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File 133149771738.png - (46.74KB , 994x261 , Whinnypeg logo.png )
35306 No. 35306
Hello there! Are you an aspirant voice actor? Are you up to the challenge to voice some really quirky characters? Are you seeking to be part of a team and join artists, writers and musicians together in a crusade to make one of the "LOUDEST" online storybooks out there?

Well you're in luck, my dear friend, because we're currently seeking Voice Actors for our promotional videos (and possible future skits) to get around!

We're looking for both female and male aspirants, but you can go ahead and try for roles opposite to your gender!

If you're interested (and of course, want to know the details into "Well what the heck am I getting to? Who am I voicing here? Will they give me donuts at the end of the day?) Just send an e-mail over saying you're interested and we'll go from there!

And since I've gotten this question more than once: Just click on my name right up there over the post, and you'll see the address.

Team Whinnypeg and myself will be waiting eagerly for your interest!

OH! And if you call now, and are interested or able to make short animations (Say, three-frame gifs), go ahead and ask away for that position too!

We'll be waiting eagerly on your responses.
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>> No. 35332
Fyi, when you put your address in the "email" field like that, clicking it works as a "mailto" link. That means it loads up your email program. Except I just use gmail via the browser, so my default mail program is Microsoft Office, which isn't even set up. So when I click your name I have to wait for the whole program to load up and get through setup and such.

It's easier to just write out the address in the text of the post, is what I'm saying.

And by the way, spambots know to check the "email" field. You may be getting some spam soon.

Anyway, I'll send you an email. And I'll copy it here, just for the heck of it:

Some random voices I've done:
>> No. 35339
File 133152945380.png - (81.66KB , 876x748 , Missy heh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
I understand (in fact, it actually does the same thing to me, loading up a whole unnecesary program), but I thought it would be practical.

However, I'll leave me e-mail here [email protected] just for conveniencies' sake.

Also, we really, really, REALLY need more applications on the female part of the cast, since the guy to girl ratio is 2-4. And we know there's plenty that want to give it a shot! So take it!
>> No. 35383

You can check out some of my stuff on my Youtube page

I'll also record and clean up a couple of demos sometime later this week (say Wednesday/Thursday) specifically for this project. Sure I already have a lot on my plate, but adding this can't hurt, I already use those times for recording anyways.
>> No. 35390
File 133159576523.png - (135.61KB , 937x1069 , Dulset happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
That is great! Be sure to send your samples to my e-mail! That's where I'm organizing most of the stuff.

>That feeling when you get mostly male auditions in a primarily female cast.

Come on! I know there's more of you out there who likes a challenge! Team Whinnypeg's waiting for your auditions!
>> No. 35402
Bpresents! aside, I can do some high pitched moderately Pinkie-esque voices, whoever said I wouldn't audition both sides of the Aisle?

I just don't normally do said voices because they usually don't work in whatever context I'm in.
>> No. 35403
File 133161150397.png - (110.44KB , 839x1062 , Canyum gazing in awe by Puffcloud_.png )
Well, be sure to send me the e-mail asking for the info so I can provide it to you!

Same goes for everypony who wants to audition!

The deadline will most likely be a week from now, or probably a week after I finish some stuff around the site, which will be pretty soon.

Be sure to send in your applications and samples, fellas!
>> No. 35413
I would like to try!!

I'll see if i can grab some chicks for this too if you'd like ;P
>> No. 35416
Usually I like to see concept art/music to judge the quality of the project
>> No. 35422
File 133166320787.png - (80.68KB , 876x731 , Missy smile by Prince Bluelolz.png )
I give a link to the site (which contains a big chunk of the aforementioned art and music) to those who sned me the e-mail asking for information.

Also, the characters I've been posting with are the characters you'd be applying for.
Hey, that would be awesome! I'll be waiting on your application.
>> No. 35480
File 133176748697.png - (623.34KB , 1024x1024 , Misura taking a picture by Lord Teaton.png )
Correction: The deadline to submit applications along with samples is next tuesday, that is March 20, 2012

Go on ahead and keep sending those applications and samples, peeps! Team Whinnypeg is waiting on you to show what you got (Particularly because, the character Snow Globe is quite quirky).
>> No. 35494
File 133178935457.jpg - (5.66KB , 140x196 , Snide wondering.jpg )
Is this the end of Tuesday, or the beginning?
>> No. 35496
File 133179053215.png - (165.10KB , 560x314 , Welcome to Whinnypeb by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Probably after 4/5 pm central in the afternoon. I'll have the final judgement done that night and I'll send the e-mails telling who got the part, who didn't, who's been kept for future roles, etc.

So far the samples have been really great! It's really nice to see all the different takes people have in these very quirky characters.

>For those who were asking for artwork, here's the welcome sign featured on the site.
>> No. 35567
Are you still in need for a voice actress? I would love to help out. ^_^
And if you need a sample of my voice
here it is~
Thats me trying out for another thing, actually. Hahah.
>> No. 35568
File 133199596572.png - (148.37KB , 500x400 , FANFICTION_.png )
>has four days
>that feel when i've ben too damn lazy all week
Sending email right now. You'll be giving me the App through that, right?
>> No. 35573
File 133200776953.png - (138.85KB , 900x887 , happy_missy_by_mealjo-d4rx1nl.png )
I'm in need for any sort of applications until the deadline! Just send me an e-mail asking for the information so you can send in your samples before the dead line, again, click my name so you can see the e-mail address, or just look at this post >>35339

Already did.
>> No. 35575
>Caynum = NY accent
>BROOKLYN [email protected]!
lol. But i'm not... experienced with that accent...
For now, i'll consider it a combination of Texan and RP British :P
>> No. 35576
File 133201085617.png - (136.49KB , 937x1112 , Dulset huh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Feel fry to try what you feel most comfortable with. Heck, you can go ahead and try what we suggested and add something different if you want.

Will be waiting on your audition!
>> No. 35721
My auditions:
>> No. 35750
File 133227899786.png - (107.09KB , 621x786 , Canyum idea by Blinki.png )
Auditions are closed! I shall send an e-mail to each applicant that sent me his or her sample very soon for the results.

It has been amazing to hear what you all people got, and I actually wished we had more characters for you to voice at the moment (so much awesome).

I want to thank you all for you participation, it has been really, and I mean really great to see what you all got.

Hopefully you all get to see the final result very soon, and get to visit us once we go full public!
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