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This is a neat program, the art looks just like the original characters, im enjoying the interactions between the differant ponies. But... I was wondering if you'd have the chance, in a newer version that you can add some more interactions. Such as:

-> If Rarity isen't on the screen and Spike and Twilight is on the screen, that Spike will follow Twilight around.

->When Rainbow Dash and Applejack are in close range, they do the "Spit on hooves" Brony clutch. And sometimes Arm wrestle.

->(This one might be too much) When Nightmare moon is on the screen, the main six of the ponies avoid her by running away, or will try and fight her.

-> Add Owlicious in the pet section, so Twilight has a pet to follow her around too.

-> When Diamond Tiara and the cutey mark crusaders are on the screen, Diamond Tiara will harrass them.

->Have Applejack and Applebloom follow Big Macintosh on the screen, If Applejack isent present and Applebloom and Big Macintosh is, just have her follow him.
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