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Hello all! Herooftime here. Luna's Quest is still going on. I just wanted to recap for those who don't know.

I'm making a game on Adventure Games Studio that is much like the King's Quest series but with ponies!

I'm getting my stories, scenes, sprites and backgrounds made slowly but surely. (I've done all this myself, mind you. Any and all help is appreciated.) I just wanted to say what whould make this game unique to King's Quest.

There is an elements system where Luna gains pieces of the Elements of Harmony. For example, it is possible to lie easily out of an unwanted conversation, but if you tell the truth and tell it in a way that won't cause a panic or a game over, you get a piece of the Element of Honesty. If you don't help out Twilight's friends in a side-quest and continue on your own way, you will lose the chance at gaining the element of Loyalty. You need to fill all five elements before the 6th is revealed and get the final showdown and best ending.

As in most Sierra games, death traps are abundant
in this point-and-click game. So you need to save early and save often.

That's all. I'll give you some videos to look at. Feel free to assist me if you want in sprites or whatnot by contacting me at [email protected]

Thank you!
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Also, some scenes are made by my sister helping out. :)
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