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File 133144883018.png - (81.50KB , 320x240 , ddo_3.png )
35285 No. 35285
A fangame I'm working on.
Help Daring Do get the treasure and make it out alive!

Feel free to post impressions, bugs, suggestions etc.

Default controls: Arrow keys to move/duck, space bar to jump (hold jump to jump higher)
Arrow keys and space bar also navigate the menu.
You can redefine the controls in the options.

A full list of who made/ripped what is in the CREDITS option in the menu.

Download link:

More screenshots:
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>> No. 35290
i love this fandom for gems like these.

hmm.. upper spikes dont harm Do..

also we should finally decide if DD is flying , gliding or permanently damaged pegasi.
>> No. 35310
Want to play,

don't want to boot into windows...

Ponies come first

Will post reactions... eventually
>> No. 35311
Oh hey

Wine works pretty well

Yeah, I like it so far. Daring Doo feels a tad too floaty for having a broken wing, though.
>> No. 35313
Ok, here's what I found:

1. Sometimes snakes will collide with walls and stop moving; I wish I had a picture, but I saw a snake stuck in a wall, suspended over a pit

2. You've got the text set to appear in a specific order, not by location. This can mess up if you activate the "end of Test" text box before you activate the "spike trap" text box, and causes her to say things in the wrong place.

As an engine, things feel pretty smooth. Now, do keep in mind that she moves at roughly "Megaman" speed; that is, fairly slow. This is suited for gameplay where scanning your environment is important, like in megaman or castlevania- keep this in mind while designing levels, or else you'll get complaints about her moving too slow. It's too slow for platforming to be a main draw of the game, so avoiding obstacles, like in Castlevania or Megaman, should be the prime objective.

A note on falling:
There is no visual indivation that she can drop down the first pit

she can drop down the edge of the spikes and land in the last area

-Minor Side-note
If you are looking for inspiration for what to do to make the levels interesting, and how the character should feel when they move, I suggest Derek Yu's Spelunky

It's a freeware game made in game maker that's amazing in so many ways; you might be able to find something interesting in this game that you could draw from.
>> No. 35340
1- I haven't seen the snakes screw up on my end, but I'll look into it. Do you think the snakes should be able to be killed by being jumped on, or should they just be a constant threat you need to jump?

2- I should've mentioned that this first level is just a way to put all the objects in one place and test out the functionality, that's why you can just fall down the first hole into the lower area.

The text system does need some work.

I was thinking of making the levels taller. Right now you can duck, maybe ducking should do the classic the-camera-looks-lower so you can see if a hole is safe? You're right though, I do need to let the player know that they can fall down some holes.

Upper spikes work for me, they dont reach you unless you jump though (the chest is meant to tempt you to jump).
I made her wing stay damaged so it was much more platform-y. Perhaps an intro cutscene at some point can explain that she hurt it again >.>
>> No. 35380
Snakes should be killable- however, you should use them as both an obstacle and a level feature, such as timing your jumps against enemies to boost your height, or luring a pack of them into a hole to draw something out. Just making them death touch enemies would be annoying.

Ducking, as well as moving the camera, should shrink her hitbox, and maybe even offer a short invincibility frame against certain things (like arrows/swords) (think dodging)

You also have a few unmapped buttons, maybe you could define one for camera control? Tap it to reset it to dead center, hold it and move arrow keys to shift the screen around (within a short distance of daring doo)

As for her wing being broken, you could start the game with a flying level, and have her get damaged during it. Then, as her wing heals throughout the game, give her boosted platforming abilities. This could also create a tense final escape scene, where she has to escape despite how much her wing hurts as it hasn't fully healed, and she has gimped flight abilities because of it
>> No. 35409
I've uploaded a new version (same file link as OP). This version contains:
-Hold jump while you land on a snake to bounce high!
-Holding up/down while standing still allows you to look up/down and see traps etc.
-Holding shift (button 2 in options) and left or right while standing still allows you to peek left and right.
-A big chest that has more treasure than the small one
-More of the map to explore

I've added camera controls like you suggested (and you in the credits)! Try it out and see what you think.

I was thinking of something similar to her wing healing, so the later levels have more sparse platforms but you can float to make up for it. I think it could be a bit cruel for the player to have flight then lose it right at the start, but maybe that would be motivation?
>> No. 35436
File 133168476556.png - (145.01KB , 1262x1383 , BoltThinking1.png )
Only thing I can say at the moment is that I really don't like the slow jumps she has. Other than that, seems like it could be a fun lil platformer.
>> No. 35446
Perhaps there could a difficulty option which would change the number of lives you start with and lower the floatiness of her jumps, making timing much more important on hard?
>> No. 35569
I think instead of actually altering her gravity, as people are suggesting, you should make a simple change to make her feel like she jumps faster, but really doesn't-

Impliment hang time. Have her reach the crest of her jump faster, and fall more quickly, but have her hang at the crest for a tiny bit. This will be functionally the same as it already is, but she will feel more quick and light on her feet, while getting rid of her "floatyness"

I like the camera controls; the only thing that would make them better is if they were 8-way instead of just 4-way, but that's really not super necessary.

And full flight in the beginning would be a good hook level, to give the player a taste of how good she gets. If you want to take it far enough to add bonus levels, there could even be a cloudsdale level after you beat the game with her full flight abilities.
>> No. 35632
That's a good idea actually. Tinkering with her gravity was just making the timing for jumping unfun or too floaty.
Once I get all the basic engine bits done in the test level, a full-flight level wouldn't be too hard...
I was also plotting a level editor.
>> No. 35635

Quick new version with stronger gravity, so holding jump and getting 'hang time' is more important. New area under construction over to the right (via top route).
>> No. 35691
Alright, some things I noted:

Her gravity feels a little better, but it has a bit of a quirk. It seems that I can only seem to get over the arrow shooting idol half the time I jump. I expect it's because that's a different type of entity than the regular level blocks, and she sort of "collides" with it when she touches it. The only way I can seem to get over it is by jumping before I get near it, and landing right on top of it.

Be sure to extend the world tiles long enough that you can't peek and see where they end

Snakes have an... odd hitbox. If you jump on them as they're traveling away from you, and land right on the tip of their tail, and then continue walking, you'll sort of... trample them. You could add a special animation for this, because right now she just sort of jitters when it happens. (Just have the game check if you're in the air when you kill one, and play the respective animation.)

Also, I really, really dislike the current arrow shooter. The arrows are too long, and they worked well in Sonic 2 because of the relative size of them- they're basically spears in this. I'm a fan of the spelunky arrow traps- they would lob an arrow when something got on the same x-coordinate as it (such as a rock) and that was its only arrow. They are awful and accurate, but very, very fair.
Now, that's not to say you should do away with the current traps, but it would be neat if she could maybe jump on them like enemies mid flight for a height boost, or just to dismantle them.

And another thing that I feel needs addressing- the current life system. Hitpoints would probably be better suited, so long as they offer invincibility, but don't forcibly move you in any direction when they happen. HP should be hard to recover, and somewhat limited (maybe 3 hits?) but one-hitpoint wonders are really something that should be avoided.
>> No. 35735
Ah, you're right, I just threw that version up real quick and didn't even go near the arrow shooter. Instead of the Spelunky-style arrow shooter, I was thinking of making the arrows a little slower and longer --- but you'll be able to stand on them like floating platforms and only the tips will be dangerous.

I have noticed that glitch with the snakes, I have no idea what causes this. You should bounce off the snake no matter where you land on them D:

I was tossing up between a health bar that shows above your head when not full and regens slowly (ala Skyrim) and a Mario-style 2-hit system. The pits of static spikes may have to be insta-kill or adjusted so you can get out.
>> No. 35749
Personally, I like the idea of a single hit per life, but the levels would have to be designed around it with enough checkpoints to prevent frustration.
>> No. 35948
Can you upload Daring Do resources (images) somewhere?
>> No. 36380

Sadly, I only have the images done inside Multimedia Fusion 2. Here's the source for anypony that can open it. I'll extract the images properly when I get some time off class.
>> No. 36388
File 133354845486.gif - (657.75KB , 640x360 , 1382 - animated apple_bloom jumping.gif )

I can work with these.
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