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Hey ponies. I'm posting this to both /collab/ and /art/ just to get a wider range.

It's come to my attention that pony centric art blogs have become increasingly popular on Tumblr. The Brony community is incredibly artistic, and there are many ponies who are trying to get into the MLP "art scene" and need a boost. there are many ways to post and share pony art online; but the peer editing process on what we do have does not seem supportive enough for all the ponies out there who could make great art, but don't have enough people telling them what's good and what needs work.
What I'm suggesting is a MLP art blog that showcases quality beginner pony artwork for peer review and support, to both give pony artists the publicity they deserve as well as proper criticism that won't make ponies want to stop drawing.

If anypony Wants to help get involved in this project please leave a comment or idea below, or email me at [email protected]
pony on guys. and Thanks
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