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I'm looking to start production of a 3D platformer inspired by the likes of Spyro and Super Mario 64 (DS). As of now I'm just looking around to see what I could use to start piecing the game together to the point where I could get it out there and show that I'm serious about this project. However, my talents lie in design and writing. I can do some programming and stuff as well, but any art and animation on my own is pretty much out of the picture, as I'm terrible at that kind of thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some of my design notes (all possible features are so subject to change it's not even funny, these is just first draft ideas):

An evil entity is sucking the magic out of Equestria which causes, among other bad things, the ponies to weaken; the mane 6 must stop it. Possible appearances from older villains, i.e Nightmare Moon and Discord, possibly in a three hub-world set up.

World One: Nightmare Moon/The Nightmare
World Two: Discord
World Three: The Big Bad (unnamed)

Gameplay is inspired by Spyro, Super Mario 64 (DS).

Pony Unique Abilities
Twilight: Ranged Spells, can activate Teleportation Plates, Moderate Health, Combat Telekinesis
Applejack: High Jump, Climbing, High Health, Moderately High Melee Damage, Jack of All Stats
Rainbow Dash: Fastest, Aerial Attacks, Long Jump, Long Glide, Use of the Flight Power Up
Pinkie Pie: Snorkel (can swim), Running on Water, Party Favors (Utility Weapons/Traps)
Fluttershy: Animal Helpers, Short Glide, Wall-Breaking (using animal helpers), Glass Cannon
Rarity: Disguises, Gem Finding, Resource Finder, Utility Character

Everypony (except most likely Twilight and possibly Applejack) must be found and rescued a la Super Mario 64 DS’s alternate characters.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at [email protected]


(Picture barely related but awesome)
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