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Hey it's Tabby here! (Thanks to RAG for showing me this.) So just in case you did not know about Team 5 let me inform you about us.

- Team 5 is a pretty fairly new group. It's member count is small but hopefully will expand as the Team becomes more involved.

- Animators, artists, scriptwriters, Voice Actors, Music producers, will all be eventually involved with this project.

- Team 5 will produce different kinds of artworks but it's main focus will be animation.

More info. on DevArt page.

With that being said we have FINALLY opened up for certain positions right now. We need people who can vector for promo art AND a VA for a certain role ;) PLEASE visit my DevArt page for more in depth information on the positions and VA needed. If I need to i'll copy and paste my journal entry here but it'll be a lot easier just to click on the link. <--- Link for Team 5

If you have any other questions, send me a message via DevArt or via email: [email protected]

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