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Hi guys! Circuit here. I'm sure a ton of you have heard about MyLittleRemix's Balloon Party project and how the music coming from it is really promising. In addition to the album, I've been talking with Throne Games about the potential of a Balloon Party 3D fighter game!

If you haven't, prepare yourselves:

The guy behind Throne Games, YezYezari, plans on doing everything, but I've told him that I could go look for some support from a couple of 3D modelers, a programmer or two, and a handful of voice actors.

He is working with Cryengine 3 to make a flashy 3D fighter game that features robotic ponies and griffins shooting laser bass cannons at each other. Since the release of the album is a good 3 months away, the aim of the first release will be relatively small, just a couple maps where they fight.

We want people who are friendly and can work with others. We don't want people who will do things like argue excessively or try to "take over" or do things that make working in a team harder than it should be.

If you want in on this project, shoot me an e-mail about wanting to do voice acting, modelling, or programming.
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Update: We were able to find a little help! We found a novice programmer and have a little help from Headphone Jack, who made a sweet 3D pony robot model. We're aiming for a different style and need a programmer that can contribute more than syntax error checking, though, so I'd like to make another post and ask for some help.

I know game developers because I was one, myself, and I understand that every game developer has his own idea for his project. If you were to join, we'd essentially be asking you to dedicate time that would go towards your own pony game project towards the Balloon Party's game project. It's a lot to ask, I understand, so if you do volunteer your time towards us, that would be very cool.

YezYezari is doing this, himself. He has all of the capabilities of making this game by himself, but even with his skill, it's an extensive undertaking for just one individual. We just need a little help, just an extra programmer and maybe a 3D modeller. We need people who can contribute a lot while staying on the ground and keep the project from trying to accomplish more than it can handle in 3 months of development.

If anypony wants to volunteer, please send me an e-mail given in the picture on the left. Any help is appreciated, because I'm very sure that you're involved with a lot of other things and wanting to make time for a project you're not heading.

Thank you so much.
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I think the picture derped. Just click on my name for my e-mail.

I'm extremely busy with maintaining Balloon Party and talking to people about logistics and transportation to Bronycon to be able to offer help, but if it really really comes down to it, I might try, though it has been a long time since I've tried to make a game. I have no 3D modelling experience, though.
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We could use one more modeller/animator and a coder to help out! Once again, Cryengine 3 with C/C++, please add me on Skype (circuitfry) and send me a message, if you're interested!
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