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File 132915865066.png - (352.70KB , 635x355 , jelly.png )
33969 No. 33969
I see no thread on this, so here goes.

I've seriously listened to this song at least 50 times in the past 24 hours (so addicting!). It's a quick song, but I think it would make a good group sing-along.

--Post ITT your submission with a MediaFire link (or some other easy-going fileshare link).
--The file should be an archive (any common format that can be opened with 7-Zip works) containing the part(s) you are singing/speaking.
--These should be either .WAV or a high-bitrate MP3 (320 is preferred, but 256 is fine).
--The files should be labeled <creditname>_<CMCname> (for example, mine could be called FriendshipCannon_sweetiebelle.wav).
--All levels of talent are welcome. Whether you're a great singer, an OK one, or just doing it for the hay of it, you're welcome to submit!
--Deadline is March 30th

"The Perfect Stallion" lyrics and a reference vid for timing and whatnot
Instrumental (this will be used in the final product)
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>> No. 33987
File 132918835641.png - (116.27KB , 400x362 , cheer.png )
I am so in! Time to listen to this song on repeat!
>> No. 33988
File 132919104197.jpg - (99.76KB , 700x394 , 405019_147839001993444_100003020340027_191831_1298738224_n.jpg )
Strangely obsessed with tubs of jam.
Gimme gimme.
>> No. 34000
File 132919905683.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
You think it would make a good singalong? Thats all the convincing that I need. Ill give it a go.
>> No. 34035
Do we post a MediaFire link in this thread? (If I do this, it will be my first brony sing-along.)
>> No. 34036
Great idea, FriendshipCannon!
I will record my part as soon as I can.
I see you used my upload on the instrumental version, thanks! I have updated the file name to "The Perfect Stallion - Instrumental"

I've also added a FLAC download in case anypony wants it uncompressed:
>> No. 34037
I wasn't clear on whether we're supposed to submit a whole song performance or just one part, so I went and recorded a whole song, and I guess take whatever part/s you like? My personal favorite is of course "he's strangely obsessed with tubs of jelly!" which I'm sure is popular though. Besides that I think I delivered best on "we did it girls, we found the one who will send our teacher's heart aflutter." But really you could just use this to fill in whatever part you're stuck with after everypony else has submitted!
>> No. 34062
You can post in this thread, or you can email me your part(s)
Ah, so you're the one who made it? Danke!
The current idea is that each singer submits each CMC's part as a whole. That does sound like a good idea though, so I'll keep it in consideration. Hope that clears things up. :)
>> No. 34095
File 132936931262.png - (102.37KB , 491x431 , Sweetie_03_2.png )
Count me in! I love doing these sing-alongs! Still waiting on the results of the "Find a Pet" sing-along, which should be done pretty soon.

I'll start recording as soon as I can, and submit them through email, or I might post Soundcloud links. Whichever I guess.
>> No. 34148
This board can't take .wav files. I guess I have to get a MediaFire account?
>> No. 34149
Okay, I've got my recording. I went all out and did all three parts in the song, plus Uptight Pony and Big Mac. Is that okay? I may upload this to YouTube with instrumental soon...
>> No. 34173
If there is silence before the parts I did, it's just how I recorded it. The vocals are just a few seconds in.
>> No. 34179
Nice :D
Don't fret. I'll be timing everypony either way. :)
>> No. 34318
Shameless self-bump!
Starting to put the submissions together. I'm thinking of going with the 200% stereo spectrum, and giving each CMC a portion of this spectrum (65 - 70 - 65 methinks). Something like:
<<<Apple Bloom -- Sweetie Belle -- Scootaloo>>>

Ceep calm, and party on...
>> No. 34319
Oh, I totally want to do this.
I'll be back! c:
>> No. 34391
If you're doing that, I apologize for mixing everything together myself. I might still have the... oh wait, no. I don't have the different elements because I "quick mix"ed them in Audacity before exporting.
>> No. 34428
Count me in. I'm throwing my bits at the screen, and nothing is happening. Expect a recording tomorrow or Friday
>> No. 34437
Don't sweat it. I can fix up your submission a-okay, though others should submit their parts as separate tracks. :')
>> No. 34573
Is somepony else doing a singalong project of "Smile Song"? I'd be willing to participate in that, too.
>> No. 34574
Is somepony else doing a singalong of "Smile Song"? I think I'd be willing to participate in that, too.
>> No. 34575
I have no idea if my post went through or not. I think it accidentally went through twice, and then maybe a bot deleted it?
>> No. 34579
Good thing I noted BPendragon wanted in on this, cause his post appears to be missing, as are mine.

Server, y u eat mah posts? :\
>> No. 34641
File 133014398614.png - (370.81KB , 800x700 , scoots.png )
Well, I have managed to get my act together and do my part. Hat's off to you for doing the mixing!

And I think that it would be easier for me to win the lottery than do a southern accent!
>> No. 34662
Wow, this song is literally too high for me to sing. I'd love to contribute, but I don't know if I can even hit the right notes.
>> No. 34790
File 133041253623.gif - (87.96KB , 400x400 , sealdonetesttwo.gif )
first off, the 'p' is lowercase.

Second, I'm trying to find a time to record, but Knowledge bowl regionals are Saturday, and mom is the coach

>>mfw I see this thread doing what it's doing
>> No. 34812
>look at my last post
>mfw autocorrect
Sorry about that. More likely than not from my recent report on energy dependence. :')
And I know that feel; my mom was the coach for my school's debate club a few years back. :)
>> No. 34817
File 133045975537.png - (170.44KB , 789x1012 , twilight_ohohoh.png )

I hope this will be good enough, I'm definitely not the best singer but it sure was fun to try.
>> No. 34824
I re-did my recording, if you want to use this version instead.
>> No. 34858
File 133055957984.png - (73.81KB , 270x324 , Sweetie_02_1.png )
Alrighty! I got it all recorded and ready to go!
I did three 320 kbps tracks. One thing to watch out for is that they are at 48000 Hz, not 44100 Hz like the instrumental track.
>> No. 34917
File 133066243396.png - (262.06KB , 1280x1341 , 130698714876.png )
So I have done the three parts separately and I must say that this was by far the hardest one of these that I've done. Heres the soundcloud: Do we not use soundcloud anymore

Thanks for putting this on. I hope that its not too hard for you to put it all together at the end.
>> No. 35121
Quick update. The following people are all timed, fixed, etc.

Still working on yours Runbow. I should have it done after dinner tonight.
>> No. 35157
Hooray! I can't wait to hear the finished product!
>> No. 35222
Awesome! (I wonder which version you used?)
>> No. 35238
Saved as a .zip in my public Dropbox, that work for you?
>> No. 35255
File 133139205220.png - (412.73KB , 816x723 , DAT FAKE INNOCENCE.png )
Hello, everypony! :D

This is awesome. Daniel Ingram is best pony. "The Perfect Stallion" is just so.. pony. Carefree, cute and funny :) Thank you so much for the initiative, FriendshipCannon! ^^
This was fun to do, even though the timing was tough to get down :) I believe the timing is right now - at least it sounds right to me.

The Scootaloo file also contains the stallion with the terrible cold's sneeze, Uptight Pony and Apple Bloom's ending ("Let me get this straight.."). My Apple Bloom impression is absolutely terrible, let me tell you ^^ I mean, I'm Norwegian - I don't understand the subtle differences in English accents (that's a good excuse, right?)!

I'm also worried there may be too much background and mic noises for you to use some of the parts. I understand that this is important, else the final product will sound like a beehive.

I look forward to hearing the final product! It's going to go in the EqD round-up for sure! :D
>> No. 35277
Alright, got mine done! .w.

I hope you don't mind Scootaloo and Apple Bloom's tracks are together ^ ^;;

Can't wait for the finished product! c:
>> No. 35337
Thanks guys!

I've got Bpendragon and WPCEO done. Gami's is almost finished. Pony on. :)
>> No. 35593
I just finished recording them, it was fun! I'll upload and link them soon.
>> No. 35643
Here it is! It...took... a little longer then "soon" but whatever, here it is, all three parts:
not my best singing, the song is kinda out of range and difficult to sing as it is, but I still did pretty well!
>> No. 35852
Bumping to remind anypony who wants to get in on this that the deadline for entry is March 30th: one week from today. If you can't get me files by then, but are interested, post in here either way; those who enter by the deadline will get another 2 weeks for recording their tracks.

For everypony else, thanks for submitting! All you tracks have been mastered, and I'll get to mixing them once any remaining tracks come in.
>> No. 35904
I intend to submit an entry sometime in the next few days hopefully. Just need a quiet house and time to practice -_-
>> No. 36144
So tomorrow is the "deadline".
Will it all be finished/uploaded as soon as B sends in his submission? (if he does send one)
>> No. 36152
It'll be done by the end of April, I'm sure. April's a busy month for me (Script Frenzy, article review, book review, technology/ethics paper due, group project due, and decision support systems assignment due). But once all of those are out of the way (all but Script Frenzy, which lasts all month) on April 12th-ish, I should have enough time to get the finishing touches done on the track and release it. :)
>> No. 36174
File 133306862836.jpg - (308.88KB , 600x321 , Late to the party.jpg )
Hello, everypony.

Say... is it to late to hop onto the friendship train yet?

I'm transmitting from Germany, and for us it's been the 30th of march for - what - three hours?

Does it mean I can still send a submission in in the next 21 hours? Y'know, just for the hay of it...
>> No. 36175
The deadline is March 30th, 2012 at 11:59PM EDT
Anypony who shows interest will have two weeks afterwards to submit their tracks. That is, they are due April 13 at 11:59PM EDT.
>> No. 36176
That's great news, my chords are buzzing with anticipation (no pun intended).
>> No. 36182
Took all kinds of fucking whiles.
There ya go.
>> No. 36186

I know it's kinda crappy |D
>> No. 36211
There ya go! Hope it's good enough!
>> No. 36273
File 133331453757.png - (360.11KB , 647x307 , le-1-avril.png )
Hey again everypony! I've been really busy working on a demo of the track. I think I've got the timing down right, and I've edited out any background noise. I've still gotta add in effects like a gentle reverb, but this is relatively what it should sound like.
>> No. 36294
Perfect! No more editing needed!

Sounds like it is coming along swell, so keep up the great work!
>> No. 36308
Most of it sounds good, but lot of the timing still sounds off and you can hear a lot of peoples background talking and introductions in it (including mine)...
No offence did you miss that?
>> No. 36315
Don't forget to read the filename for the image in the post. :) le-1-avril.png -- April Fools!

Anyways, for real, the file's coming along great. It should be done by mid-April (sometime between the 15th and 22nd). :)
>> No. 36322
Wow i feel reterded, you really got me! Haha good one.
>> No. 36472
File 133365254785.jpg - (21.00KB , 320x298 , mlfw263_small.jpg )
I sure hope the final recording isn't as cluttered and unsynchronized as that.
>> No. 36900
Was finally able to record,
>> No. 36956
Danke :)

Just a little behind the scenes update. I've been slicing/dicing your tracks up into little bitty bite size pieces. The tracks are organized into this folder structure:
The Perfect Stallion [Root] -> USER -> CMC_NAME -> PART

An example of a part would be "Cheerilee is sweet and kind" up until "one to really make her hear soar."

It takes fifteen or so minutes per person, but it yields excellent timing, as seen in this example (I only used 7 of you for this example, and of course some more mastering still needs to be done once everypony is actually combined):

Looking at a finished product sometime next weekend, 4/20 - 4/22. Album art, and a special package of goodies should be out within 7 days after that. Pony on!
>> No. 36961
Sounds great but the audio clips during "soar~"
Can't wait to hear the finished product!
>> No. 36993
If my auditing is correct, I have received everypony's files, and every track has been prepped. With that in mind, submissions are closed. (If I somehow missed you, let me know by day's end EDT; reminder that you must have already entered before March 31st.)

Rather than bump this thread further, I'll be updating a Google Doc with progress. Bookmark it and check it daily for updated progress. Dig it. :)
>> No. 37033
Expected release date between 4/20 and 4/22? That coincides with the airing of the finale! Whether it's on Friday or Sunday or Saturday is important.
>> No. 37070
Don't count on it being released Saturday. I'll be busy attending a wedding party, watching the episodes, and discussing the best moments of the season. I'll be way too festive to be able to concentrate on this (that's why I'm getting the hard work out of the way this off-week :) )

We're looking at around Friday, in the wee hours Eastern Time, for a release.
>> No. 37153
I can't wait and wanna say thanks for your awesome work on this!
>> No. 37313
File 133487840636.png - (177.68KB , 466x466 , cover.png )
Let me first say that it was a lot of fun putting this together, and thanks again to everypony who sang with me. We should do this again sometimes.

Here's a MediaFire link to the album. it contains the song, an A'cappella, and Crimzon's instrumental (thanks again, Crimzon!), and some album art.

Here's a YouTube link as well, because some people like their music over YouTube...

Thanks again guys!
>> No. 37314
Is this the final thing? Did I make it in there?
>> No. 37317
Yup. I used some of your Apple Bloom and Scootaloo parts. Thing is the 3 voices were getting quite crowded when I was initially putting it together, so I decided to use some people for Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, and others for Sweetie Belle, and a couple for both.
>> No. 37329
Awesome!!!! Thanks for all your work putting it together, it was fun to help out.
And am I allowed to send this to EQD? You'll be credited.
>> No. 37331
I sent it off to them already, but I wouldn't hate you if you did it as well. :)
>> No. 37340
File 133493400235.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
Hahaha, these always turn out so well. You have done an excellent job. Thanks.
>> No. 37349
It sounds pretty awesome! I'm glad to have participated in it and will look forward to more in the future.
>> No. 37350
File 133496026481.gif - (570.33KB , 358x400 , oh_goody____animated_by_atomicgreymon-d4dnot1.gif )
Great job ya' did thar'; it sounds great! Thanks for letting me steal the sneeze/snooty/bic mac spots =D Again, thanks for all of your work!
>> No. 37488
Woo, great job as usual, I actually found out you had finished it because a friend saw my name in the YT description and was all "Bpendragon, you're moving up in the Bronyverse."

My reaction was "Yeah, Alphabetically"

Ok, who's doing the ones from the finale? I can run one if needed, especially after ToasterRepairPony taught me a few things to really help my syncing.
>> No. 37508
Oh, geez, I would kill to join in on one of those ending songs!
>> No. 37520
Moonit, I'm claiming "This Day Aria"
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