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Idea's are cheap and normally we all dislike it when people have nothing to show other than an idea. Well let's get an idea thread going!
I'm interested in creating an MLP based board game. I'm a digital artist and fully capable of producing something like this myself without a need for collaboration, however, I haven't a single idea other than making a Candy Land rip-off. Basically I have a few nieces that would really enjoy a custom made game from their uncle. So does anypony have any ideas they'd like to see come to life?
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I can come up with a lot of ideas, but it mainly depends on how complex you want the rules to be. I'm currently writing a pony 40k codex, so I can do complex rules, but if it's for your nieces, I'm guessing you want something simpler than a board game RPG or battle game.

A good idea you could do could be based of the fall weather friends episode where you have the running of the leaves as the board game. You could have AJ, RD, Twi and any fanon (or other characters you want). You could then have them racing around the board by dice rolls and have random action cards when you land on some squares. These cards could include getting a balloon lift, getting stuck in sap etc etc.

tell us if you want more
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>Balloon lift
Idea's like this for action cards is exactly what I'm looking for. Keep them coming, I'm keeping my eye on this thread. I was thinking of including gems as in game currency, perhaps a way to win? Whomever has the most gems at the end wins? MLP FIM: Rarity's Gem Hunt.

Stuff like that and what you mentioned work. This thread's purpose is to brainstorm. It's too bad this place seems so inactive thes days...
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You can search /mlp/, there's some /tg/ people in there.

I had a Parasprite Time Attack game from episode 10 in mind, but it's a little too complex.
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Gem currency could be massively fun as you could then include Diamond dogs stealing gems as well as finding gems from the ground/ landing on square/ card event or however you want to do it. The action cards can really turn an average board game one into a fun one especially if they are well written and definitely if the have pictures on them. I mean having a card like you get two gems from diamond dogs and the text underneath saying "here take them, just stop WHINING!"
it's stuff like that that make the game IMO.
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