means Broadcaster, probably.
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