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Seeing as the various desktop ponies projects for non-Windows systems are somewhat slow/lacking/not-in-developement-anymore, I decided to make my own port (it seems to be a quite popular thing to do). I used Qt to support as many platforms as possible, but the main developement and testing is done under Linux.

The latest version is available here:

(The Windows version was not tested much, but it seems to work.)

At the moment of writing this (v0.5) there is support for:

- Behaviors (including following)
- Speech (only text for now, audio coming later)
- Dragging, mouseover, pony context menu, sleeping
- A configuration window (which hides to the system tray)

Things not supported right now:
- Effects
- Interactions
- Sounds
- Games

The pony data is taken from Desktop Ponies v1.40 (slightly modified to take into account case sensitivity in Unix systems).
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Awesome work! Compiled without a hitch on my system, looks and runs great :) I'll have to see how you're getting compositing to work with qt -- never could quite figure it out...
>> No. 35393
Interactions support is here! Should work, but I haven't tested it extensively. Some minor enhancements to the available configuration options have also been made.

There are also precompiled binaries available for Windows and Linux (i386 and amd64 .deb packages). They may be not the newest version though.
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Thank you for your work, I will test this on my system and let you know how it works. Im glad there are some *nix bronies out there :D
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