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So knowing the creator of Team 5, it is a fairly new team that will produce animations of mlp that are humorous (similar to epic mlp time) and good. Scriptwriters to animators to song writers have already joined the team and it seems to be growing. Since it is a fairly new team of course it might take awhile for youtube content to be produced but I would just like to inform fellow bronys that this team seems pretty prestigious and might be the next "big thing" in the community. Oh and I think he will be holding VA auditions soon ;) . Here is there current foundation for more info. about them: I hope tabby and his team will be successful :)
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>> No. 34498
Btw when Team 5 is "fairly new" I think it's REALLY new since it was made like what, 2 weeks ago? Lol. Nice content on DeviantART though.
>> No. 34516
You don't have to post as anon to make yourself sound better, promoting your stuff yourself is just fine
>> No. 34517
Not exact... im randomanimatorguy from deviantart and i am here to PROMOTE team 5... ive been their number 1 guy of getting them out there :) and btw I Usually dont use imageboards so ive always been anon :) ill make sure tabby knows though!
>> No. 34521
File 132995749520.png - (54.72KB , 429x410 , 132985509131.png )
were somepony interested in contributing, how would they go about that?
>> No. 34522
I'm not entirely sure, you would have to contact the owner, tabby via deviantART message. I'm just promoting :)
>> No. 34527
File 132996866180.jpg - (67.37KB , 350x398 , Liar not sure.jpg )
I'm interested in doing some VA stuff. You know if people with 0 experience are invited? Or should I just ask Tabby?
>> No. 34546
From what I know he is quite serious about this project. He did confirm with me that VAs will be needed soon but he is collaborating with the animation part right now. Btw he has always seemed to be quite antsy about who he wants on the team. I would ask him though, via DevArt if you really are interested. No guarantees. He should post more info by Friday, and i'll make sure to inform people here about it.
>> No. 34646
For people interested, we have a twitter now!!/Team5official We will be posting sneak peeks/info and such!
>> No. 34670
>>34646 We have officially started calling out to the fellow community! Check our latest journal entry! Good luck ;)
>> No. 34780
I can offer you my skills in the writing process.

I'm a screenwriter myself and I've got time to kill while this pilot I'm working on goes into pre-pro.

I don't want to step on your writers toes by actually writing any of your scripts, but I can offer my services in the proofreading process. The more eyes the better.
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