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The coins you see in the image are a result of some recent experiments I've been doing with polymer clay (painted with acrylics)... the goal is to actually have a method where I could create and design my own personalized coins!

Sure, they're far from perfect, but they come a long way from several weekly of experimentation! Once I've perfected my methods I plan to actually look into what's called 'metal clay'. Metal clay is a special type of clay with tiny microscopic metal flakes embedded in it. You can shape it and mold it as you'd like, and then with the use of a kiln/hot pot/ micro torch - you burn away the clay that's holding the metal pieces together and the metal completely melds together into one complex mass. A perfect metal sculpture! They have quite a few different metals to chose from including silver, bronze, copper and even gold (granted, due to their content they're DAMN expensive!). This would be perfect for making coins!

So where do ponies come in? I'd like to actually try my hand at making actual Equestrian coinage! And I'd like to see if any of you crafty bronies out there would like to make some designs of your own for this future project!

Sure, I'll be making my own designs. But I wanted to share the fun with the comunity :) If your interested then you just need to send me designs for the coin's obverse/reverse. Please keep it simple though! Detailing a mold and having it actually work on a blank is not easy! (especially with small detail...)

The coin's design should replicate what you'd see in ancient numismatics. Research ancient Roman and Greek coinage for a better understanding :)

If I do your design then I'll send you a few free clay coins with that design on them! (if your wanting it done in a specific metal like silver or gold, you might have to pay me the required price for the purchase of said metal)

Like it says on the image, these coins will look a bit crude as I continue. but its all apart of trial and error! I'll keep experimenting with new techniques and improving my current method. I hope someday to be able to create little works of art that I could share with the rest of the world :D

Its not every day that you hear of somepony crafting their own coin collection! :)
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