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Hello everypony! I'm new here at /collab/ and would really like to be a part of something. I'm not a very good artist or programmer, but I do Let's Plays for YouTube and can do video and sound editing. I'm also a fairly good musician, but I know this place is definitely not in short supply of musicians far better than myself. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to ask if there is anything I can do or be a part of? I just want to help somewhere, even if it's just something small.
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I'd be glad to have you on board for The Brony Rock Anthem project I'm working on.
Link to thread >>34708
I can offer you some editing position when i collect the singers. Also I'd like you post some of your work in the Brony Rock Anthem thread or send a link to my email. [email protected]
Be seeing ya.
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