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We all know that there are hundreds of incredibly talented bonies out there. I want to set up a way to help bronies with talented voices get heard, by setting up a "Brony Idol". Like American Idol, differnt people would audition (probably in video form) and other people could vote on their favorites. There could be "celebrity" judges as well.
Now, this is just the early brainstorming stage. Im makeing this thread just to get the idea out there and have people give other suggestions.
I really want to do this! What does everypony else think?
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I was thinking about how it could all work. People email video of them singing and showing off their voice (It could be a song from the show, or a song by aa brony artist, or maybe somehting else if they really wanted). I could edit these videos together, along with hosting/voice over with it. IN each online episode, one person is eliminated and all others send in a new song. I was thinking about how the judges could work, they could watch the auditions as well and give critiques, in animated pony form!
I would really like to see what everypony else has to say, give ideas!
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