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I'm currently working on a project that I don't think anypony else has undertaken - if they have, so be it!

I'm currently replacing all the voice tracks in the game for the various units of Starcraft 2 with voice clips from MLP: FiM. It will work on both single player AND multiplayer - just take note that using mods could cause Blizzard to ban you - but nopony has been banned for using mods such as this yet.

Now, I want to finish this, and share it with EVERYPONY I can everywhere. But, I need a bit of help. I'm running very low on voice clips - so, if anypony has access to various voice clips from the show, I can convert them and use them where needed!

TL:DR, Starcraft 2 Pony voices, I need voice clips!
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>> No. 34134
If you could get some of these portraits to work, that would be the most awesome mod ever but if not these should hopefully give you some ideas of quotes you can use.
He did the rest of the main 6 as well so take a look at them
>> No. 34139
That's actually what gave me the idea! I really want to get those portraits working, but so far it's a bit more complicated then that. I used those as a template, and I managed to find some voice clips as well. I've completed SCV (Applejack), Marine (Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom), Marauder (Big Mac), Battlecruiser (Rarity), and Banshee (Rainbow Dash.)

I have enough quotes to finish:
Seige Tank (Luna)
M.U.L.E (Spike)
Viking (Wonderbolts)
Thor (Pinkie Pie)
Medivac (Fluttershy)

I just need to figure out what to use and get clips for Adjutant, Hellion, Raven, and Reaper.
>> No. 34218
I would love to see this get made. :D How about Celestia as Adjutant, Trixie as Raven, Discord as Reaper, and Derpy as Hellion?
>> No. 34254
Haha, well played, good sir! I'm actually basically done with the voice overs, with exactly as you said, except with Spike as the Hellions. I had to repeat voices slightly due to a lack of clips, but overall it works pretty well! The only one that doesn't fit 100% is Celestia, but even that sounds awesome.

Starcraft 2 suddenly got 20% cooler! If somepony can link me somewhere I can upload this, I'll put it up for everypony to enjoy!
>> No. 34681
Oh awesome! :D I can't wait to try it out. I always use Mediafire to upload things.
>> No. 34772
DUDE!!! you are awesome!!! I WANT THIS NOW!!!! Yeah, if ti's a smaller file you can use mediafire, i look forward to it!!!
>> No. 34956
Bump for awesomeness
>> No. 35084
OP, come back! D: We miss you.
>> No. 35292
Okay, so. Sorry for my dissaperance. I'm back now, though.

Bad news, however: It's too large for a free Mediafire upload. So, if anypony has any suggestions, I'd love to share this. Also, feel free to add me in game. My name is RaynorDash, character code 468.
>> No. 35296

- Break it into multiple parts with instructions for combining
- Dropbox and Sendspace have a 300MB limit I think
-Post this in the TLponies thread because they might have some ideas (it's a Starcraft + Pony community)
>> No. 35822
DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 36957
>> No. 38060
Sorry for the huge disappearing hiatus, but here is the file for your playing pleasure!

To use: Go to C:/ , Program Files, Starcraft II (or wherever you installed SC2), Mods, Liberty.SC2Mods, and backup your enUS file somwhere safe, in case you need to revert. Now, simply put the downloaded file inside, and success!

The mod is currently incomplete, as I now have Season 2 voice clips to use: so, if anypony can supply some voice clips to use for this, or can help with replacing portraits, I'd be grateful! I'll be checking this daily from now on for feedback and updates.
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