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Hey Bronies, I have been running a small group working on several projects for a new website but have come to the point where I need a few more volunteer developers. If anypony is good in PHP, Python, C#, or Drupal CMS then please send in an application. We really need a few more volunteers who would be willing to work a few hours a week on this community project. A lot of the work has been done but now its getting impossible to finish without a few more developers. If you are fluent in another programming language and interested in helping a community project submit the application anyways I am sure we can find something for you to do. If interested please apply through the developer site here
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>> No. 35211
I know I would possibly qualify for this, after having worked with PHP and Python, but I already have a bit on my plate as it stands. What I'm really interested in is what kinds of projects are you developing. Not many people would just want to help out after hearing the requirements if they don't even know what they'll really be helping. Like in my case, my specialty is more in graphics programming, but it turns out your project is all about databases then I wouldn't apply. It would feel like a waste of time if I would apply without knowing that bit of information and then I learn that that happens to be the case and I don't get accepted.
>> No. 35212
I am fluent in PHP, C++, and am somewhat familiar with Drupal in terms of what it is, does, and how it functions, but haven't coded specifically for it in a long time. I also do some MySQL stuff. But I would like some more info on what exactly you guys are doing before I sign onto anything.
>> No. 35213
Also am learning C#, but from what I can infer, it's not too different from C++.
>> No. 35215
I apologize for not giving to much detail around the several projects that are being done. I really do not like giving out too much information to the publifemoral arteryil after I think the project looks presentable. However your requests our absolutely valid, so to answer your questions:

The biggest project we are working on right now is adding to the website a valuable search and download service regarding all fan made material. I am trying to make it simpler to find material that you like and to find from that material, other things you may like. This would be specific to MLP fan-fiction of course. Then it goes beyond this by providing an offline interface to manage and find new media. I wont go into to much detail here as each person would be assigned to their specific group for this. We do need a good graphic designer to make the current site and program more presentable. If you are good in python your help will be appreciated as we need some scripts to be working in the sites background. For the C# we work in the MonoDevelop IDE to make the program work in GTK# so it remains cross platform.
>> No. 35216
This website does not stop with just this service though, so depending upon how many interested people there are we may be able to open up some more features earlier. Feel free to submit your application it can really help out the group.
>> No. 35217
File 133127949543.jpg - (52.57KB , 600x524 , 130876959115.jpg )
> I am trying to make it simpler to find material that you like and to find from that material, other things you may like.
That right there is one of the most interesting (and challenging) services to deliver in an elegant manner, not to mention a big part of the internet today. Google, Facebook, Last.FM, Pandora and Amazon are some of the kingpins in this area. Might I suggest:

I'd help if I weren't busy with a project of my own right now :-P I'm fluent in Python / PHP and rusty on Drupal but studying up on it for a work-related project (in addition to Yii Framework, ohgodwhathavIgottenmyselfinto). What you're doing sounds pretty ambitious but might be useful; it promises to be an omnibus of fan-created content and surpass Equestria Daily in its ability to search, sort, filter etc. I'm not quite sure why an offline interface would be necessary, though (is it just for downloading and keeping a library of stuff?)
>> No. 35219
Thats the exact purpose of the offline manager, I want it not only to be easy to find material but also to download it. And when I refer to fan material I mean any media type related to the brony community (videos, pictures, text, etc.). I have already set up several systems to handle this content and distribution. As for the search system, I have already been hard at work with it but have come to the point that I will need help from some other developers. We will be using the apache solr module as a base however we will need to make some heavy customizations to it. The backend will be scanning common sites and finding more relevant information and the k-nearest neighbor algorithm is very similar to what we will be implementing to find content you like.
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File 133246237159.png - (9.51KB , 90x114 , 133127476959.png )
Hey, I'm one of the co-founders -- well, I will be once the site goes live I guess -- of the site, and we're STILL looking for developers, ESPECIALLY for Python. If any of you are still interested, just shoot me an email. Thank you!
>> No. 36009
I've tried to reach your email account but it says delivery error. I have contacted you through the main page.
>> No. 36110
Yeah, that was my bad. I had set my email on here as - which is the developer's site - instead of - which is the email. I've double-checked that this one is .com, and it is. This email will work. Again, my apologies.
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