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35050 No. 35050
Hello out there everypony! I come to you right now with a proposition. I have a bold idea suddenly, and that is A Very Bad Fan Fiction Reading for My Little Pony video webseries.

I have not really researched these kind of videos, but the readings among YouTube are of mostly average stories to the best of them. I want to break away from that, and go straight to the bad ones. The cheesy ones. The ones that force you to say, "Wow, that is ridiculously cliche." I ask you, can this be accomplished? Only if there is co-operation among those that are willing to help me. This includes female voice actors, some male voice actors, and also an animator if that gets decided upon in the future.

I wish for you all to help me with this goal of mine, and I have a video on YouTube that mainly facilitates the outline that I currently have. If you wish to contact me, go to my YouTube account, which will be the account that posted video I will eventually link. You may also contact me at [email protected] The video link is right here:

I thank you for your comments, ideas, and etc. Reply with your own thoughts on this, and thank you for your time reading this. *I also have not checked if this has been pitched before on this website, but if it has, please so alert me. I would then decide if I will make an independent series, or just come up with another idea.*
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>> No. 35095
Ah yes, reading bad fanfics. A favourite pastime of mine xD I'd love to read them aloud for a video. Was thinking of starting that up for my own channel! XD
>> No. 35099
My name is Hamish.
I have a voice and can read.
Where's the waiting room?
>> No. 35104
Here, have half an flank.
Best story 5ever
>> No. 35109
File 133102856231.png - (209.93KB , 784x1019 , Flutter26 - Thinking.png )
Umm, hello..i may be able to help on these..I am told I have a clear voice..and I have done readings before on my collaboration youtube account. If you wish, I may be able to talk with my partner and we could read them. With you perhaps organising and helping us, as this is your project..Or even helping us with voices and such things
>> No. 36498
i would love to do this. ill send you an email
>> No. 36499
i would love to do this. ill send you an email
>> No. 36500
did not mean to post that twice lol
>> No. 36548
Oh god, that made me laugh already.
>> No. 36583
I sent you an email, I would love to help. I can voice act.
>> No. 38385
Voice acting please.
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