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34897 No. 34897
Hey ya'll. I need voice actors for my crossover animation project.
I'll post the audition video below, and the trailer in case you want to have an idea of what it will look like.
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>> No. 34898
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 34899
Youtube embed play button
  And here's the trailer. I'm just using placeholder voices for now.
>> No. 34948
How would you like us to apply? Send in audition recordings via email? I'd love to do Discord. My YT channel has dubs that I've done of him, though many are from months prior.
>> No. 34992
>portal crossover
>only 2 male roles
Having a gander anyway.
>> No. 35000
Auditions are now closed.
>> No. 35003
Really? The video description said you were going up to the tenth.

H'oh well.
>> No. 35017

Well, that's just.....*sigh*. Seeing it set for the 10th was what I was hoping for because I was busy prior to today. And I was looking forward to spending today doing my Discord voice with and without "GlaDOS" effects.
>> No. 35018
In either case, I'm gonna do an audition video anyways in case "something" happens.
>> No. 35022
I was originally going to let it run until the 10th, but I noticed a lot of scheduling conflicts and I want to get the animation done quickly. I'm sorry.
I'll have future projects though. And now that I know how long I should wait, I'll be more prepared and organized with this next time.
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