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Well, it seems that 2 days of insomnia and Fallout: New Vegas does wonders for Roleplaying Ideas.

I've merged SPECIAL attributes and a number of other concepts into a draft of a Roleplaying system exclusively for MLP Roleplaying. It's erm... incredibly detailed, and incredibly incomplete at the same time.

Here's a sample character with the system:

Basically there are a number of base attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, etc. The document has a full list. You pick (or create) balanced traits and then a number of perks.

It's just an idea for now, but I wanted you guys to take a look and give opinions.
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Your rules actually seem a bit vauge. Half of the powers seem purely aestetic. When "big metabolisim" is a skill/quirk/whatever, how are the potions effectiveness reduced.

You also seem to be pushing towards a romance system, yet never explain it. Just be more detailed and this might work.

Also, increase the stats cap limit. Its not fun if you can only get up to ten.
>> No. 34114
Aight, Aight. Good advice. My stats sound like they needed to be increased, and I was considering upping them. You've solidified that decision for me.
Work in progress, I'll post an updated version soon.
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File 132941128218.png - (230.38KB , 300x400 , hmm.png )
You seem to have taken parts from the GURPS or SPECIAL system and some from D&D... I'm not too sure how well it will WILL IT BLENSD!?! mix together...

The Golem thing is going to take quite some fiddling around with, I mean what can you give life to?
Should the golems go on the same rules that the ponies?
What if I make a golem out of a tree, would be strange i it had like 6-7 strength...
the 1-10 system is a bit underpowered for such things as magic...
Because with magic things always get out of hand =)

Just my two cents though... I'll add a few nickels worth later.
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File 132942442821.png - (386.23KB , 605x721 , invisible boxing match.png )
There was actually already a system to blend the "SPECIAL" from the Fallout games into a D&D setting. It's called Simple and it was designed by JE Sawyer: New Vegas' lead designer and director.

Give it a look and see what you can take out of it to complete your ruleset.
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bump. This look interesting.
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