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34957 No. 34957
Guten Tag, everypony. I'm organizing an animated musical based on Cupcakes and Sweeney Todd. It's set in an alternate timeline of MLP and follows a story somewhat similar to Sweeney Todd, and parodies all of its songs, but with ponies of course. If you're interested in voice acting for this project (plenty of male and female roles to be had) or creating artwork, please visit my YouTube channel at for all the info.
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>> No. 34991
Intredasted to the days.
>> No. 34994
File 133074694944.png - (141.67KB , 375x298 , lawd.png )
Well this is going to be interesting.

I wonder what rhymes with hacksaw.
>> No. 35026
File 133082958931.jpg - (47.66KB , 219x375 , Scarcity A HA.jpg )
Audition for ALL the parts!

Too bad I cannot sing at all :|
>> No. 35035
I wish you best of luck with this, but, eh... looks like you're gonna have some competition. >>17544
>> No. 35044
File 133088499185.png - (34.88KB , 195x171 , 4thwall_derpy.png )
>> No. 35046
Looks like I'll try out for Spike. Let's see what I can do!
>> No. 35051
I would love to do this! I will probably be trying out for the male supporting roles, with good singing!
>> No. 35096
Alright! Can't wait to hear some auditions and don't worry if you (think you) can't sing. I'm not looking for perfection and this does have a pretty big cast. As for My Little Musical, I doubt there'll be any sort of major competition (we're not out for money or anything). Keep in mind that the deadline is March 17 and I'd like as many people applying as possible, so do it darn it! Once again, I can't what to see what you guys have to offer!
>> No. 35097
That feel when I've already acted out this fantasy several fucking times.

The first scene is Rainbow Dash flying around doing shit, talking to people, a voiceover appears describing how oh my god she needs to go to Pinkie's, the title flies across the screen.suddenly, screen is blacked.

It reappears to show rainbow dash getting ready to go to pinkie's while this song - - plays. Every time 'dresses dresses dresses dresses' plays, Rainbow Dash's attire changes with each 'dresses'.
>> No. 35098
That song and Ceep Calm and Cupcakes, which is played over the credits - - are the only non-original songs in the entire play, by the way.

Rainbow Dash flies over to Pinkie's, where she is greeted by an ecstatic Pinkie. Pinkie begins to sing of her gratitude towards Rainbow Dash as a friend, "You're Always There To Lend a Helping Hoof" Stereotypical show tune sort of thing.

A discussion takes place, Pinkie Pie asks -- err sings, "Would You Like a Tiny Treat?". Rainbow Dash says sure, takes a bite of the cupcake, and it's all gallows humor from there.
>> No. 35100
You know what's hard as shit?
Finding time.
Time is hard to find.
>> No. 35101
Hey just thought I would say I sent you an email just to notify myself :).
>> No. 35102
I posted on the VA video that I will be creating a demo for you. I'll try to get it finished this week, but it will definitely be finished by the due date :P
>> No. 35911
Bump... some roles have been filled
The new deadline for further auditions and applications is March 31 at 11:59 PM EST.
>> No. 35916
File 133263362157.png - (284.02KB , 506x422 , rd sing.png )
I really think I can do Spike, I can sing.
Give me a few days.
>> No. 35919
Way to go me for successfully not doing shit.
And I was working on Big Mac and Fancypants too. >:(
I guess I can still contribute to the chorus.
>> No. 36096
Since there still seem to be quite a few people who want to audition or apply as an artist, I've extended the deadline to April 7 at 11:59 PM EST. You must submit your audition or begin the artist application process by that time. Don't wait until the last minute and let the deadline pass. As there are currently only 6 cast members, chances are you will be placed on the cast if you audition. The roles still available are Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Spike, Derpy Hooves, Octavia, Cheerilee, Mrs. Cake, Granny Smith, and the chorus is always open. Best of luck and I hope to hear at least a few more excellent auditions before the 7th.
>> No. 36112
So yea, I will probably be able to record for Spike this weekend. Looks like fun!
>> No. 36124
Sorry, Trixie! The part of Trixie is also still open
>> No. 36257
I did it!! Here's a download for a WAV
I did an older version of Spike like you talked about in the video, and I think I did pretty good
If I'm not picked as Spike will I still be able to be a part of the chorus?
>> No. 36280
Yes, you can be still be in the chorus
>> No. 36305
...does that mean i didn't make it?
>> No. 36337
That means that, if not cast as Spike, you can still be a chorus member. I'm not making final casting decisions until after the deadline
>> No. 36537
are u revealing the list tomorow or on the 8th?
>> No. 36570
Ok! Today's the day!
*crosses fingers*
>> No. 36582
File 133384482315.jpg - (5.81KB , 227x213 , sad pony.jpg )
Crap. Just missed the deadline.
>> No. 36594
Still an hour and forty minutes for any last minute auditions (they'll be considered just as much as the ones who auditioned two weeks ago). Also, I'll be e-mailing those who make it for confirmation on their parts and the cast list will probably be posted between Tuesday and Friday
>> No. 36595
Still an hour and forty minutes for any last minute auditions (they'll be considered just as much as the ones who auditioned two weeks ago). Also, I'll be e-mailing those who make it for confirmation on their parts and the cast list will probably be posted between Tuesday and Friday
>> No. 36608
Posted a video on youtube, set it as a video response and also pm'd it to you.
>> No. 36615
does that mean that youll be emailing the people tonight but showing the rest of us on tues or wednesday?
>> No. 36634
I never gave an email....
[email protected] (it's old)
>> No. 36635
*[email protected]
>> No. 36699
when will u be emailing?
>> No. 36711
>>36699 In the next half-hour, most likely
>> No. 36713
it looks like i didnt make it
>> No. 36715
Okay. It took a while, but the chosen cast has been e-mailed. Once I receive word that they accept their roles, the final cast update video will be made and production can begin. Thank you to everypony who auditioned (and those who didn't, but bumped this thread anyway) and I look forward to the macabre journey that lies ahead
>> No. 36774
Xozjain, dear, I cannot express my delight!

I am very excited to really get started and act out Ms. Pinkie's poor plight.
>> No. 36881
when will u guys be starting?
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