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File 132908259736.jpg - (13.10KB , 197x256 , images.jpg )
33918 No. 33918
hello, i am making a daring do game, does anypony have a daring do sprite i could use?

all credit will be given to the appropriate owner

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>> No. 34001
File 132920017462.png - (179.16KB , 527x521 , 131651176752.png )
I havent got one though I could probably give it a go at making one, if you are in no desperate rush to get it.
>> No. 34006
I have a template that I've been meaning to test out, would a flash rendered sprite be suitable?

Template can be viewed here.
>> No. 34056
There's a WIP pixel sprite for her on the current Desktop Ponies thread. You should contact its creator.
>> No. 34058
File 132932942431.png - (58.93KB , 569x349 , rd5.png )
op here
thanks for the help, i got i sprite from urimas on deviant art

feedback would be nice

its dash's sprite so i'm reskining her i only need the hat,

>> No. 34063
my advice would be don't steal your sprites from Urimas. I know you haven't asked him since your recolours also have the 'watermark' pixels all over them. He doesn't really want them being used.

You can however use the desktop pony sprites, at least the walking and flying anims of rainbow dash. I know because I made those. You'll have to grab desktop ponies and extract them /recolour them yourself though.
>> No. 34067
op here

i have talked to urimas, it seems i cant use his sprites so thank you mr monkeyjay >>34063 for letting me know before i did something wrong

i did try to contact desktop ponies but as of now i have no awnser
>> No. 34068
Yeah he told me he does not want his sprites used anywhere besides his project and I know I read on his da that same thing.

I know I saw daring do in the desktop ponies thread already plus she is just a recolor of Rainbow so adding a few more animations for her should be pretty easy.
>> No. 34069
and turns out I was really slow and didn't see your response in time. Glad to see you asked his permission even if he said no.

Anyway so what is the game going to be like exactly
>> No. 34071
I told you already :) you can use the basic walk cycle and fly cycle of rainbow dash as I am the creator. Just go to the desktop ponies site and get the program. I'm not sure who made any of the other anims for her though, I only made the standing, walk, and basic flying/hovering ones.
>> No. 34074
File 132934542457.png - (4.81KB , 40x65 , 20.png )
op here
thank you so much! i didn't realize that until now
I'm horrible at sprites

pic related
>> No. 34077
find the desktop ponies thread though, cos you'd have to add a hat and a coat :) somepony might have already done it.
>> No. 34078
File 132934758152.gif - (22.50KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_daringdo_right.gif )
i found daring do on desktop ponies.
only walk cycles
>> No. 34080
File 132934980194.png - (2.08KB , 106x96 , 1.png )
op here
i made this
what you guys think?

the game is a 2d platformer like Mario, but with more stuff like ropes, more enemies, that is the base idea

that's all for now
>> No. 34085
Looks pretty good!
You have some half-pixels in the hat though where it's touching the pony (ie, they aren't true double size 2x2 blocks). You can work on it resized down to 50% (with no smoothing 'nearest neighbour' in photoshop) then resize it up again (no smoothing).
>> No. 34119
File 132941728321.gif - (129.56KB , 52x52 , 0003.gif )
op here
i made some progress with her sprite,
don't worry about the gif, i know its slow and the colors are brighter that it should, but it was a problem while rendering it don't know why.
now I'll be working on her hat and clothes.that's all for now

>> No. 34124
File 132943453362.gif - (177.12KB , 260x232 , 0003.gif )
op here
i finished her flying animation and tweaked some loose ends

what you guys think?
>> No. 34154
File 132947105787.gif - (2.21KB , 48x48 , Animated Mellow Wave Lay Down Blink.gif )
Its a bit blurry and a few pixels are out of place.
Maybe you can go to the desktop ponies thread and ask?
I am no good with animating, I only have paint.NET and Gimp 2.6
>> No. 34165
File 132947771974.gif - (22.35KB , 106x100 , daringdoflyleft.gif )
ok when you recolor rainbow dash make sure you change the color count to allow more colors because it looks all grainy right now and it probably is because of the color count. Also you sized it up a bit big. You are suppose to shrink the sprite down to 1/2 size first and then when you are done editing it size it back up to the original size. Or you can use a 2 pixel wide pencil but be very careful to move in 2 pixel increments.

Anyway it looks like daring do has miraculously healed and is now flying around again.
>> No. 34167
op here

the gif i made i used Microsoft gif maker. the program only allows avi files. so i converted the gif sequence with after effects cs4 to a avi file. but i had problems with the codec so i had to convert it again and it resized automatcly and on top of that the program reduced the resolution. i know its bad the one i uploaded. but thanks to starstep's picture it saved me the trouble. thank you very much. i will keep this in mind while i credit the rightful people.

all i need now is to animate a prone position and climbing a rope.
>> No. 34263
File 132965403933.gif - (159.24KB , 415x285 , dashindashpix.gif )
I thought that Id post here before bed. I took some interest earlier in the week, sorry that Im so slow but I have just completed a vector animation of Dash running that you might like. I'll recolour her to Daring tomorrow, and Ill give her a hat and shirt. Heres the pixel version. Its from a vector so I can more or less drop it to any res you want, and I can lower the frame rate if you want more old school.
>> No. 34264
op here
i decided that my game will be more puzzle oriented rather than action. i am almost finishing the demo level
(the one with instructions and stuff) no texture for the ground though.
once i am done where can i upload it for a quick download?

can i embed RAR files onto pictures?

on ponychan's rules it doesn't say anything about it, but i remember on 4chans rules. it is basically a rar inside a picture so you can open the picture with winrar and it reveals the files compressed withing them

im using the desktop ponies sprites, still thank you for your effort
>> No. 34325
Ok then. Maybe next time.
>> No. 34344
File 132974109786.png - (267.87KB , 757x521 , spoiler.png )
op here

i don't know how to upload files correctly but i got myself a 4shared account
here is the link to donwload the beta:

the ground doesn't have textures yet but i got the main menu working. please tell me what you guys think
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