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File 132937138705.jpg - (115.73KB , 778x1026 , equestria_will_be_mine___by_lunecheetah-d4otria.jpg )
34097 No. 34097
Greetings fellow marsupials.

As anypony who's been keeping up with the "The End of Ponies" threads in /fic/ knows, I've been going on and on about getting a real audio version of it going. I've tried once, but let's just say that doing everything with bad software and a headset microphone didn't go so well.

That's where this comes in. I've acquired a new mic and new software (Audacity) with which to really get the ball rolling on the project. I've spent some time compiling a short cast list for anypony to audition/sign up for that I'll link as a GDoc below.

GDoc Casting List:

Add a comment and/or send me an email letting me know what roles you're willing/able to go for. Keep in mind the sheer volume several of the roles have, and that some of them might come back in future chapters. I'll be keeping this thread and doc updated on my progress, as well as answering any questions people might have. Email me a voice sample for the role(s) you want to do, or just general interest and I'll add you to my progress email list too.

I can be contacted at warden(dot)pony(at)gmail(dot)com, via Skype as wardensturkie, via Steam as Sturkie, or just via comments/posts in this thread.

Also, anypony with skills at creating some background music for intro to each chapter, underlying certain scenes, or just to make this more than voices bombarding listeners for hours on end is more than welcome to send me something and I'll see if I can find a place to use it. So, any sound effects like flame-breath, bullets flying, angry parasprites, just about anything. If you can find it in the text, I can probably fit it in. (Chapter intro tracks should be at most 1 min.)
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>> No. 34131
Could you specify on the doc which roles you want to be male vs. female? And maybe throw in some sample lines too? (Sorry I haven't read the fic)
>> No. 34132
Here are three diamond dog voices I can do (these are from an earlier audition):
>> No. 34196
My gender preference for roles would be male for all the wasteland characters: Diamond Dogs, primates, squirrels, ogres, goblins. The canon female characters would ideally be played by women. Still, this is an audio book type project, so I'm expecting to cover just about every voice on my own unless somepony volunteers for specific parts. (I have at least one for a later character that I haven't added to the cast list yet. It's a long way to go.)

>sample lines
Not yet. I'm going to finish compiling the full cast list in the OP doc, then my plan is to make each name for the chapter into a hyperlink to the full dialog that character has for that chapter. Anypony who wants to help in that regard is more than welcome to. It's a simple task, but time-consuming.

>(Sorry I haven't read the fic)
Well, you should fix that. The main reason I'm organizing the project is because the fic is so good.

The entire world is a quite a bit darker and more sinister than any of these samples can really show, though I think your "Fido" voice would work nicely for the large DD guard's part. It's only two lines before the character dies, but whatever.

Since Short Skirts and Explosions has decided to take a bit of a break from the story in general, I'm not expecting to get revised versions of the early chapters any time soon. That said, It'll probably be best to start audio with the Fluttershy or Applejack arcs. The considerable bulk of the work is in narration of the thing, so once I finish with my docs for all the various characters, I'm going to settle in for the long haul there.
>> No. 34348
Well, here I am.

I'm willing to do whatever you need, I don't have any specific preferences. My mic isn't as good as I thought it was, the one built into my laptop has better quality but picks up everything in a five mile radius. If you like my voice and have a place for me, I'll start looking around for a better mic.

I also play the piano, in a limited sense. So I might be able to help in the music department.

Anyways, looking at the list to be filled, I guess I might be able to pull off Spike. My voice is rather deep. Or maybe some of the male characters in the Pinkie arch. I'll try to throw up a sample sooner or later here.
>> No. 34770
Bump for visibility and a small update.

It's most likely that we'll start with the Pinkie Pie/Dredgemane arc since that's where most of the interest and where the largest amount of characters is. I'll be finishing the cast list by this week and creating some audition transcripts for anypony interested. Once that's done, I'll re-bump with a link to the docs for that, and I'll poke EqD about the project for a boost in publicity because I'm a horse.
>> No. 34943
File 133070560003.png - (1.64MB , 1600x1600 , 48091 - artist ponygoggles bird scootaloo scootalove simorgh.png )
Hi Warden,

I was "Stuff" in #fic that one evening. Are you still trying to write something to extract dialogue?
If you want to go the Java route. I still think Python would be easier. At any rate, have some pseudocode:

> Open text file
> Declare a type w/ fields position, charater name, text
> Declare a variable-length array of that type
> Parse text line-by-line:
>> If the line matches ^\s+(["“][^"”]+)\s*$ (multiline dialogue) append the array with counter as position and content as text, then set a Boolean flag for multiline dialogue
>> If the Boolean flag is false:
>>> If line contains a character name, increment counter and append the array with counter as position and character name as name
>>> Else, If line matches ^\s+(["“][^"”]+["”])\s*$, increment counter and append the array with counter as position and content of the regex group (or even the whole line) as text
>> Else, if the flag is true:
>>> If the line matches ^\s+(["“][^"”]+["”])\s*$ set the flag to false and concatenate the line with the text field of the current entry (pointed to by the counter); multi-line dialogue is done
>>> Else, if the line matches ^\s+(["“][^"”]+)\s*$ and this isn't the first line of dialogue (use a second flag to distinguish), then only concatenate
> When done, write the fields to a CSV file

When you're done, open the exported file in a spreadsheet. You can then go through, using the character names as reference points, and attributing each line to a character. You can then sort by the "character" field and cut each character's lines into separate sheets, and once the collection is there, you can sort by the "position" field to put them in chronological order. Writing to a csv shouldn't be that big of a deal, but just in case:

Also, in Python, it should be straightforward to make an array that can grow with size (just make sure, since you'll presumably be using a 'dict' object to store them, you use the "copy" function from the copy module to append the new entry. In Java, you'll have to declare arrays as being of variable length somehow;
Just for the sake of putting it here:

Cheers and good luck
>> No. 34945
File 133070670474.png - (408.50KB , 600x700 , 132780403990.png )
> mfw I realized the patterns weren't inclusive enough and would exclude interrupted dialogue, i.e. "That," she gasped, "was close," and wouldn't work if indentation didn't map to whitespace in GDocs txt export / copy & paste

Most ordinary lines of dialogue:
> ^\s*(["“].+["”])\s*$
All lines of dialogue in multi-line dialogue except the last:
> ^\s*(["“].+)\.\s*$
>> No. 35209
File 133127303999.jpg - (117.74KB , 389x1050 , 1303796099_---_tothesky.jpg )
A bump because the casting list is finished. Sample lines for anypony interested in individual characters will be available soon, but really I'm more interested in vocal samples and in the commitment to voice your full character.

If you're interested in a part, toss a post in this thread, shoot me an email, or put a comment in the cast list google doc. When a final selection for a character has been made, I'll make a note in the cast list doc, as well as a post here. Let's get this going!
>> No. 35225
Well i could help with this i would love to re-read this and do voices for it.
>> No. 35412
I'd be interested in voicing Bruce :) I'm currently fighting with my microphone, but I can work that out.
>> No. 37251
File 133481192594.png - (870.96KB , 900x1350 , the_return_of_megan_by_csimadmax-d3hrt7g.png )
So, after taking a terribly long break from everything related to this project, I'm back and I'm ready to get going. I figure it makes sense to bump this thread since I've returned to the Wasteland that is End of Ponies audio.

There is much work to be done, and since Short Skirts and Explosions is taking a break with the story in question while he explores some kind of fetish with Lyra, it's the perfect time to really get cracking. (Seriously though, if you haven't checked out the other story, it's a good read and not too long.

Now, for anypony who is still interested in helping out, or for any new people, just read this thread and shoot me an email and I'll fill you in. Thanks everypony, this is going to be a lot of fun.
>> No. 37253
If you don't want or are unable to contribute vocally, there are a couple other positions that could use filling. They're not 100% required, but it's the extra stuff that'll make the final product all the better.

Audio Engineers/Editors-Right now I'm planning on putting everything together myself, but if somepony else knows their way around audio editing and wants to step up, the job's theirs. The job would consist of splicing together the narration I record with the character dialog sent in by all the voice actors. It's a big job, but it won't come up for a while yet.

Musicians-Anypony who wants to compose some minor background music, chapter intro/outro tracks, or sound effects is more than welcome to. The added flavor goes a long way towards making the whole thing more interesting than a simple reading.

Dialog Robot-This unglamorous post will be closing up pretty soon since I'll be finishing the job myself in the next couple weeks. Basically what it entails is taking the parsed dialog of the story and labeling each line by which character says it. Some of them are really easy to mark, others require referencing the story documents to get right. Yes, it is as boring as it sounds.

For any interest please contact me by email at [email protected] or through one of the various methods in the OP of this thread.

>> No. 37342
File 133494046796.png - (509.17KB , 1122x1122 , rainscoot_cute.png )
Sent you a message Warden. Funny that I was actually in the process of practicing for doing my own recording project for EOP, but I'd much much rather hop on board here ^_^
>> No. 37410
I'm a musician, and am slightly interested. Contact me if you want my services.
>> No. 37994
File 133616139771.png - (133.65KB , 400x334 , spikegrown.png )
Meh... Am I really actually going to post this? I keep wanting to hold back, make it better and longer, but I feel like it's time to put something out to help keep the ball rolling here, so here it goes...

I don't really know what people expect of Spike's voice, but being an old, large dragon, I felt it needed something deeper and more voluminous than a raw vocal recording can provide. As such, I did some pitch lowering, slight echo, and other manipulations to make it more "dragony".
>> No. 39031
File 133835899021.png - (130.62KB , 894x894 , swagaloo_by_t89pepper-d4so7g7.png )

The preliminary work is finished and all the lines for the Dredgemane story are ready for voices. Some of the roles have already been filled, but there are still several characters available. For all project questions and auditions, please send an email to me at [email protected]

Auditions should consist of a selection of some lines from the linked dialog listings in .mp3 or .wav format. These samples can either be hosted on a site that allows direct downloads, or emailed directly. If you want to submit lines for any characters, please include a name or alias to be added to the credits list.

I'll post further updates to the project here and I should be doing so with increasing frequency until we have a finished product. Further details are on the linked document:
>> No. 39034
File 133836271254.png - (281.56KB , 1680x1680 , prismic_rainbow_blend_new_whitebg.png )
Awesome! Excited to see this moving forward ^_^

I'll begin recording my segments right away, as well as begin work on practicing for some other roles.
>> No. 39109
File 133845477352.png - (145.87KB , 650x626 , My Oc Shrug.png )
Hello! I'm SixColorRainbow, and I'd like to audition for the role of Doctor Whooves!
>> No. 39166

:randomly browsing ponychan:
:see 6cr:

lol hai
>> No. 39173

Are you still accepting auditions for chapters 16-24? I'd like to send in an audition if you are.
>> No. 39174
Sounds good mate, just shoot me an email with your lines and I'll let you know.

Yep, I just haven't gotten around to replying to your email yet. I'm trying to keep up to date with all the changes.
>> No. 39551
The most recent batch of casting is done and just about all the major characters have voices. What's left is open for people to send me auditions still, but once I finish the first chapter where the character shows up's narration, I'll be voicing the character myself.

I'd like to welcome Props and Sean Hill to the team in the roles of Bruce, Brevis, Breathstar and Doctor Wooves, Dawnhoof respectively. For the full cast as it stands now and for updates, view .

Thanks to everypony who sent in auditions.
>> No. 39571
too bad you don't need an animator...[hint hint]
>> No. 39594
So, what's the next step, boss? You want line recordings sent in, or what? Let me know what you need, and I'll jump on it.
>> No. 39596
File 133957099043.jpg - (33.60KB , 800x500 , its-dangerous-to-go-alone-take-this[1].jpg )
Pst, don't tell anypony, but I'm recording narration for chapter 16 this week. Hopefully I'll get the whole ~4 hours of it done and then I'll start hounding the cast of the chapter by email about sending me audio files that should look just like a new demo file I'll make for Quarrington Pie consisting of his lines in the ideal format I'd like everypony's stuff to be in.

Sadly, my day job has gotten busier lately, which means more money for me, but less time to work on this. Because while I am finding it fun, it's still work, and there's only so much I'm willing, let alone able to accomplish at any one point in time.

Everypony on the email list should still expect weekly update/status reports from me while I'm working on things. If you send me full lines files at this point I'll try to get back to you on anything I think needs to be redone, but I won't be doing the thorough listening for spot errors until I feel like I've gotten a good chunk of the narration for the chapter in question recorded.

It's 1am, why am I on ponychan instead of editing the 10 minutes of narration I just recorded? Oh wait, editing... that's something you're supposed to do awake, right.
>> No. 40334
File 134121481235.jpg - (224.15KB , 918x549 , IMAG0291.jpg )
As I said in the subject line, I'm ready for all the lines from characters in chapter 16. This means: Spike, Bruce, Scootaloo, and the couple lines from Pinkie. To those involved, I'll be sending an email out in the morning, so keep a heads up.

Now for the housekeeping bit: I've been asked by just about everyone when I want their full lines. Well, now's the time! I wanted to make sure I would have the time and ability to put this thing together before I started asking for any lung-evacuating work from anyone else. My plan was to complete the narration in full for each chapter, then put the lines in where they were needed. It's come to my attention that, for multiple reasons this isn't the best way to go about doing this. That's why I want to get all the cast contributions as soon as possible. You're all available now, so it's best to capitalize on that now. Send me those lines as you finish them and we'll have a finished product before you know it.
>> No. 40359
File 134127695782.gif - (388.52KB , 466x450 , scootjumpbig.gif )
Aye aye captain! Any particular formatting (you mentioned providing a demo for Quarrington)?

The French exchange student who has been living right outside my door for the past 3 weeks is finally gone, so I'll get to working on Spike again. I'll probably try to send the audio per-scene as they are completed for your sake in keep similarly grouped texts together.
>> No. 40615
File 134198606631.png - (715.69KB , 878x846 , Harmony.png )
Wait, I didn't link to my old samples on the thread? I guess not. Here is the Quarrington piece.

Anyways, I finished the recording for chapter 16 tonight, so all that's left is the arduous task of editing the whole thing into something that sounds halfway decent. I'm going to write up a Dramatis Personae script for each chapter to use for the finished production and send that out via email to everyone who will be on it. That'll double as the credits too.

Thanks again to everyone involved! I'll get to working on the next chapter's narration soon, and I'll put this chapter together as soon as I get all the dialog I need from those involved.
>> No. 40674
File 134215381465.gif - (5.93KB , 114x110 , Prismic.gif )
Got it, thanks =)

Working on finishing scene 1 (55 lines) of 2 (57 lines) with Spike. Difficult part is unlike normal voices where you can hear it right away, I have to run each piece through 7+ different filters to get it sounding as it does, and then if somethings off, I have to scratch it and record that piece/filter it again. It's not terribly hard (only a few require manual tweaking, like EQ), it just means I can't record straight through, which takes more time.

At the current rate I'm hoping to have it done and submitted to you by Sunday (I'm gone Friday and Saturday). I'll then get cracking on scene 2, and will hopefully have that in by sometime next week.

Also, I left you a comment on your Quarrington recording, regarding the quietness issue. Hope it helps :3
>> No. 40746
File 134240161764.png - (17.12KB , 100x100 , icon.png )
Should you need more voices soon, I would be glad to help out. I couldn't really pull together from the recent posts if you still needed extras or anything.

I've done lots of voice work and have a studio mic, if that helps you. :)
>> No. 40749
That is, assuming no complications arise like a sore throat, which could possibly be strep... <_<

It'll be done when I get this sorted out hehe...
>> No. 40764

You can find the cast list here. There's still a fair number of parts that need voices.
>> No. 40795
Guess I'd better express my interest to apply for the project here too. I've uploaded my vocals for Haymane, Sladeburn and the rams here:
I've also emailed to you Warden, but only because I get carried away with these kinds of things.
Let me know if any of them strike your fancy.
>> No. 40845
I am just working on my voices for Scootaloo and Harmony. I am currently trying to find a day where I can sit down and work on all of my lines. By the way, Warden. Did you get my email about possibly arranging a Skype day for recording?

Sorry about not being done by now. X-x
>> No. 40860
File 134272132649.png - (278.61KB , 1680x1680 , prismic_rainbow_blend_new.png )
I'm not sure if it's what you mean, but I think a Skype meeting of all the cast/crew would be cool, just so that everyone gets to meet and has an idea of the voices they're working with =)

Also, my voice is almost back to normal (thankfully it wasn't strep), so really hoping I can get this finished up real soon!
>> No. 40864
I did get the email, I've just been busier than I could have possibly planned for the past ten days. It looks like things finally might be clearing up though. I'll go through all my emails once I get back from work and reply to all of them. I think I've got everyone added to a Skype chat where everyone can talk to each other. If not, let me know that I missed you. (I may have also added some people that I shouldn't have. I'll have to fix that when I get back from work too.)
>> No. 40872
File 134274882026.png - (202.52KB , 512x512 , prismic_logo_flare.png )
I use a different username on Skype, added you now.
>> No. 40875
And then I got roped into a party+midnight showing of Batman. While I failed to respond to anyone, I did not fail to have a good night. I'll get on things later.
>> No. 41538
I normally do not have Skype open during the day, so if I am missing anything major like deadlines or something, please email me. I check my email more frequently than my Skype.

Sorry for not sending in the lines yet as well. I just got done with band camp and I am getting ready for school by finishing my AP assignment this week. But I should have them finished soon.
>> No. 41626
File 134550497262.jpg - (1.36MB , 1668x1181 , 29119932.jpg )
I seem to have a knack for letting things go cold on me. I really should be basically spamming emails out to the lot of you people involved until I get the lines I want, but I really don't think about the project that much, and day-to-day work, thoughts, and indolence tend to get in the way. I'm going to finish putting together everything I've got so far in the hopes that I'll have all the lines I need before I move across the country. If not, it'll just take me a little bit of time to set things up before I can get back to work.

Let's try to get this ball rolling again, and I'll try to be a more communicative version of myself and actually keep in touch.

>Pic is what I tend to waste a lot of time on even if I'm in the top 1% of players.
>> No. 43806
File 135947729525.gif - (1.08MB , 430x678 , the_sun_is_always_shining_by_twodeepony-d55o3vo.gif )
I'm under the assumption that this is dead, or at the very least it's been on hiatus due to the reedit that SS&E has been slaving over these past couple of months. Either way, I just felt I'd put forward my continued interest in this project, and if nothing comes together for a group reading, I'm planning on starting one myself the moment the updated version goes up.
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