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Kinda a longstanding dreamchild of mine. I finally put it together, and as it involves ponies I thought I would share it with everypony. Because I'm too cheap (rather, too poor. I am a student, after all) to afford a domain, it is conveniently found at and hosted on invisionfree.

Anywhoo, I'm obviously going to need mods after growth occurs, so I'm just putting it out there, helpful members will become moderators.

Hope you'll join us, BlueDimensioner and the OpenSpark team.
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>> No. 38246
Tell you what. My project is slowing down tremendously. Lemme know when the help is needed and I can do the best I can. Shoot me an email at [email protected] okee?
>> No. 38266
File 133673563556.jpg - (48.54KB , 500x478 , 131715416614.jpg )
I can provide hosting. VPS. Just no rule 34 or other pornography.

You wouldn't have cPanel access or FTP, but I'll gladly add you as an add-on domain.

In return, an admin account to the forum (which I'll use for maintenance), and the right to use the admin account to it's full potential if I wanted to.

Ma email is in my name
>> No. 42737
>Just no rule 34 or other pornography.
y the hell not?
>> No. 42757
It's the hosting companies policy. And I pay a fuck ton for this VPS, I'm not going to have it suspended.
>> No. 42758
lol, wtf, that post was in May.
I have plenty of other servers that could host a forum with adult content allowed.
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File 141642244838.gif - (1.51MB , 340x190 , 10-and-11-amazement.gif )
So, what is this OpenSpark about?
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