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Hey guys, been messing around with Ogre3D lately, and I found these models for blender. Now I'm more of a programmer, and I'd like to just focus on that. But I kindly ask any 3D modlers out there to take this project made with Blender:
and animate the ponies for use in a 3D render engine.

In return, the creation of an MLP game of your choice - Plot, Play, Story, Name, VAs, everything. I just wanna program it.

Also, Can we have each pony seperated into different .blend files, It'll make it easier on Ogre.
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>> No. 34931
I suppose I should list animations needed...
Walking, Galloping, Trotting, Jumping, Laying down, rear back, mane bouncing (On celistia, hair river). you know, basically everything you see em do in the show x.x
>> No. 35029
Does it have to be in blender?
>> No. 35032
I suppose not, I really just need the ending product to be a .mesh, .skeleton and textures files are supported by Ogre3D aswell
>> No. 35080
Youtube embed play button
  Looks like I figured out how to animate successfully as far as lip sync goes. Just need leg movement.

Also, the music video is more of like a proof of concept for me atm. Bigger better projects soon to come =)
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Ponykart uses ogre3d and it's open source, so I guess you could use them if you want as long as you say where they're from

and they don't have the gmod models' awful faces
>> No. 35105

I could touch up them faces to prob, What do you have in mind? How do you see them as awful?

Not enough Vertex? Resolutions is under-par

Not the right shape?

Eyes too small/big

mouth not proportion?

Give me some feedback so I can touch them up.

Also, I was hoping to stay away from Pony-karts files for now. At least until I have a little more experience on my own.
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