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File 132919374300.jpg - (868.83KB , 627x1990 , RAINBOWS.jpg )
33993 No. 33993
Ahhh, just got done with it. My fingers are absolutely burnt to hell from making the wings, and the wig was a pain to style.

Wings are made of actual feathers, dyed light blue with Kool-Aid. They're adjustable with use of wiiiire, herp.

I unfortunately realized too late after buying it that the cutie mark is actually colored in the wrong order. Buuut, it's okay. ; 3;

The outfit is based off of a popular human RD design by suirobo on DeviantArt.

U-uhrm... Thoughts on the wings?

(Hope this is the right place for this, on a side note. Imean,it'saproject,right? ;;;)
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>> No. 33994
File 132919405313.png - (321.38KB , 800x521 , Stalin_approved_nukes_by_bigbrotherx52.png )
That's wicked awesome, I think the wings are pretty good too, but maybe a little deeper blue IMO.
Otherwise I cannot find anything else to complain about.

>This cosplay receives the eternal praise and seal of approval of Stalin.
>> No. 34012
File 132925601415.jpg - (21.17KB , 305x320 , IMG_0011.jpg )
>> No. 34057
Feels like that's notthe kind of outfit RD would wear.
>> No. 34059
the wings are AWESOME! Best I've ever seen, tbh.

But I agree with this person.
It's a little too sexy for RD. She doesn't scream sex appeal like Rarity does. But if that's what you're going for, go for it.
>> No. 34081

OP here~

Yeah, I agree honestly that it really isn't a Dashy outfit. But I fell in love with the design, what can I say~ ;u;
But you guys are right - it really isn't a very RD outfit at all.
>> No. 34082
OP again

I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY agree. It's been bugging me how light they are. But on the test feather, the kool-aid would either not alter it at all, or make it a royal blue that is much too dark and bright for Dash. So I had to give up an settle. OTL

I'll have to test out different ways to color them next time if I ever remake them~!


Thanks for the feedback by the way, guys. c:
>> No. 34087
I think it's totally RD. It might not be the fan's humanised version of RD, but quite frankly that's the fans problem. I'm not even sure what's 'too sexy' about it. It's a sportsy type top that you'd see in a gym, and short shorts which sporty chicks wear all the time.
>> No. 34115
File 132941089839.jpg - (31.87KB , 233x423 , tumbs.jpg )
Whatever you are doing...keep doing it because this looks awesome =)
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