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Hello everypony I am 20yr old Game Design Student looking for people willing to help set up a website for a Brony Game Developer Community as well as Leads for different disciplines(eg. designers, programmers, artists, composers).

The purpose of this website is to bring together bronies who are interested in game development. I've had quite a positive responsive after posting the following proposal on Reddit:

"I've been throwing the idea for a game development community for a while now. Something like toastbeard (which is used by the musicians) but for bronies interested in game development. Now I'll say right now that I'm not talking about just pony games. My vision behind this idea is to help bronies connect and learn from one another, this as a result can help bronies find others to work with on either a pony game or a commercial game.

One thing I want to specifically implement brainstorming/design discussions. This would happen in the form of taking a stimulus (similar to toastbeard) through a phrase or keywords. An example taken from a 40hr game development competition I was involved in was "Forgetful, Relative, Opposite". At this point we would take some time to think about the stimulus before finally pitching a game idea incorporating each of the key words. Everypony would then be encouraged to provide feedback and ways to enhance the pitched idea.

The main reason for why I'm putting this idea forward is that for months I've been paying attention on EQD for any small flash games that draw attention. Some are silly and fun, some are made for laughs and end up having a poor level of design; however there are some that have serious potential. Some of you may have played "My Little Hang Glider", if you haven't you really should. When I first saw it I said to myself "this has the potential to become a full commercial game". In our community we have successful artists and musicians who have gone or who are going commercial with their craft. These sub communities have grown with constant back and forth discussion with one another. I want to make that happen here. Anypony can make a game, but only a great designer can make a great game. As long as people are willing to learn, I am more than happy to offer a helping hand in order to improve your craft. It's usually difficult to find people with the skills to undergo a game project. Let's provide people with those skills.

Thank you for reading"

My primary roles would include setting up design discussion sessions, posting helpful articles on aspects of design theory and providing critique whenever possible. I have many game and music related projects that I am working on for my portfolio which is why I am looking for Leads to help run the site and aide people in improving their craft.

Most importantly I need somepony who can build the website. If anypony would be interested in joining the team please send an email to [email protected]
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>> No. 35302
Popping in to say
that's a real fuckin' good idea!
>> No. 35308
I give my full support to this idea. I am a 18 year old Game Design student myself.
So Initially your gonna be looking for some Web Designers to get this project up and running. I know a few Web Design students, not bronys though mind you, Ill see if I can get them on board.
>> No. 35309
This needs to happen

In fact, why hasn't this happened?
>> No. 35312
File 133150126183.png - (81.66KB , 228x289 , 1330119742860.png )
What's the point of making a small community that'll die off eventually instead of just joining a much larger one? Plenty of these sorts of things exist, and you'd get a much larger variety of feedback and opinions there.

I don't think there's enough game devs here to justify starting anything - most of us are already busy working on our own projects, and have enough sites to read/manage already.

I'm the founder of dA's biggest game development art group and former game development art gallery moderator, and I can tell you that the #1 reason why its community is so quiet is because everypony's busy working on their own projects. I'd be very surprised if this situation was any different.
>> No. 35314
File 133150185608.png - (1.05MB , 1680x1050 , swag.png )
Why not try to join up with some other community? Try to contact an already existing site like Equestria Gaming.

I agree with Hoppip that a lot of devs and designers are busy working on their projects... Making a game isn't like making a song or a drawing - it takes a long time and a large team to make a really good one (one that isn't just 10 minutes of entertainment and then you're done).
So I don't think a game design community will be quite as popular as an artist/song...maker... community.

However, a place to discuss game design, swap ideas, show each other our game design projects... Yeah, that'd be pretty cool! But like I said, you don't need to build a whole new website for it, just strike a deal with some existing website or forum.

We COULD do it here on /collab/ but I feel like the board is way too unorganized for something like that..
>> No. 35315
Thank you Circuit, you just started my day with a smile :D
>> No. 35316
While you make good points. Surly making a site were brony game developers can bounce idea's and learn from one another cant be a bad thing.
I feel a lot of brony game developers go into there own projects maybe because theres not really that many places to find people in a organised environment, a lot a people feel "chan" sites are not the best place to organise things.
>> No. 35318
yeah, but when making a game you generally thrive on attention - if nopony gives a shit about your game, you lose motiviation quickly and you end up with yet another unfinished game. Plenty of people visit ponychan, and splitting the game dev stuff onto another site won't give you very much feedback - you'd only really get it from a few people over and over again, when what you really want is plenty of people all with different opinions of it.

Hell, I even sometimes go and shitpost about ponykart on /v/ every now and again and see what people think. Granted, it never takes long before it just turns into a general brony hate thread, but oh well
>> No. 35322
Yeh your right about feedback, maybe this idea isn't the way to go. But then again who says that you just have to put your project up for feedback on the on just that site, put it everywhere you want ^.^

A site could be used as just another place to talk about game development, get feedback share ideas and such. It would just be more centrally focused on Game Dev Bronies, so a larger concentration of more knowledgeable people about game development can give better feedback.
>> No. 35326
I love this idea and you actually sound like a serious person. Did you get the email I've sent you? If don't, please send me a email at leandro [at] leandropoblet [dot] com
>> No. 35327
Which is particularly why I was also after Discipline Leads in the community. Different opinion can be okay, but if you're only getting stupid responses like "It's awesome" or "I don't know". Has the designer taken calligraphy stokes into consideration when designing the player control system? What is the emotional flow? Do the different elements of their game stay true to the games original vision? Then there's discussing narrative and secondary elements. Is there enough reason to turn it into a Zeitgeist game? The list goes on and on. Understanding design theory is important in order to provide GOOD feedback.
>> No. 35361
File 133155176219.jpg - (13.69KB , 286x315 , 131010211297.jpg )
Make it if you want, I'm just saying don't expect it to get very big

>calligraphy stokes
>emotional flow
>Zeitgeist game
>> No. 35362
I wouldn't expect it to get "big", and Im not gonna make it (don't have the time to manage a site). Just suggesting that a site like that could only help people.
>> No. 35364

That is not design theory, that is meaningless words.

You don't need to be a professional game designer with qualifications to design good games. Those courses suffer from the same problem as business schools - they teach rigid schools of thought rather than trying to find what about a game makes people want to play it.
>> No. 35376

AAAAnd off goes any credibility.
>> No. 35437
This sounds like it could be an interesting idea. I don't know if it'd take off like the music community has, but I think it's worth a shot. Putting out a call for help on /collab/ is generally futile since people don't want to join a project where they have no idea about the level of commitment the author has. Providing a working demo is one way to show commitment, but there's a *lot* to game development and most people who only have a subset of the necessary skills will burn out before a demo is made.

What is needed you need is a space for people to request help on *specific* issues. I might not be willing to join your project, but I'm much more apt to provide answers to specific questions when they stray into my area of expertise. Its true that you can get that any any developer community but sometimes its nice to have more in common, especially when most people still raise their eyebrows when you start talking about ponies ;)
>> No. 35887

Well crap I wanted to do this but now it probably won't be taken seriously.

As for why it can be of use, a community does not need to be super active to be useful. Posting at a chan is a way to get lots of low quality posts. A focus community can be slow but insightful.
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