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Hey I am a aspiring writer who is a brony (hence why I'm here) but I was looking for some other writers who were willing to write a series with me that deals with the other mane six. Derpy, Bon Bon, Lyra, Octavia, Doctor Whooves, and Vinyl Scratch. Along with other background ponies and some OCs. It will tell of the untold show, the other mane six's adventures. Using some scenes, events, and mane characters from FiM it will be a script telling of the others story. and since it's FiM they will be trying to, from the shadows, gear the mane poines to learn about friendship but also learning about it themselves. I don't know, just ideas, anypony wanna join?
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Great great GREAT idea you've got here if it is done properly.

Unfortunately, I am no writer, so I can't help on that front, but I am a male voice actor. So, depending on what format you plan on making this in, I may be able to help in that way!

Any hoof, best of luck to ya!
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wow well thank you! Do you have a deviantart or anything I can add you on? Mine is Cokeysion. So we can talk about VA?
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I'm Mr-Jax.
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Screenwriter here. I'm busy with my own stuff to write for your project, but I can look them over and revise them.

I left my non-personal email. Send me a message if you'd like my services, I'll respond with one of my personal emails.
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