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Hey every pony, Inky here of the Traveling Museum.

I'm looking for suggestions and help as well as artists!

Have some copy paste :

The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork, plushies, sculptures and more from various artists of the brony community. The purpose of this museum is to showcase artists work and their own special talents.

The Museum will be traveling to all major brony conventions throughout the United States.

So what does being a part of the Traveling Pony Museum mean? It means your plushies or artwork will be featured at conventions all over the United States along side a group of artists already on board for the project.

The museum will be venturing to the major brony meetups all over the United States including Everfree Northwest, Bronies Ohio, Bronies Boston, DC Bronies and more.

The Traveling Pony Museum will also be making frequent appearances at Bronies NYC; the monthly brony Meetup in New York.

For all donations : Send via PayPal to [email protected]
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