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35342 No. 35342
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread XII

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one beceomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.

- Third. Rarity is Best Poni. Then Twi, then AJ/Fluttershy, then RD and then Pinkie. Let's avoid "x is best poni" debates... Unless we're talking about gameplay, that is, in which Rarity is also -totally- going to kick everypony's flank... - Love. Anu

- Fourth. This one is more a comment than a guideline. We'll update when we've got something we consider worthwhile to post. We've explained several times why we prefer to do this over a daily/weekly log. Poking us will only result in getting distracted from actual development, thus, slowing the rate at which we put out updates. Don't worry. If the game were to be cancelled/delayed (and it's not), we'd be making an announcement about it on the site, not keeping silent about it.


>Our website's located at ; We'll be doing all major announcements through there, as well as having behind-the-scenes images and sneak-peeks at development as we go along; Following this thread is your second best source for information. Followers on here might also get a goodie once in a while.

>Frequently Axed Questions Document - Read this before asking any questions, please!


>Youtube Channel

>Livestream Channel

>Twitter channel!/ManeSix


>Important: The only accounts answering questions belong to the DevTeam, and are posting with a tripcode; Please consider any answer not coming from official posters or already answered in the FAQ as rumors, or with a grain of salt.

The official accounts are

Mane6 DevTeam - !.devteamGc
Nappy (Programmer/Animator) - !ncuj4CwIRE
MonkeyJay (Programmer/Animator) - !Rainbow23
Hawk!ntHwpY8x96 - (programmer/FM2K tamer)
Leedin (Animator, Character Artist) - !oEMx1GiGEw
Anukan (GUI Designer/Community Manager) - !Aikan3NYWE

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>> No. 35344
>Website Updated

New post at website =)
>> No. 35345
Question; what ESRB rating would you assign this game? I mean, it's something I've been looking forward to playing with my little sister, but I haven't actually seen much gameplay yet.
>> No. 35347
File 133153548862.png - (5.47KB , 78x100 , PSRB.png )

P for Ponies.


Can't really assign it a ESRB rating "officially", but off the grid, we'd say E/E10+. We don't really have any more violence than the cartoon does, no sex, no drugs, no alcohol or tobacco, but since it's a fighting game, concerned parents/siblings/legal guardians might give it a try before handling it to small kids (of the main MLP demographic ageset)
>> No. 35348
We also have a snack-sized extra update, since Jay said we could show you RD's palette "slug"... The board won't let us post it directl here, though (IT'S JUST TOO AWESOME), so have a twitter link to it.!/ManeSix/statuses/179099857712197632
>> No. 35349

might want to give it[...]*

(don't let us post so late. brains are turned off all 'round the team)
>> No. 35350
File 133153645819.gif - (313.29KB , 640x495 , 131090523255.gif )
>mon visage quand
>> No. 35351

I appreciate the reply Anu, although from the nature of your response I fear I've annoyed you a bit with my suggestion. Perhaps you thought I was implying you guys were being lazy or had not gotten any work done? I apologize if that's the way I came across, because it's absolutely not how I meant it. I'd like to reiterate that I'm really, really grateful for the comparative wealth of interaction and information we've gotten so far. In addition, I would also like to clarify that I wasn't implying we need more information than we're already getting. I was just suggesting that, in the event of a large gap between updates, I wouldn't mind and would actually prefer basically a condensed version of exactly what you just posted as opposed to nothing. It's not like anypony would expect you to make a "detailed list"; I understand why that is neither feasible nor useful. Some sort of small tidbit to break a dry spell would go a long way to keep everypony hyped and watching the game closely up until the release. But please remember, this is only a suggestion based on my personal opinions and observations, obviously you guys are the ones making the game, so you would know better than anypony. No matter what you do, keep up the good work!
>> No. 35352

Sorry if I came across as snarky, too. As I said there, didn't meant to chew off your head.

Normally, if there's what you call a "dry spell", it means that we're having precisely the kind of working I described in that post, and thus, really couldn't tell you much that would be of interest.
>> No. 35353
Fair enough. Stay awesome, Anu!

I can't wait for the next big update... Applejack trailer? It's the Applejack trailer, right? You don't have to say what it is if it's top secret though :3
>> No. 35354
File 133153780037.png - (59.82KB , 274x323 , Toph_Invisible_Cake.png )
Good stuff! Lose one, replace!

I can now understand everything...

Why can't I hold all these 5s and 3s?
>> No. 35357
In addition, sometimes when we hit a milestone, we take a bit of a breather :P. There was a big rush to get the game in great condition for the livestream event--many late nights.
>> No. 35358
File 133154716134.jpg - (24.45KB , 272x299 , Liar i dont know what emotion this is.jpg )
Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that if you keep asking somepony for something, they will eventually give it to you.

Your faithful student,
Saturday Sai–

>> No. 35365
Agreed. MINE EYEN!
>> No. 35368
Don't buy this game! There's DLC on the disc. Oh wait, it's going to be a free game. It's the wrong company too.

Never mind, carry on.
>> No. 35375

Don't worry, we'll make sure not to put DLC on the disc. In fact, let's go all the way and not even put a disc!
>> No. 35382
File 133158590955.png - (268.12KB , 1088x726 , 74922 - cloak luna smile space_eyes spooky.png )
It has been quite a while since I've had the chance to check up on this thread. It seems I have missed some updates and a livestream apparently.
>> No. 35384
File 133158703853.png - (75.67KB , 240x252 , Toph_^__^.png )
Heya! It's been a while! How are you?
>> No. 35388
File 133159346162.jpg - (87.92KB , 1028x1280 , 2807ee66023155d84de402ab60fa967a.jpg )
Not too bad. Just busy. I've been helping out on a site for the new Persona 4 Arena fighting game
>> No. 35389
File 133159362277.png - (51.73KB , 203x236 , Toph_Pleased1.png )
Oh snap! Everypony's so productive nowadays :P
>> No. 35396
Looks decent. Never was into Persona (RPGs take too long to play for me), but it's done by the BlazBlue guys... so it should be pretty good.
>> No. 35397
The game just released for arcade in Japan so we're getting a bunch of footage. The game looks really fun.

If anypony is interested this is basically Dustloop for P4U and UNiB.
>> No. 35408
I just wanted to say that PinkiexApplejack is the most enjoyable match-up to watch.
>> No. 35512
Were Rarity's gems a suggestion by somepony on these threads?

Also how long does it usually take for a character to be made? 1-2months?
>> No. 35515
File 133183678894.png - (80.67KB , 285x316 , Toph_Scuse_Me.png )
Just because somepony suggested it, doesn't mean the Devteam didn't think of it first.
>> No. 35517
File 133183970374.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
We're talkin Rarity here. Her cutiemark is gems. What else WOULD she use besides fashion based tools?
>> No. 35521
The gems were actually suggested by a friend of mine when I told her we were even THINKING about making a pony fighting game. But I think almost everypony would have come up with them. As Sunset said: it's her cutiemark!

And how long does it take to make a character? Looks like around a year. Since we are still finishing stuff for AJ and she was the first character we started!

There isn't really a "this character is done" checkbox. As we get further into the game the character's need to be balanced and changed to keep up. It's all happening at once.
>> No. 35528
Once a lot of the coding and tangential things are done and the game is ready to be released, I imagine this will no longer be the case, right? With a goal of 17 characters but only 6 at release, I would think that it wouldn't take much more than a month of a decent amount of work for a new character to be finished if that's all the dev team was focusing on, especially given the amount of experience the team will have with balancing and the character implementation process by the time the first iteration of the game comes out.
>> No. 35529

I assume the devs aren't able to give out even an estimated timeframe on that
or willing to for that matter to avoid pressure / rushed content

I also assume the other characters will still be getting worked on simultaneously after the game releases (and the work on them may or may not start already before the game is even out)

I guess developing a fighting game character is a very dynamic process
>> No. 35533

Actually, I could have sworn I read the DevTeam say in a previous thread that it was going to take more time pushing out the game with the Mane6 than all the 11 remaining characters combined since by then they'd have the process down and they could start pumping them out at a faster pace without worrying about working the game engine itself.

That might not be the case anymore, but I do remember it being stated.
>> No. 35534
File 133187481885.png - (30.61KB , 197x140 , Toph_Dude_Im_Kinda_Tired.png )
Well it's rather common sense from that point on. I mean by knowing how to do it and have a process to go with it, it would only make sense that it wouldn't take as long.

Then again it may just take the same amount of time because they want to focus on details and making a really good game :D

Also, question... 17 characters... will there be 17 themes and 17 stages as well? D: Or possibly more stages just for the heck of it.
>> No. 35537
File 133188340994.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
Well, I think they've gotten the hang of getting the character made. But don't forget, that last sentence of Jay's post. There's also balancing going on as they make them. I think that's what's taking a good amount of time as well as getting these characters done and put into the game.

I thought balancing would start happening AFTER all the characters were put in though. Guess I was completely wrong...
>> No. 35538
File 133188501939.png - (123.52KB , 288x354 , Toph_Idea2.png )
I can imagine that it would be MUCH easier to set the standard as they go than to have everything at different levels and then trying to level them simultaneously.

The bar is set and then you make characters.
>> No. 35539
File 133188743471.png - (145.34KB , 1262x1383 , BoltThinking1E.png )
True. I guess that would make things easier...
>> No. 35540
yes and no.
Making characters MEANS balancing. You don't balance the game then just make characters on top of it.

The mane6 we want to feel like a complete game with relatively even choices. The extra characters of course we want this to happen, but the more characters we make the more the 'tiers' will start to be apparent. 'Pony 1' versus 'pony 9' might just be really really hard to win 80% of the time or something.

But we want ponies 1-6 to be pretty even. It's really. hard.
>> No. 35560
File 133195492173.jpg - (122.68KB , 646x626 , Snide smile portrait.jpg )
So, Pinkie Pie is basically M. Bison, right?

Also, about how long are you aiming to have Pinkie's charge time be, about? And you mentioned Pinkie was OP during whatever build your stream was on. Do you think you'll bring the other characters up to her level, or bring her down to theirs?
>> No. 35570
File 133199917533.png - (145.04KB , 1201x1444 , BoltSurprised.png )
>> No. 35578
File 133201132803.png - (37.28KB , 201x128 , Toph_Just_Hangin_Out.png )
Yeah I can understand that it's a dynamic process. Makes sense that even when you balance a few characters, the introduction of another character tips the balance and so you either have to change the existing balance to match or change the new character or BOTH to make things work.

Sounds like hard work.
>> No. 35619
File 133212174875.jpg - (96.62KB , 470x357 , 1269196501_1.jpg )
>But we want ponies 1-6 to be pretty even. It's really. hard.

coming up with a balanced fighting game is not hard at all

I'd rather say it is impossible

be sure that I for one will make it my never ending mission to rip apart what you considered a decently well balanced roster by discovering unbelievable links which you declared impossible on paper, minute long combos which will make one's opponent destroy his or her gamepad in anger, that *one* weird frame of invincibility which was never supposed to exist and of course the fact that you never actually intended the combo counter to display four digits.

come at me fighting is magic. come at me I DARE YOU
>> No. 35620
File 133212199251.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Easy there, Ripper. =P
Don't work yourself into insanity before you get a chance to play.
>> No. 35621
File 133212355669.png - (34.04KB , 164x218 , Toph_Not_Goonna_Worry_About_It.png )
The solution? No combos and everypony gets the same attacks :D
>> No. 35623
File 133212668651.jpg - (85.26KB , 300x488 , streetfighter4-kenselect.jpg )
I'm sure there's a joke about SF4 somewhere in there

..but it would make me seem more uneducated about fighting games than I actually am. I think.
>> No. 35624
File 133212713400.png - (72.63KB , 236x250 , Toph_^___^.png )
No reference, just me being a smart-flank.
>> No. 35627
so I've got two questions I've had ever since I first saw that last livestream of this game, and I'd apreciate if one of the devs (or anypony who knows the answers) would answer them

there were tons of instances where a character gets air-combo'd and when he's close to the ground again he actually goes back to a standing position while still being in combo-stun.

...just liek in skallgirrs ukno

is that... a feature? or not supposed to be in the game and getting fixed? I honestly can't tell.

if you're looking for feedback, I don't like it because it's maverick and unconventional and I don't like change. but I'd not listen to me if I were anypony else.
(it's probably very unlikely that a choice of that magnitude would get tipped at this point for whatever reason anyway)

what I did like to see was that pinkie is able to run - forwards and backwards as far as I could tell - as opposed to just dash. I recall somepony telling me this game would be limited to dashing and I'm glad to see that turned out wrong, since you know, variety up in this bitch.

also the chicken coop in AJ's stage omitting some feathers whenever AJ did her ground stomp thing.
it's in the detail, man.

anyway the other thing I was wondering about - not sure if it's already been answered, couldn't find it anyway - how many people are partaking in your closed alpha testing / QA program?

just curious - if it's only like 10 peeps or something, are you considering inviting more people to playtest once all the chars and movesets and everything else vital is done, and all that's left is tiny but impactful fine tuning and tweaking?

I'm certain you're rightfully concerned about leaks (and jerks like me who would only want to get a chance to play the game to get a headstart), but seeing how you want the first build open to the public to be the real deal (eg no "open beta") I guess you'd want to get a somewhat bigger cirkle of people thoroughly testing every tidbit before the game actually releases.
so that there'll be no need for a v1.1.4 on day two you know. I just really want this game to be awesome.

yeah sorry big mess of sentences, english isn't my mothertongue but I'd just love to get some insight on that
>> No. 35630

>>first half of message

it's just how the game works right now since we don't currently have a "hit while on the ground" state or animation. Just by having that state, things will change about how combos work (we'd also need animations for being hit while on your stomach and on your back). As with everything we'll be implementing that and many other aspects of the knockdown/on the ground/wake-up game soon. We're making sure each part of the game works on their own, one at a time. Watch our first livestream and see how far the air combat has come when you watch the second one. that is our current focus, as you can see!

>also the chicken coop in AJ's stage omitting some feathers whenever AJ did her ground stomp thing.
>it's in the detail, man.

Planned. Effects, sparkle, shine, spit, polish, flair and other details will be added in the last phase of the game before retail ("Polish stage") since they're not critical and we'd rather to get some other stuff in engine first (as mentioned above)

>>anyway the other thing I was wondering about - not sure if it's already been answered, couldn't find it anyway - how many people are partaking in your closed alpha testing / QA program?

About a dozen people at the moment, including a couple samples from each level, from people new to the fighting game genre to fighting game enthusiasts, in different operative systems and computer hardware and input methods (keyboard, controllers, fightsticks, etc), so we feel we're covered decently right now. Their input and playtime has already provided a lot of improvements and fixed to the game, so we're confident the QA's working fine as is.

It is formed by people we know that we can trust, were interested, and filled our sample requisites (which we won't make public just yet). We're not accepting unsolicited applications, as we prefer to headhunt our testers ourselves. As a general note for people that read this, linking us your "qualifications" repeatedly is more likely to get you in the blacklist than in the QA... Same goes for hinting, winking, nudging or otherwise passively-aggressive campaigning to get in the QA.

We're not planning a broader Beta at the moment, so we can't really tell you if/when we'll open for applications to said Beta. If/when it happens, it'll probably be announced on the website, just as the casting calls for VAs or "help wanted" notices.
>> No. 35631
File 133214746163.jpg - (88.21KB , 479x479 , Liar smile.jpg )
If it's not too much trouble and/or top-secret info, do you mind answering my questions about Pinkie Pie (Not the M. Bison one)

Thanks in advance if you do.
>> No. 35634
It's actually kind of a Street Fighter 1 joke (where the only Versus mode was Ryu vs Ken who had the same attacks, and there weren't any combo's)... Though probably an unintentional one, knowing Rellek. :p
>> No. 35638
File 133216287311.png - (45.79KB , 187x205 , Toph_Slant_Mouth.png )
>Knowing Rellek
Hey bro watch it! I'm not that bad am I?
>Gets booted from fighting game chat
Yeah I guess I am that bad :P

Btw can I get back in on that or have you guys not settled down about that yet? Seemed a little impulsive...
>> No. 35642
thank you very much for this insightful reply.

indeed, the game has come a far way already. high hopes for this project.

guess I should put some more faith in what you are doing.

keep rocking!
>> No. 35737
File 133225072979.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )

No, don't even try and say that was the reason. You were booted from the chat because you never played any fighting games with us at all. Not to mention, at one point you even stated that you only intended to play FiM because of ponies. We don't care if you're bad at fighters. We don't! Heck, the entire basis of starting this Skype group was to play a buncha fighting games for fun and to improve our overall skills in anticipation/preparation for FiM.

Now, I didn't boot you. Somepony else did. I didn't want to deal with the issue at all cuz I hate modding in there. At this point, if you legitimately want to hop back in, I'm leaving it up to him. I'm not getting involved in this again.
>> No. 35742
File 133226429108.png - (222.15KB , 640x480 , Toph_Apple_Argument.png )
But... I did fight... I fought people individually. On Melty. If that's not participating then I don't even know what to do XD

And yeah it was Nappy. Didn't think you guys would get so serious about it.
>> No. 35746
Stop bringing it up.
It's taken up 300% more thread real-estate than it needs to. This is a non-issue. If you want back in: you ask. If you don't: don't ask. Either way, bringing it up all the time (especially in a backhanded way) is really grating and looks like fishing for attention. Then when people reply to you you get defensive again like you didn't actually wanna talk about it. Don't. If you want to talk to people about it then do it on skype.

Unless you are asking to be put back in the chat (this thread is fine for that), that is the end of it, please.
>> No. 35748
File 133227756665.png - (72.63KB , 236x250 , Toph_^___^.png )
Okey Dokey Lokey. This will be the last you hear of it :)
>> No. 35759

Oh boy, lemme guess. Is Rellek in this thread? I'm glad I filtered him a few threads back or I'm sure I would be looking at an entire thread of Toph right now... @[email protected]
>> No. 35761
lol @ UltraChenTV.

Didn't know you can filter out people here, but yes. He's been chatting a bit.
>> No. 35763
Just to say here what we said on twitter, Re:UltraChenTV.

>Game's not out yet. No open beta either. , that seems to have been bit of a confusion on their part.
>> No. 35764
aww man! got me going for a second
>> No. 35821
File 133245803628.jpg - (71.49KB , 830x464 , 830px-Luna_Smile.jpg )
Just like Mortal Kombat.

Oh. Oh. Oh. Will every pony have a fatality?
>> No. 35824
I thought they ruled that out...
>> No. 35915
>Website Updated
>> No. 35918
>going to pasta conventions
I don't understand why you guys put yourselves through all that
>> No. 35922
File 133263845464.gif - (704.07KB , 500x429 , this_face.gif )
> And yet another Website Update

Bug Squashing is serious business. Serious Rarity is Serious.
>> No. 35925
Wow. Some of those bugs are pretty rough...

Great video though. I, personally, think you should keep the lingering hitbox on AJ'S super stomp. Just make it not as powerful as the actual Super Stomp. Somewhere around the knockback and damage of a light hit. But that's just my own opinion, really.

ALSO, a question: Are RainbowCrash and Whitetail the only composers on the team, or are there more that you haven't mentioned yet on the Dev Team page?
>> No. 35926

RC and DH(Whitetail) are the only ones.
>> No. 35927
So I assume that each of them will compose 3 character's themes, then? (Of the mane 6, of course.)

Kind of hoping Whitetail gets Fluttershy's and Rainbow Dash's, while Rainbow Crash gets Pinkie's.
>> No. 35928

... aaactually.

RC released a teaser of RD's theme a while back; Pinkie's is a DH theme (Which I particularly think is best poni-theme ever... even if I don't like Pinkie)
>> No. 35929
As long as Whitetail does Fluttershy's, there is nothing that can go wrong.

(Not like RC doing Fluttershy's theme could go wrong either. They're both so talented.)
>> No. 35930
Oh, and speaking of that, I would just like to say you guys are very good at finding talent. From the programmers to the artists and composers and voice actors. You guys just look at a crowd of people and go "Yeah. That one will do nicely." and just make everything work.

<3 you guys.
>> No. 35938
I think the word you are looking for is "lucky". Yes, we've been really lucky with who jumped on board this thing :)
>> No. 35986
As long as somepony does Fluttershy's theme, I'll be happy. Fluttershy is best pony.
I'm not a Pinkie fan, either.
>> No. 35987
as you keep talking about all the "flavour stuff" you'll implement as soon as you feel like the core game is set in stone...

do you already have an idea of what the game is supposed to look like when it's finished?

like how you would have it to score on a flashyness scale, say ranging from "last livestream's build" to "UMVC3"?

(I know I for one have a weakness for feeling like I'm watching a michael bay movie trailer whenever somepony drops his ultra)
>> No. 35990
reposted from SRK

So I was thinking about the "Kara throw" glitch. Some KoFs had the opposite of that same glitch.

If some characters did a command throw and its active frames were happening while their fireball was hitting a character, that fireball became unblockable because the game was like, "well, there's a command throw out, you can't block now."

Some throws and auto-combo hit type moves are basically coded, "did first hit connect? Animate throw." Well, the fireball hit, so its possible the game is checking that and mistaking it for the first hit of a throw on the same frame.
>> No. 35995

We probably have everything and the kitchen sink planned or thought about in terms of the flair stage, but we avoid thinking too hard about it at the moment

When we get to that point, we'll probably sit down, have a meeting, and decide what's good, what's bad (and we should feel bad), what's in and what's out... So right now we could predict anywhere in between. Still, we'd like to avoid the "...and the kitchen sink" part.

Example: Vanguard princess (Also done in FM2K), I dare you to know what the flying feather is happening at any point after the title menu with all the flair that the game's got thrown on top.
>> No. 36004
File 133276023646.png - (931.70KB , 1000x876 , 130781254878.png )
>Example: Vanguard princess (Also done in FM2K), I dare you to know what the flying feather is happening at any point after the title menu with all the flair that the game's got thrown on top.

OH THANK CELESTIA. I'm glad you are going to be careful not to overdo the special effects. I always prefer actually being able to tell WTF is happening on screen, and not having hitsparks covering up 80% of the action *cough*MvC*cough*

Watching skilled players play Vanguard Princess can be kind of frustrating. With the two assist characters, and the massive amounts of hitsparks, I regularly lose track of who's getting hit, and sometimes can't even find the characters under all the mess for several seconds, leading to a "WTF just happened" moment. The worst times are when Player 1 is comboing Player 2, there's a massive wall of hitsparks, then the hitsparks clear and you see Player 2 comboing Player 1, and you're like ARGH STUPID HITSPARKS MADE ME MISS THE GOOD PART.


Now I wanna play some Vanguard Princess...
>> No. 36006
i wonder if latest episode will have any influence on Fluttershy's Animal Arsenal...
>> No. 36011
I was thinking of Fighting is Magic watching that scene too.
>> No. 36012
I don't get the Hub and my Internet's to slow to load a YouTube video, but it sounds like I missed something good. What'd I miss?
>> No. 36014
Fluttershy can hold a conversation with animals and they helped her train.
>> No. 36015
File 133278026556.png - (34.35KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Smile.png )
Fluttershy's so lucky. She has wings and the ability to talk to animals! And all I have is this stupid, nigh-uncontrollable magic-daining ability. My life sucks, huh?
>> No. 36018
>fan of the fandom
>doesn't even watch the show
>> No. 36020
File 133278334034.png - (76.79KB , 312x265 , twilight_xd.png )
>> No. 36021
Hey, I watch the show! I'll have you know that I somehow managed to download the entire first season, despite my slower-than-dial-up Internet connection.
>> No. 36030
File 133279268538.png - (524.82KB , 953x882 , costanza.png )
And what about the second?
>> No. 36032
Better question, did he actually watch what he downloaded?
>> No. 36040
I did, in fact, watch it. All of it.
I've got episodes one and four downloaded. I have up to episode five downloaded, but one and four are the only ones that work from beginning to end. My Internet connection sucks...
>> No. 36041
Have you tried torrents?
>> No. 36054
I don't think it would do much good. I recently tried downloading a ROM that was 58 MB. I tried over and over and it stopped just before completion, rendering what had been downloaded useless.
>> No. 36055
torrents might help because you download them in tiny chunks, so if your internet cuts out for a bit, you won't lose what you've already got and can just keep slowly building it up

either that or go to a friend's house or a library or starbucks or something
>> No. 36070
I don't have any friends, and I don't go to places like that very often, especially with my highly expensive, gaming-centric computer. I'm not allowed to. I guess I'll give that torrents thing a try. Any recommendations?
>> No. 36080
>> No. 36098
Arigatou, anonymous user. However, I think I am going to wait until I can download the entirety of S2. Impatient though I may be, I am patient for ponies. Right, DevTeam?
>> No. 36099
You don't even know :P
>> No. 36104
>Complains about having slow internet
>Wants to wait and download everything at once
>> No. 36106
Yes, RuBoo is crazy. You got a problem with that?
>> No. 36108
> Rellek
> No avatar

>> No. 36118
No, it's really me. Trying to cut down on posting.
>> No. 36122
File 133297799243.png - (24.23KB , 124x326 , TripBW.png )
Only one way to tell!
Eh... Trip's the same, it's him.
>> No. 36125
We're so proud of you. :tear:
>> No. 36126
Yay. Thread derailment!
>> No. 36131
File 133299112065.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
I know right?
This is why. I can't say anything without people starting an uproar...

Of course it's me foo.
>> No. 36163
File 133306140763.png - (580.61KB , 1056x1024 , BooNSMBWii.png )
That's "Boo".
>> No. 36168

will counter hits have benefits over normal hits?

if so, what benefits? more damage, less scaling for whole combo, more stun, different properties for certain attacks? or is it a feature you don't plan to implement at all?
>> No. 36170
So... out of the two composers on the team, which one will be in-charge of the menu/character selection music?
>> No. 36173
I would hope counters have benefits. Maybe add more frames of hit stun to allow for longer combos? Good question.
>> No. 36216
I don't think this has ever been asked.

Will there be a sound or notification of your character being in peril/low on health? There's nothing more satisfying to me when I hear "DANGER!" or a sound in a fighting game.
>> No. 36219

We do have counterhit damage, and intend on having counterhit stun as well.


You'll have to wait and see (or hear).


Sure why not. =) - (already working on it)
>> No. 36237
>Website Updated


One and only warning: No. We've not been hacked. =P - It's just Anu having some Shenanigans day fun. Just play along ;)
>> No. 36240
I got a chuckle out of that :P
>> No. 36244
File 133325852038.png - (318.62KB , 700x700 , 131446913802.png )
>Wearing a sombrero indoors
Guys, I thought you knew better than that. I can't even begin to express how disappointed I am in you.
>> No. 36245
Well. Guess this is it, everypony. Time to pack up our bags and go home. :C No ponies for us.

Shh, no, of course I didn't smuggle any ponies out in my bag. What a silly idea.
>> No. 36248
File 133326176197.jpg - (55.95KB , 700x700 , 131265492019.jpg )
Is... is it supposed to not let me view the blog? It says I need an invitation or something.
>> No. 36249
I'm pretending it's part of April Foal's Day.
>> No. 36250
Blogger servers are being silly in general
>> No. 36252
File 133326516954.jpg - (77.55KB , 654x596 , 1325782887972872.jpg )
Wait, you're not a Gold Member of the Mane6 fanclub? Oh man, you're missing out on all the betas and exclusive DLC on release. It's only a one-time payment of $30 to become a member for life: I highly recommend it.
>> No. 36253
Welp, today will be fun. Hunt the April Fools jokes.

So how about that Equestria Daily?
>> No. 36283
Website updated (Same post).

Hope you guys had a better Shenanigans Day that I did! =P

I know the video and the roster links are missing. Blogger derped madly on us and those got lost in the hostilities. I'll get them back up shortly. I just don't feel like dealing with Blogger right now.
>> No. 36285
You should be using Tumblr anyway. Same capabilities, and more bronies use it
>> No. 36287
That depends. Would they want their entries reblogged?
>> No. 36291

It also has an horrible comment system, virtually no moderation options, no statistics tracker, doesn't let us use more than one account in a single blog without sharing passwords... Shall I continue?
>> No. 36323
Tumblr is more like a socializing or community platform whereas Blogger is mostly blogging, usually for news sites or projects.
>> No. 36325
tumblr tries to be a bit of both and kinda fails at doing either very well
>> No. 36376
>NOT Website update!

April 1st... what you didn't get to see (due to blogger being a derp)
>> No. 36378
Neat! Shame they couldn't come with the April Fool's day stuff but... well, Murphy's Law, you know.
>> No. 36383
That bit at the end is totally Crashie.
Also, aha! Finally, we know the title of that book!
>> No. 36392

That's been known for ages =P - I think it was even mentioned a few threads ago.
>> No. 36413
Well, I didn't see it...
>> No. 36486
How is Rainbow Dash coming along?
Do you need more brainstorming?
>> No. 36494
from what I've gathered they already have a pretty exact idea of what they want to do, and as for rainbow dash the actual *doing* part is already commencing.

she's probably the character I was looking forward to the most from the very start. I expect something like a fast rushdown style gameplay for her, constant pressure and annoyingly fast mixups.

also she will be able to do airdashes - afaik that has already been confirmed. don't shoot me if I'm mistaken here.

and she'll have a dragon punch.
I actually have no idea about that one but I want her to have one.
I like characters with dragon punches.
>> No. 36501
File 133368549498.jpg - (242.50KB , 500x950 , applecut_by_uc77.jpg )
I picture Dash more like Zero from MvC3/TvC. A very fast character.

Watch me be completely off. :D

>and she'll have a dragon punch.
>> No. 36507
Dash is the character I'm most excited about and the character I'm most worried about.
I do not have the head to pull some "my mixup is better" shenanegannery. And a character with the fleet of foot and mobility I expect Dash to have will likely be played most optimally from dat flank.

Oh well.
>> No. 36531
I see you guys redid the site a tad. Like it.

Like the redone portraits, and love the static-like blank portraits.
>> No. 36536
Just saw a post on a certain imageboard that made me wonder something. How does the devteam feel about cross ups and throws? There really doesn't seem to be that many moves that can potentially crossup. Disregarding future damage tweaking and balance changes, throws currently seem pretty weak as well (yes, some start combos but even considering that...).
>> No. 36540
Pinkie's baloon and AJ's heel stomp definitely can hit really damn ambiguously. Beyond that I think the main issue is that we've seen so little footage, I'm sure the tools are there and we just haven't seen them.

As for throws, that one I share your curiosity actually. Throws as starters will be excellent, this is an anime game man, get with the program :P but things like range, damage, startup, tech window, and even input method all have funny ways of impacting the ground game.
I personally love really good, one button throws, but that's because I hate anime, but that makes a lot less sense in a game like this.
>> No. 36645
not sure if you're aware of that, but as of now all of the links in your website's header still lead to nowhere. the egghead is unaccessible and with the video on top showcasing rarity's bgm instead of some gameplay I'd go as far as to say that the whole page is rather uninformative as it stands. it's no longer a place I want to link newcomers to.
the new graphics look really neat though, sleek and clean and you can just feel that certain touch of professionalism. I love that.
>> No. 36647
frequently asked questions*

stupid sexy wordfilter
>> No. 36676

The links will rotate between videos in our/whitetail/RC88 youtubes weekly, to highlight different stuff from the game development 'till the next character trailer is out.

I'm working on the menu. I know it's been failing intermittently, and am trying to find out what it's happening: Bets are on blogger still being a derp :c
>> No. 36681
Perhaps a slider of videos would work? Something that randomly shows a featured videos automatically and if you click on some pics in the menu. I dunno how friendly blogger is though. Maybe that's a bit much.
>> No. 36682

Blogger is the FM2K of the internet. It'll do great things once you tame it, but it'll make you jump through hoops of fire first, and bite back on ocassion.

It's the one place of their entire network google has slacked terribly at in terms of upgrades and support.

Still, it does the trick once you get to tame it. Might use an on-page load random video instead...
>> No. 36794
I don't have a reaction image remotely close to extreme enough to respond to this

Good shit guys.
>> No. 36796

Imagine how -we- feel. ;)
>> No. 36808

Implemented an on-page load randomization for header video; I like the idea of a video slider (that was already in my plans for a while, but it's not priority), so that might come in a future.

For now, if you experience any bugs, you can report them to the twitter, this thread or our mail. =)
>> No. 36809
>doesn't let us use a single blog with multiple accounts
Pretty sure it does. >_>

But I see every other point made.
>> No. 36817
Will most (if not all) level three supers have invincibility to beat out level ones?
>> No. 36818
>Will most (if not all) level three supers have invincibility to beat out level ones?

"Beating out level ones" is not a goal. The goal is "your meter is worth saving for a level 3 super?". There are many many components to that answer, not just whether or not the super can be interrupted or negated by certain moves. It will be different for different supers and possibly change multiple times during testing.

If you are just throwing out supers when the opponent can counter you with their own, that is a gameplay decision YOU are making. You would be much better to learn situations where your level 3 super won't be blocked (or won't be blocked easily).
>> No. 36823
File 133411676251.png - (81.61KB , 439x400 , thumbs_up_large.png )

That sorta has a Street Fighter 3 vibe going for it.
>> No. 36922
Since Mr. Wizard played a test build... does that mean he's seen/played things that haven't been announced yet?
>> No. 36923

A few. Work since the last livestream has been mainly geared to programming, testing and mechanics, though.
>> No. 36938
Can you say anything in general about what you've been programming and testing? More engine revamps? Movesets? Animation? AI?
>> No. 36941
It was a quite substantial "feel" update. Changing speeds of almost everything, startup, active, recovery, etc. Nappy has been very busy and the game feels a lot more SOLID because of it. Not many things that people would notice unless they are playing it.

Plenty of other stuff going on too.
>> No. 36942

Other...*sexy* things...
>> No. 36945
@Anukan, i just wish to make you note your "character menu" on the site starts with "RosterStat_02.png" up to "11.png" numeration, while in the previous template it was from 01 to 10.
>> No. 36947
Cool, thanks for answering! Normally you guys are pretty tight-lipped even about this kind of stuff, so I didn't think I'd get a response! That sounds really great. I hope you guys will be able to show it off soon.
>> No. 36949

Really shouldn't make any kind of technical difference, considering it's not character numbered; 01 is covering for a discrepancy between browsers due to Blogger's sort of akward habits when displaying stuff (and adding junk or redundant code here and there)
>> No. 36950
just please remember that there are also some people watching who are fighting game enthusiasts before pony fans. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that in-depth "feel" updates, as you call them, are at least at exciting as "sexy" stuff such as showcasing incomplete content way too early because there's massive demand

just sayan. I realize that the minority feels that way.

hehe. and I thought I was observant.
>> No. 36951
Oh okay, thanks for the explanation :) Sorry if i bothered you, i kinda guessed the filename could even be removed from the link and the file would be the same
>> No. 36952

As Jay mentioned; They're the kind of updates that we'd only be able to showcase to you properly if the game was out for public playing, which it isn't (And won't be before live release)

No worries. I found it odd that somepony noticed/mentioned it. It's just a filename that comes from slicing an image through photoshop automatically; Really shouldn't make much of a difference even if it was named something like "ase23ford_r3n7j99u", other than it'd be a bit harder for me to remember the filename when typing the css.
>> No. 36958

Yeah, I never said people wouldn't be interested! But it's certainly not very exciting without context.

"This is now slower."

"...slower than what?"

And definitely not exciting enough for Nappy to stop working on the engine for a week to write a post about it :)

At least I think that's how long it takes to write posts, that's how long it took me.
>> No. 36962
Posting thing like this:
>Changing speeds of almost everything, startup, active, recovery, etc. Nappy has been very busy and the game feels a lot more SOLID because of it.
Is enough of an update for me, even without context. You don't need to make an update in the website to say this, you could just post in the thread.
>> No. 36964
I did :)
>> No. 36969
I mean doing that more often.
>> No. 36988
Sorry, I was just being cheeky.
But we most likely won't be doing that too much. We aren't open source or anything, we kinda just tinker away. We don't really like giving out everything we do as updates.

I don't particularly mind, personally,but the team likes to make cool things and show them off when they are ready. I think a lot of the fun for us would be taken out if our updates were just literally what we've been doing.

Also (and this is how I personally feel), I don't think complete openness about what's going on is a good thing anyway.

a. It would be information saturation and people would get bored of it. People might get bored of waiting too, but that's fine, we have no doubt they'll be back when the game comes out.

b. 90% of the people watching the progress would misinterpret or read too much into what we're doing. We have people still debating over what the "one non-pony"is going to be in the roster. This is because in the egghead we said there'd be "at least one non-pony". 80% of the comments on our bug video were asking what the song was, replying to comments about what the song was, and saying that it's gonna be hard to fix all those bugs (in the description we had the song name, an itunes link, and stated that all those bugs were already fixed).
Most of the comments on my palette post, my most in-depth context-giving post I could think off that took me a LONG time to write, were offering solutions that I had debunked in the very article they were replying to.
If we make a statement that "something will be in the game" people even read too much into that and start stating that we "confirmed something else WON'T be in the game".

I guess I'm saying that high resolution updates about every thing we're doing at this stage just doesn't have enough positives to outweigh the negatives.

If it was an open alpha or open beta then it would mean more. Our testers have access to our "patch notes" because it's highly relevant for them, and being the awesome people that they are they immediately try to break the things we add/change.
>> No. 36989
Just so you know that Palette post was the best possible thing. It showed all the care that you put into making it and I loved it. While I agree it would be counterproductive to make posts like that all the time, I hope you do throw some more things like that our way sometime in the future and aren't discouraged by the vocal minority who post before they bother reading anything.
>> No. 36990
for sure! I loved doing the palette post. But i tried to build up context for it, that context could only be achieved because that chapter (palettes) was already closed in our development (mostly). stuff like specific game mechanics articles will have to wait a bit until those chapters are close to completion.

I would really like more technical articles too :) but they won't be just lists of updates, they'll be more topic based. No problem with that AT ALL.
>> No. 36999
Don't feel frustrated and feel like you have to cater to people who are too stupid to figure things out for themselves or jump to incorrect conclusions based on their own baseless assumptions. Honestly, what's the worst that can happen? People will wallow in their own ignorance? Some sort of incorrect rumor will start being spread as fact, and will be debunked through a single line on twitter if it gets too bad or simply when he game comes out? It takes significantly more energy to deal with people's idiocy than to ignore it, so I say just ignore it and keep doing what you're doing.
>> No. 37010
Don't hate me, but-
You said that roster was decided before Season 2, and i'm okay with that, Season 1 has plenty of awesome characters.
My question is... All the abilities / recolors were also decided before Season 2? I mean, any chance we'll get a Dash's recolor as Daring Do?
>> No. 37011
I believe Jay said if they can get the colour scheme to work, then a Daring Do alt for Rainbow Dash will be in.

That was back when the episode first aired, that's still the plan, right? :3
>> No. 37015
yup yup!

The rule on season 2 is more of a guideline about characters and gameplay mechanics. A Daring-Do skin wouldn't really affect the gameplay in any way and would be awesome.
>> No. 37016
yup yup!

The rule on season 2 is more of a guideline about characters and gameplay mechanics. A Daring-Do skin wouldn't really affect the gameplay in any way and would be awesome.
>> No. 37027
I like that answer quite a lot...
>> No. 37029
File 133446054745.png - (42.58KB , 162x203 , Toph_Anticipation1.png )
I love it! Make it happen!
>> No. 37030
Is it weird that, above all else, I really want somepony's theme to be uploaded next?

I really like the music so far.
>> No. 37031
File 133446238338.png - (98.61KB , 436x422 , devious1.png )
Yeah, I heard Anu say good things about Pinkie's Theme. Can we hear it?
>> No. 37135
How/When/Where do you get your voice actors?
(I'm not a va or anything, I'm just curious)
>> No. 37141

They make a casting call for a specific role on the website and people respond to that and apply for the role.
>> No. 37143
Cool. Ty for the quick reply
>> No. 37159
I'm almost worried about the flood of submissions they'll receive when a call for Big Mac goes up.
Everypony with access to a microphone will be going for it by the virtue of it being the only role in the game in need of a male VA.
Spike and any suprise characters down the road notwithstanding.
>> No. 37161
Eenope ;)

> Website Updated: Pinkie Pie's BGM
>> No. 37163

I like it. It's energetic and jumpy like Pinkie. I'll have to listen to it a few more times to make a better-constructed opinion.
>> No. 37166
I have been waiting diligently for the time when we could all enjoy Pinkie's theme together.

Anu claims to be a fan, but I am the truly dedicated one. This theme is my favorite so far.


I luvs it.
>> No. 37168

I loved this theme since before you even knew it existed D=
>> No. 37169
File 133470838066.png - (64.38KB , 524x540 , 131773705781.png )
Added to my music library! This definitely sounds like something for Pinkie if she ever got into a fight.

Now to set up camp on the homepage and wait for Rainbow's music.

Keep up the amazing work, DevTeam!
>> No. 37170

I've loved this theme since before I was born.
>> No. 37172
Hipster Anu.
>> No. 37178
Haha, I totally knew Pinkie's theme would be a remix of Pinkie's Party [Pinkie's Theme].
Actually I even asked that on tweeter when Anu first said something about Pinkie's theme but as expected I got no reply.
>> No. 37179
File 133471584853.jpg - (18.15KB , 500x428 , 131645819166.jpg )
Just wanted to say great job on Pinkie's Theme (loving it!) and to keep up the great work! I check the site every few days and while it is nice to be awarded with an update, i'm glad you guys aren't spilling the beans on everything. ;)

Eagerly anticipating the next updates!
>> No. 37183
File 133471675712.png - (380.93KB , 850x674 , embarrassed.png )
Whoa... I didn't expect to get a response...

I like it!
>> No. 37184
>> No. 37185
File 133471703494.png - (380.93KB , 850x674 , embarrassed.png )
Whoa... I didn't expect to get a response...

I like it!
>> No. 37188
File 133471906898.gif - (24.09KB , 540x426 , mlp_readthefaq.gif )
Sorry if this sounds douchy, but seriously...this is stated in the FAQ...
>> No. 37189
>> No. 37193
File 133472386430.png - (55.63KB , 298x313 , 130559160996.png )
The people complaining about the song on the main page are bitches. Just sayin.
>> No. 37194
The song is not as catchy as the others, but I think it works perfectly for Pinkie Pie. Energetic and cheerful.

Also the art is fucking awesome.
>> No. 37196
Hey It's alright, they have a right to complain. Doesn't mean we are going to do anything about it! Music is going to be the hands down most subjective thing about this game.

WOO splash art praise <3
>> No. 37197
Heh. I don't understand the hate. I like it. It sounds like a fighting game music to me. That's all that really matters to me. It also sounds like a hyperactive song... something Pinkie is.

Maybe they should play it in action. Sometimes music doesn't sound good by itself but works for a game.
>> No. 37200
I agree though. The splash art is amazing. Props to whoever has been doing those.

You gonna redo Twilight's?
>> No. 37204
I'm doing the new style of splash based on poses we put together, and thanks! I'll probably redo AJ's and Twi's at some stage! We've been prioritising the ones for the theme music vids.
>> No. 37205
ah come on. the majority is just dropping their thoughts in a respectful and value neutral way. if you ask for feedback you shouldn't be disapointed about critique, it would be pointless for both sides if commentators lied about their preferences in order to come across as more polite.

I personally love pinkie's theme. yeah, I'd even go as far as to say it's my favourite one so far. guess the main reason would be that I'm a sucker for that speedy happy gabber style. many are not it seems. music is subjective as hell, I know I for one always kind of prefered whitetail's tracks because I feel like they sound more like fighting game tunes as oposed to rc's which are a tad too tame in my book.

>WOO splash art praise <3
yeah you don't get enough of that. have some more from this guy because I really like that 'sketchy' splashy sf4 kind of style going on as well. and the font. and the stark contrast between the pic and the font. the whole thing has a professional touch to it and is enjoyable to look at. I'm looking forward to see more of these. guess they just kind of get overshadowed whenever there's also new music to get hyped about.
>> No. 37206
I'm sure there won't be unlockables, but that would be pretty neat if they were unlockables in an art gallery or something. Hell, I could see these as stickers or something.
>> No. 37210
I don't like Pinkie's theme (or Rarity). DH changed his style completely from when he did Twilight's Sonata (which was used in Twilight's Theme). It's too repetitive and the melody isn't clear.

It'll work in game but I'm mostly interested in Fighting Is Magic for the music I'll listen to outside of game.
>> No. 37216
File 133478030649.jpg - (6.71KB , 184x169 , pinkiepool.jpg )
Pinkie's theme. Not what I expected, not as amazing as it could be, but still quite good. Add the fact it's good and the hype from finally hearing her theme, and this has me excited for the game all over again like when I first read about it.
Chimmycherrachangas for everypony!
>> No. 37217
File 133478041233.jpg - (6.71KB , 184x169 , pinkiepool.jpg )
Pinkie's theme. Not what I expected, not as amazing as it could be, but still quite good. Add the fact it's good and the hype from finally hearing her theme, and this has me excited for the game all over again like when I first read about it.
Chimmycherrachangas for everypony!
>> No. 37220
>I really like that 'sketchy' splashy sf4 kind of style going on as well. and the font. and the stark contrast between the pic and the font.

Anu made the font! (and put the pic together using my sketchy art). We were tired of using a stock standard one. And yeah we like the contrast too, it's even intentional!!
>> No. 37230
Oh wow... you actually went and uploaded Pinkie's Theme.

Awesome shit. Still say Twilight's Theme is my favorite, but I'd say it's about as awesome as Applejack's.
>> No. 37231
Oh wow... you actually went and uploaded Pinkie's Theme.

Awesome shit. Still say Twilight's Theme is my favorite, but I'd say it's about as awesome as Applejack's.
>> No. 37285
File 133484939861.png - (168.85KB , 490x357 , 132063640432.png )

>the majority is just dropping their thoughts in a respectful and value neutral way.

Overall, there's still only one good track for the game, out of four so far. I can't play a fighting game without proper music, so unless you guys can't improve it, or at least let us disable it somehow, I think you're down a person."

That's hardly respectful. Hence, being bitches. It's alright to not like something, but that's just being mean.
>> No. 37286

Forgot the first quotation mark. lol proof reading.
>> No. 37291
Youtube embed play button
I read that. He won't play the game because of the music? This isn't a music game. Gameplay always comes first.

Yeah, they can improve it, but its definitely not game breaking.
>see video
>> No. 37302
File 133486539168.png - (222.15KB , 640x480 , Toph_Apple_Argument.png )
Personally, when I'm playing a game, the music isn't exactly the main thing I'm focusing on. When you're in a fight concentrating on the game, music isn't going to be a deciding factor in your match.

Just wait until you put it in the background when you're fighting. Don't bash it until things are done.
>> No. 37320
"I am personally bothered by thing x to an extend that makes me lose interest in the final product" is not disrespecting in any way and is also not incorrectly assigning objectional values.
assuming he's not exaggerating to aggravate his opinion ha. ha. it's very valuable criticism.
wouldn't blame anypony for not giving him the benefit of the doubt though

"there's only one good song out of four" is hardly disrespecting but factually speaking merely incorrect; there is no such thing as a "bad song".
I see disrespect at the point where one uses obscenities or absurd exaggerations to get his thoughts across. let's again assume that he's aware of the fact that his opinion is no objectionally correct truth, and it boils down to "in my opinion there's only one good song out of four".

people are being honest. "bitching" shows that they care about the project. in my book that's a good thing, and definitely more helpful than people who don't voice concerns out of politeness.
my 2 cents.

but like I said, *the majority*. there are certainly black sheep, I agree.
>> No. 37321
File 133489521062.png - (222.47KB , 900x1198 , Party.png )
I never come to /collab/. But I happened upon Pinkie's Theme on YouTube, and I was compelled to come here and and state my approval.

Seriously, it's awesome. Probably my favorite of all the songs we've heard so far.

Keep up the good work, gents.
>> No. 37396
So, about that season finale...

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought of this game during the massive changeling fight. The perfect excuse plot for beating everypony up!
>> No. 37397
Since the season finale has been released, does anypony have a link where I can torrent download the entire 2nd season? After all, it was you guys who suggested torrent.
>> No. 37398
I do believe this was the first REAL fight scene too.

Now I REALLY want Pinkie to use her Party Cannon™ as a move. Oh well, wouldn't want to delay the game.
>> No. 37402
> Fighting is Magic thread
> Suggested a full-season torrent

>> No. 37405
if there ever was a "see how long you can survive" mode, they would be the perfect opponent
>> No. 37407
That, or maybe use one's pic as the "Random" selection in the character screen.
>> No. 37414
File 133510568399.png - (33.23KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Annoyed.png )
>After all, it was you guys who suggested torrent.
>> No. 37427
File 133511786915.png - (122.85KB , 945x945 , 130647451097-omfg.png )
I seriously hope you don't let the techno hobbyist do Fluttershy's theme, he already screwed up Raritys. Fluttershy needs instrumentals, not techno.

Rarity could of had a really great harpischord instrumental.
>> No. 37428

Yes? That's strange, isn't it? That's exactly what I'm saying.
Why would anypony have suggested a torrent in this thread?
>> No. 37430
>My opinions are better than yours
Yes, a Harpsichord piece would be perfect for Rarity but the techno one also fits the fashionista theme quite well. I don't really like techno but I loved both of DH's pieces.
>> No. 37434
File 133512089000.png - (136.97KB , 859x929 , 132739669568.png )

>My opinions are better than yours

Hey look, my point showed up. Hello, point! *waves*
>> No. 37438
File 133512758590.jpg - (81.11KB , 327x341 , relaxed1.jpg )
I agree. I took me a few listens, but I hear the "Rarity" in it. It fits the "cosmopolitan" Rarity we see in Sweet and Elite.
>> No. 37453
File 133514021614.png - (333.48KB , 525x595 , pie32.png )
>> No. 37457
I know, right? "It"? I'm totally a guy!
JK. I grew up with those kinds of words, so they mean little to me. I still don't use them, though.
>> No. 37460
I hope I'm not the only one that thought about Chrysalis and how she would work in FIM. She would be like Double in Skullgirls. At least, that's what I was reminded of right away.

And before you all assault me, I've read the FAQ, I know it won't happen. But... the possibilities are fun to think about.

We can't wait to see what you're cooking up, devteam! Keep it up!
>> No. 37461
File 133514342207.png - (107.68KB , 327x374 , Toph_I_Promise.png )
I feel your pain my friend... But you better stay hidden. People round here are pretty fierce, and will hunt you down if they don't like you.
>> No. 37468
Don't worry, we won't be including her in this release but yeah, it's great to think about how new characters would play! It's what inspired us to make the game in the first place.
>> No. 37469
>we won't be including her in this release
>in *this* release

chrysalis confirmed for fighting is magic 2
>> No. 37472

>> No. 37476
Super Fighting is Magic: Mystical Edition Plus Alpha EX confirmed
>> No. 37483
File 133518186595.png - (157.07KB , 1920x1200 , 32719 - face sad twilight_sparkle.png )
Actually I am sorry about that, I was the one who suggested the torrent and I was also the one who said that and I can assure you it was not to make you shut up, it was because even though my internet isn't slow it has some unstable times and when those happen torrents are the only way to assure the download won't fail and make me waste my time. I was very angry and just threw it all on you. I am also delleting my post, not to make me look better, I have no name after all, I am doing this so people won't get the wrong impression about you.
>> No. 37484
Eh, no worries. Everypony already hates me anyway, at least those who know me IRL, and, as I said earlier, I am numb to the stings of those stingy words.
>> No. 37486
Ok so I know you guys are only doing Season 1 characters but damn Cadence and Shining Armor are best pony. ^_^
>> No. 37510
Looking at the Fluttershy footage again, a question occurs...

Are Fluttershy and Angel being handled as separate sprites, or a single sprite? I couldn't help noticing that Angel's behavior was identical each time Fluttershy used her attack, but given that she was presumably missing most of her programming, it's hard to draw a conclusion from that.
>> No. 37512
Yeah you can't tell much from that footage! Good question though.

The current idea is to have angel "baked in" to Fluttershy's sprites. That is to say, they are one 'object' or 'layer' in the engine. So on frame three of fluttershy's attack Angel would be in the same position every time.

The process is a little different though, we are exporting Angel separately Then joining them together before importing. This is so we don't get issues with the antialiasing of the borders of where Angel overlaps fluttershy's body while only needing one palette for the both of them combined (also, fingers crossed, we may be able to palette swap Angel, testing of which hasn't been done yet). So he'll have a solid pixelly outline like the characters.

The reasons for this mainly go back to the palette restrictions.

For an example of an object that ISN'T on the same layer, we have things like Rarity's cloth and glows, Twilight's glows, even Pinkie's foam finger.

There are issues with doing this (like synchronising the animations, or what if you get hit out of your animation but the object keeps playing?) so there will be certain states on fluttershy where baked-in or separate object will be the lesser of two evils.
>> No. 37514

hey, thanks for the info! that's actually really interesting. I was wondering about that as well.

I thought you would handle it kind of like with twilight where the book seems to have it's own entity, only when used in an attack both share one and the same animation.

at least I always figured the book has it's own entity seeing how in the footage we've seen so far it seemed to stay in place when twilight did a backdash which most likely means that the book and twilight's animations are not baked together, and if I got that right the book also has an independent spinning animation when twi's in hitstun. so I guess you'll get it some more independent idle animations when the release date draws nearer. I imagine it to look kind of like rachel alucard's red bat-thingy in blazblue, it idly floats around her until "needed" for an animation so it suddenly teleports besides her to spit out a projectile for example.

for example angel running around idly when not in use but... launching off from fluttershy's back or what have you in one animation both share

oooor it could've been that fluttershy and her pet/pets worked completely unrelated animation wise. like carl's puppet in blazblue for example. magic button to control her companion/companions. or a mix out of both, like angel is her sidekick which steps in as soon as needed but other animals come out at will and have their own completely unrelated sprites (like calling for assists).

but the baked together option was the one I didn't even really think about. I kind of fear it's both the "easiest" one to implement but also the toughest one to make look good. because you probably don't want angel to pixel-exactly replicate every movement like twi's book works like for now. so if they share one and the same animation then both probably need lots and lots of care, whereas as 2 entities you could have angel idle while fluttershy's jumping for example.
>> No. 37517
Like I said it may be a mix. The choice isn't always "easy" or "good". Sometimes it's easy AND good. If it's five times as hard for a slightly better look that 90% of people won't notice.. it's hard to justify. Believe me, I try to justify it to myself all the time.
>> No. 37545
When are you gonna show Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy? I thought they were gonna get a livestream this month.
>> No. 37556
afaik the devs have not yet publicly announced another livestream. not even an estimate as for when the next one might happen.
>> No. 37571
Not sure where you got that idea from! We're just working away, sometimes slowly, sometimes fastly. We'll have stuff when we have stuff is about all I can say, and yes I know that's a useless answer.

We like showing you guys cool stuff as much as you like seeing it (barring recent music controversy! yikes!)
You'll know it when we've got something ready.
>> No. 37576
>We're just working away, sometimes slowly, sometimes fastly.

don't you have like an internal progress schedule / self-imposed deadlines or something?
for the most basic example it's hard to imagine that a project like this would work without a defined finish line in form of a roughly estimated date of completion you agreed on
>> No. 37581
Is this game ever going to be finished or is it going to be an endless dev jerkcircle kind of like sonic 2 hd?
>> No. 37582

It's never going to be finished. Now that there's nothing left here for you, you might as well leave.
>> No. 37583
File 133532165684.jpg - (38.39KB , 472x500 , pie47.jpg )
>disregard the fact it's to be released in midsummer at earliest
>disregard the amount of time it takes to program and animate and balance
>> No. 37593
File 133532606930.jpg - (22.41KB , 427x421 , LightningBlitz_notcool.jpg )
Really? Really?!
Let's see YOU make some thing like this then. Come on, show me that you can back up your misguided sense of entitlement. They don't HAVE to do this. You have no place making that comment.
>> No. 37598
> it's hard to imagine

It's easy if you try!

>Is this game ever going to be finished or is it going to be an endless dev jerkcircle kind of like sonic 2 hd?

>> No. 37599

Yep to what!? O_O
Yep to it being finished? Or yep to this being an endless dev jerkcircle thing?

> inb4 this gets answered with yep
>> No. 37600
It wasn't a real question so it wasn't worthy of a real answer.
>> No. 37601

>> No. 37606
What's up with all the vitriol surrounding this game recently? I spend a lot of time on /v/ so I'm totally used to it, but I come here to see progress on what looks to be a really good game. All I've been seeing lately is a lot of nastiness from people who are supposed to be the bastion of "love and tolerance" (I think I threw up in my mouth a little).

Looking back this project used to be surrounded by praise and good will. There is still a lot of it, but I'm noticing a cynical edge creeping into the threads. Are people maybe getting antsy because we aren't seeing as much content as we once were? I worry because to have the same community that built a positive anticipation around a game twist it into vitriol before the game is even released does not bode well for the developers continuing to work on the game. That, and especially the drama behind the scenes (yes I know about it, but no, I'm not going to go any further than that out of respect for the dev team, who obviously would not be very happy if I did) make me slightly worried. If you call something shit on 4chan, people shouldn't be taking that as much to heart, but on somewhere like here people are more inclined to take it seriously. Think about that, guys.

I don't know what the point of writing all this was. I guess I just wanted to say, "keep calm and carry on". I don't know why everypony got all colon carnaged over the new songs. I would never say people shouldn't voice their opinion, all I'm saying is take into consideration that this is a small team and what they've shown to us so far has been, overwhelmingly and objectively, quality work.

To the dev team, because I know they read this thread frequently: No matter what, keep up progress on this game. It's been my most looked forward to indie game of the past year since it was announced. I mean that honestly and wholeheartedly. Don't let negativity get you down. All the work you've done has been high quality, so I have complete confidence that the game will get done eventually.
>> No. 37625

Negative feedback usually doesn't affect us because 90% of it is based on speculation, bad information,or just general dickishness. When it's totally valid well thought out negative feedback that can kinda bring us down, because we REALLY don't have a lot of room to move here. I'm referring to the music discussion.

We have taken the feedback on board and are going to try some things moving forward, but the work involved up to that point was the effort of a couple of people in their spare time, and redoing it is most likely off the table at this point for purely mechanical reasons (available time X effort = not possible). I am not speaking for the musicians here directly, just the feel of the conversations we have been having.

As for the internal drama, lets just say that hasn't slowed us down much. It's almost inevitable for there to be some in these things. And we know of other projects that get close to blowing up point regularly. I can tell you for certain that our drama has not been near that point yet. I don't know what you've heard, but if what you've heard includes our core team breaking up and stopping work, you can assume it is misinformed.

As for the community being built on love and tolerance... I've never seen that. It's a larger than normal fan community that has had the values of love and tolerance pressured on to it. It's not an inner light shining out, it is a forcefield trying to contain the normal variation within any community, and that includes people who are not nice. Those are the people that use the 'love and tolerance' as a crutch to protect themselves from being called out. "Sure i'm being mean, but if you don't love and tolerate me you're bad brony."

It's drowned out most of the time, but when it's directed mostly at you or your team then it's hard to ignore.

In conclusion, believe what you want about the internal dramas, just remember anypony telling you stuff is probably giving you half the story. But it is fun to gossip and spill "dirty secrets" and rant about conflict, so we can't blame them.
We LOVE positive feedback, and we try to take constructive negative feedback on board. Be prepared for the fact that it's sometimes something that we can't realistically expect to fix.
We believe strongly in this thing and want to see it through.
>> No. 37627
From the time I've been keeping up with this project I've respected this team a whole lot. Especially monkeyjay and Anu. They seem like really cool people.

What Jay said on the shoryuken forum about how the Skullgirls team were doing something original as opposed to something from popularity. Saying how he respects them more because of it. Saying how the Mane6 devteam is trying to make this game not half-flanked despite the popularity of ponies made me respect him a lot.

Keep up the good work guys. I'm actually pretty patient when it comes to this.
>> No. 37631
File 133539465359.png - (97.75KB , 272x246 , pie35.png )
I think a lot of people are patient about it, it's just that the louder people are the ones that are going to say the most negative things.
I don't mind waiting for Fighting is Magic either. I've got other fighting games I can play, and I've got the show and entire poni fandom to look at if I want ponies.
>> No. 37641
Youtube embed play button

>It's not an inner light shining out, it is a forcefield trying to contain the normal variation within any community, and that includes people who are not nice.

I am the poster-pony of love and tolerance. The only thing I hate is intolerance.



*see linked video*
>> No. 37646
File 133541925006.jpg - (66.23KB , 703x571 , 132630315795.jpg )
I agree with this statement. I've been lurking these threads for a long time but I rarely post. Ever since I saw the first demo video, I have decided that I will play the crap out of this game. A lot of my friends are looking forward to it too.

I'd rather wait longer to have a super awesome finished game with no bugs rather than a half completed one that was rushed to release.

TLDR - Keep up the amazing work and the fandom will be ready to jump all over this game once it's finally ready. There are plenty of excited fans who are loving every tidbit you show us.
>> No. 37661
Will we get to listen to delicious Ms. Fortune Rarity lines the next time you make a stream?
>> No. 37670
Are move mechanics too much to spoil?

Because I started wondering if there were any ponies that would have attacks that would directly damage their opponent's special meter. Like, if one character had a special that, it may deal low damage, and it knocks a whole chunk off their special or Something.

Or if you have any neat characters planned who aren't based off dealing just damage.
>> No. 37697

>Especially monkeyjay and Anu

... Well, that's new. =) - First time ever anypony says that... (that I can remember; I have a rather uncanny ability to forget stuff).
>> No. 37735

Oh. Forgot to add. Nappy really, -really-, -REALLY- should be on top of the "people to admire on Mane6" by far.
>> No. 37737
He's like the cpu and graphics card and ram. Anu and I are the monitor haha.
>> No. 37740
I knew I forgot somepony.
>> No. 37760
It's ok, he doesn't say much.
>> No. 37779
File 133567480766.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Except when he's on live stream or at cons. =P
But, yes, thank you all for your hard work on this project. I speak for many when I say we are REALLY looking forward to this being finished.
>> No. 38058
> Website Updated

Casting call: Open!
>> No. 38064
File 133627512329.png - (42.58KB , 162x203 , Toph_Anticipation1.png )
I'm so gonna get it!
>> No. 38068
>> No. 38076
File 133629326687.png - (13.73KB , 166x163 , 133101129139.png )
Hey, to my understandings, Mane 6 is going to show up to the Canterlot Gardens in Ohio. Well, early September, there's a start up con called Midoricon. While it's anime, the heads are bronies and we're getting a strong brony turn out. It's in Cambridge, Ohio, and I was curious if you guys would be interested in coming out to it to run a panel or other events. I'm part of Midoricon's staff and feel that you guys would be a great fit at Midori! Here is the Web site for Midoricon. It's an outdoor convention at a state park, but they have plenty of indoor space for panels and events as well at the main lodge.
>> No. 38080
may I suggest something?

maybe you should do a short video for your youtube account to announce the fluttershy audition call over there too. you've got lots of subscribers and I'm sure most of them don't necessarily follow your website or read the eqd roundups. and the more people know the more auditions the higher the chance of really good fluttershy impressions.
>> No. 38083
Best pony. Can't wait.
>> No. 38111

We really don't live in Ohio. Those of us assisting (and by "us" I mean the team. I can't assist myself) are investing some money into making the trip. Not likely we could make two in such a short time, sorry. :c
>> No. 38112
You know, I JUST listened to the Diamond Tiara theme, and came up with an awesome idea.

What about an Extras Section?

You could put ALL kinds of stuff in there like various pictures of "back in the day" (as it would be when you finally released), as well as all the splashes and whatnot. You could also do videos, like putting the Diamond Tiara theme in there as well as possibly some of your livestreams.

Now, I know that would probably be the LAST thing on your list to add in. It might also not even be possible with your engine, or how much more space that would take up, but I thought that would be such a cool thing to have.
>> No. 38113
File 133632967056.png - (124.24KB , 428x366 , Berry15.png )
It's alright. When I saw that, I was just a little hopeful maybe some of the dev team lived around Ohio is all.
>> No. 38145
File 133638278987.jpg - (4.58KB , 280x160 , pie25.jpg )
Men, this is where we find a sudden influx of new recruits and soldiers for the cause.
Seriously, I can almost guarantee the Fluttershy stuff will bring a lot of attention, as will Rainbow Dash when it's her time.
>> No. 38154
I think one of their voice actors said she was going too. Not sure if she's sitting on the panel with the devteam but I remember seeing that somewhere. Maybe she lives in that area.
>> No. 38161
im really curious about the finishers.. we already saw Twilight's one.

i can guess Rainbow Dsh will obviously get Sonic Rainboom.

but for the others?!

Applejack: Stampede?
Fluttershy: Manticore out of nowhere?
Rarity: no idea.
Pinkie Pie: i guess it's gonna be a party.
>> No. 38164
Rarity: You know the scene where Spike gets grabbed into the closet cover and she dresses him up? Yeah, that.

Though it'll be something gem related, if we didn't see it already. (Not sure if it was a level 1 or 3 that we saw)
>> No. 38165

which episode it was?
>> No. 38170
Ticket Master, I believe.
>> No. 38204
File 133652724770.png - (163.84KB , 585x488 , BP7.png )
Alright, I'll look into it. Thank you very much for your time!
>> No. 38216
Yep, found it for you. The Twilight Sparkle VA is the one that's going. But there's no word if she'll be on the actual panel or not. Hope she is though!
>> No. 38263
Is Rainbow gonna get some lightning attack that turns her mane & tail into a blue lightning, like Fire Fly?
>> No. 38267
File 133673696410.png - (330.37KB , 906x536 , Angel almost perfect.png )
Wow, that's a cool idea. Reminds of Kirby in SSBB with the cooking cauldron!
>> No. 38269
Reminds me of Valentine's Dead on Arrival.
>> No. 38270
File 133674659577.jpg - (123.37KB , 620x351 , mash_a.jpg )
Which would fit Zecora perfectly if she is playable.
>> No. 38276

she'll gobble you up in big tasty stew...
>> No. 38277
File 133677338720.gif - (177.32KB , 150x134 , sw50sw8sw578.gif )
>> No. 38278
File 133677599423.jpg - (6.79KB , 243x208 , pie24.jpg )
Watch out!
>> No. 38280
[in Flutterguy's awesome jazz voice]
She's an evil enchantress and she does evil dances,
And if you look deep in her eyes, she will put you in trances.
Then what would she do, she'll mix up an evil brew,
Then she'll gobble you up in a big, tasty stew.
So... Watch out.
>> No. 38283
File 133677893492.jpg - (12.81KB , 280x286 , pie48.jpg )
Okay, I think we're getting a teeny bit off-topic.
So, how 'bout them fightan gaymz?
I got shiny new stuff like SFxT and SCV and UMvC3.
>> No. 38284
No Skullgirls? Shame. Gotta support them indies, you know? :P
>> No. 38285
File 133678043746.png - (427.40KB , 656x763 , pie30.png )
Well, Skullgirls has tempted me, but I don't really like the character designs. The art style's cool, but something about the way they look makes me go "Meh".
>> No. 38286
A little bit of the same, but I'm gonna give it a chance via demo. Just haven't gone around to it yet.

Anyway, Zecora is best pony. :D
>> No. 38320
File 133687547965.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Best Zebra.
>> No. 38352
File 133697271801.jpg - (13.41KB , 212x226 , dudewut.jpg )
Best character after Gilda
>> No. 38375
Some ponies don't like her.
>> No. 38393
File 133703632510.png - (154.46KB , 800x800 , pie43.png )
"So we'll hate her. Because she can take it. Because she's not a hero, she's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight."
>> No. 38395
More like an evil *ahem* I mean, uh... Friendship is magic, everypony! That's right, isn't it? "Friendship"? Yeah, that's right...
>> No. 38399
all the humans like her though.
>> No. 38419
This is going to be a stupid question because I realize your game is going to be unique but I might as well try. I haven't really played fighting games since Street Fighter 2 on my genesis. If I was to get back into a grove what fighting game do you feel Fighting is Magic most resembles?
>> No. 38421
File 133713537217.png - (145.01KB , 1262x1383 , BoltThinking1.png )
If the streams are anything to go by, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue seem pretty close.
>> No. 38582
Website Updated:

Fluttershy casting call closed:
>> No. 38587
is it just me or does the number of participants get larger and larger with each new casting call you put out?
>> No. 38589
The day they cast for Big Mac (or whichever male pony they put in game) it'll take a LOT of time to listen through every submission.
>> No. 38610

>> No. 38623
They should skip the casting of Big Mac, and just announce that one of the devteam will be doing his voice.

That would be hilarious.
>> No. 38629
Realistically they should be able to. Between them, and their immediate friends, there should be somepony who can do Big Mac.
>> No. 38640
Not like he says much anyway besides 2 phrases. :P
>> No. 38649
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 38661
File 133770138513.jpg - (30.10KB , 452x339 , Thats_the_joke.jpg )
Besides that.
>> No. 38664
...and when he talked in Applebuck Season. (Just to cover all my bases here.)
>> No. 38672
Youtube embed play button

>> No. 38675
Doesn't count. Wasn't sober.

Guess you can say he was... love drunk. PinkieDrumRimshot.gif
>> No. 38678

I wouldn't use that excuse with a court judge.
>> No. 38680
Welp, time to lock up the CMC.
>> No. 38925
>Website Updated

Fluttershy VA chosen:
>> No. 38926

Just confirming; That -is- us. I seem to have messed up the tripcode.
>> No. 38927
How far is this game in development, like, how man of the voice actors have been casted?
>> No. 38930
File 133818027499.jpg - (25.75KB , 640x360 , eyeroll2.jpg )
What, you kidding?! This is a nearly perfect voice!
>> No. 38931
File 133818340111.jpg - (26.54KB , 500x287 , Have a Rainbowdash.jpg )
Well now...
That was really good.
Also: DAW... that little angel in the special mentions...
I think I might need to see my physician about Diabetes...
>> No. 38934
File 133819770366.png - (96.45KB , 638x336 , 132435346799.png )
Why hello there, fan, how's the beautiful economy going like on the other side? Might wanna tell the voice actor she's perfect, not the audience, she's the one that 'needs' it.

Now to be honest...her voice reminded me of a 5 year old(Bubbles)(actually even the 10 year old sounded older), she had a lot of the letter ''z'' going through her voice, showing that it wasn't clear enough, plus her voice just isn't powerful enough while she's trying to be smooth or relaxing.

That's what happens you can't find 30-40 year old genuine voice actors.
The voices were very deep, but they were barely powerful when reaching for high notes.
And most of the voices were also pretty much the same to each other, quite awkward for a judge.

Oh well... c'est la vie.
>> No. 38936
File 133819928323.png - (74.78KB , 500x500 , 52.png )
Be more polite and have some tact please.
>> No. 38937
My only question is if the Pinkie Pie voice actors could pull a better Fluttershy.
As long as they don't get Rainbow Dash stuck with an obnoxious 8 year old boy/girl voice then I'm good.
>> No. 38939
How about Fluttershy theme for the next update?
>> No. 38941
I'm glad to see the "release announcement, jerks come out of the woodwork to trash it" development cycle is still in full swing.
>> No. 38943
File 133822646347.png - (437.54KB , 643x540 , 131156308924.png )
I like her voice. ^-^

Looking forward to the game, as always! Keep up the great work!
>> No. 38947
I know full well why I didn't listen to any of the fluttershy auditions beforehand. as soon as I heard the one that was chosen I was like "oh wow she's perfect", then I listened to the special mentions and went "oh wow that's really really awesome too" like 3 times. in the end there are multiple really really awesome ones, and I can see that choosing the right one probably was quite the task. obviously people who were rooting for somepony else will be a bit bugged now, but seriously, going through the submissions I'm pretty certain that whoever would have been chosen, there'd always be some people who are just that little bit unhappy because their favourite was somepony else. guess in the end the devteam is the only one whoose choice is "right", considering that they are the ones who have to work with the VA and probably know what they are looking for better than anypony else.
>> No. 38948
>Website Updated

Bite-Sized Update - Week 1
>> No. 38951
File 133823222701.png - (144.25KB , 1406x1036 , BoltExcited.png )
I approve of this!
>> No. 38952
Oh shit. Interactive background. I am excite.

I don't get why Caramel is there though.
>> No. 38953
File 133823293176.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
Because the lazy bastard just wants an excuse to get out of his current duties. >:/
>> No. 38954
holy crap that's awesome

are you sure you're not getting sponsored by hasbro or something...? how can your little fan project thingie look better than 80% of comercial fighting games?
obviously you're not but in all honesty, I can see this game getting some sort of official aproval. because why the heck not. I'm really really really looking forward to this. this game is going to get big, telling you.
>> No. 38955
Weekly updates, I'm so happy now!
>> No. 38956
Bite-sized updates?
Bite sized updates.
Get hyped.
>> No. 38957
File 133823814543.png - (73.23KB , 250x300 , 130551578202.png )
I was just wondering the other day what had happened to this project.
>> No. 38986
File 133829277139.png - (31.02KB , 243x168 , thanks.png )
This sort of weekly update is what I think many of us wanted to see. Thanks!
>> No. 39014
File 133834592814.png - (546.18KB , 1366x768 , kpNzr.png )
Well. Uh. May I request an(other) invite to the Skype group? The only reason I never talked on there was because I never had much to say. Now that I am trying to get more into the fightan gaem community, I would like some peoples to fight against, maybe get some pointers. I do, however, understand if you decline. Sorry.
>> No. 39029

No, it really wasn't. Not compared to the others. She can't do the Flutterrage and she needs a lot of practice. but nothing can be done about it now except for her to read into the critiques she gets and work harder than she did for that audition.
>> No. 39033

>voice actress in fan project isn't carbon copy of official voice actress
>undermine fan project actor's confidence until satisfied

Pretty sure that's not how it works, bro. I think that's just called "being a dick".
>> No. 39036
There's a difference between being a dick, a flamewar starter, and being a critic(or a director)

Now I'd actually be happy if they tried to go away from the original voices, like let's say Rainbow Dash's voice, she always sounded obnoxious with her little/teenager girl combo from season 1 which fluctuated to little boy in season 2, and wasn't all that great of a voice to begin with, let alone a good singer.

The problem with that voice actor is that she didn't have a powerful, yet smooth/relaxing voice, like most voice actors have.
>> No. 39038
File 133836573504.jpg - (27.69KB , 341x512 , gottfried-aflac.jpg )

>Now I'd actually be happy if they tried to go away from the original voices

No you wouldn't. Nopony would.

>The problem with that voice actor is that she didn't have a powerful, yet smooth/relaxing voice, like most voice actors have.

That makes absolutely zero sense, both generally and in the context of this casting. See the included image for my rebuttal.

I've now come to the conclusion that everypony complaining about the voice actors chosen are complaining solely due to preconceived notions of how accurate a voice has to be for this project and how voice acting works in general.
>> No. 39039
What are you talking about? He was totally being polite
>> No. 39044
File 133837038897.jpg - (24.56KB , 319x296 , 131536329312.jpg )
>wants to avoid "x is the best pony" debates
>says PP is the worst pony.
>> No. 39045
The problem with the argument "this is fanmade game! There's no money going into it!" is that there were plenty of people in the honorable mentions who could both act better, and do flutterrage better.
>> No. 39047
>OK, so here's the down low... A while ago, When Tara Strong first startedparaspriting/loving Bronies, I approached her about possibly voicing an animated short for us, offering payment and everything. She saw some of my older MLP animations and really seemed to love the idea, but told me that she couldn't be hired to voice her MLP character outside of her contract with Hasbro/SAG. So that's it right? No animation... Then all of the sudden, BAM! VocalTwit: The holy alternative!

Says this guy:
>> No. 39050
File 133837238913.png - (169.49KB , 753x424 , eyeroll4.png )
Well, if they chose somepony who wasn't as good with "Flutterrage," then maybe that tells us something about how prominent this trait of Fluttershy will be in the game. Sorry, but I'm assuming the Mane 6 know better than any of us what they are looking for in a voice actress.
>> No. 39051

Then they should have not asked for Flutter-rage lines. The whole thing makes about as much sense to me as Luna sitting like a pony.
>> No. 39052

*Lyra. My bad. Probably gonna get flamed for that but that's what I get for posting in the early morning.
>> No. 39061
File 133840682229.png - (72.30KB , 481x644 , o_0.png )
Ah, c'mon people! Easy on.
Be supportive, not mean. Maybe there is something that the Fluttershy VA could do better, but how about offering suggestions on how to fix what's wrong instead of flat out saying: "She's terrible. Couldn't do X."
Lighten up!
>> No. 39064
Oh, man, seeing your post reminded me that I was going to ask to return to the Skype group.
So may I return? I feel that I'm not totally inept at fighting games any longer and can actually hold my own to an extent.
>> No. 39065
File 133841119751.png - (150.80KB , 1275x1448 , BoltReassuring.png )
Sure. Wha'ts your Skype name again? I don't remember.
>> No. 39169
File 133867133783.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
>> No. 39172
You guys better make an amazing update next week. It's E3 week. GET HYPE! ...or something.

Nah, whatever you decide to do is cool.
>> No. 39176
the best thing would be to see them at E3! HUZZAH

For the bite size update, Ohhhhh Shiny!...... eh hum yes anyway very awesome. I must say Caramel looks like a creeper. "What's this? A catfight, oooh I think I may just stick around looking inconspicuously in from this window. Giggity." Well keep up the great work.
>> No. 39177
File 133868640796.gif - (476.80KB , 286x316 , 131730562045.gif )
>> No. 39182
File 133870247139.jpg - (112.70KB , 730x577 , Rose-Images.jpg )
We have observed you for quite some time and we've come to the conclusion that you have dropped your high standards since you started making the game.

If this persists, or even starts affecting the actual gameplay then we'll be forced to take the project away from you and do it ourselves.

~Have a nice day.
>> No. 39184
File 133870827642.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
We just dick around and play fightin games and strive to improve and help each other get better, all in anticipation of Fighting is Magic.
>> No. 39185
File 133870832570.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
>> No. 39186
File 133870851991.gif - (240.60KB , 300x202 , 133820853107.gif )
>> No. 39187
File 133870867964.gif - (1.31MB , 400x360 , R16066_MLP_Applejack_Spooky.gif )
>> No. 39188
File 133871603443.png - (45.41KB , 422x428 , 1341.png )
>> No. 39192
>we have observed you
>dropped your high standards
>take the project away from you and do it ourselves
oh lord my sides
anon pls
>> No. 39198
holy crap is it the bildmareberg group? or the freemanesons?
the devteam better watch their shit

hey what games do you play over there? and is it somewhat active? might be looking to join
>> No. 39204

What's with all the people coming here just to pick fights and cause problems, anyways?
This board has been unusually antagonic during the past days.
>> No. 39212
I'm never really gone ;D

You have to be 100% confident in your fighting abilities and you have to fight if somepony challenges you. Otherwise you get the boot!
>> No. 39214
File 133876805930.png - (169.25KB , 455x455 , 684.png )
You say that as if you challenged people. You neither challenged anypony, or accepted any challenges. Or just be interested in fighting games in general, and watch fighting game streams and stuff with us. It's a fighting game chat first, an MLP chat second.

You're also allowed to be incredibly unconfident in your abilities. I've been incredibly unconfident on a regular basis. I've only just recently started to beat anypony else consistently.

TL;DR: The chat isn't for smoozing with the devteam hoping to get secrets about Fighting is Magic *shrug*
>> No. 39216
File 133876832162.png - (259.13KB , 898x890 , 133068844080_png.png )
Oh heck no you don't have to be GOOD at fighting games to join. In fact, you hit the nail right on the head. Just don't downplay yourself and refuse to fight people because you're "not good enough." We're all here to have a good time, fighting games bring us together.

Also, goddang it's been a while since I've been on Ponychan. Hello!
>> No. 39217
File 133876833661.png - (205.78KB , 490x490 , 130982073170.png )
Naw, you're allowed to be terrible, and we'll generally work with you to teach you to be better. Everypony always learns.
>> No. 39218
File 133876846693.png - (74.78KB , 500x500 , 132649581931_png.png )
That's... one way to put it.

And honestly, we just got fed up with you refusing challenges because you were telling yourself that you weren't "good enough", Rellek.
>> No. 39220
There's actually a lot of AE going on, but it's the PC version.
>> No. 39221
You do have to be more than just a lurker, though.
I got kicked for it. Twice.
Problem is, I'm bad at just randomly jumping into conversations.
But I still need to stop being terrible at Melty Blood by the time FIM comes out.
So on that note...?
>> No. 39225
File 133877144240.png - (141.05KB , 410x372 , 133720308630_png.png )
Gosh, we haven't played Melty Blood in months... The netcode on AACC is just really really bad... @[email protected]

We've mostly moved on to Console and Steam fighting games, usually SFxT, Skullgirls, UMvC3 on rare occasions (Sorry that nearly none of us have X360, Jump Cut!), and AE2012 (Mostly, if not always, on Steam)

We even play some other games on occasion. Fighting game players can like other things too! :v
>> No. 39226
>Website Update

Bite-Size Update - Week 2
>> No. 39227
File 133877225423.png - (1.01MB , 1137x857 , Twilight_Sparkle_Sparkles_Hard.png )
I still think we should go back to Act Cadenza just because it works, and while Actress Again Current Code is better, it's not better if the netcode is unplayable.
>> No. 39229
Youtube embed play button
That's the point of the green and pink.

The original Fluttershy put into the game has green and pink hair. Then to get "tv show canon" fluttershy, they pallete swap the green to pink.
>> No. 39234
>Also, in applying this to other ponies would it be possible to get more varied color palettes on all of them?

Yes it WOULD be. Fluttershy is the first character we tried this technique on, and unfortunately it worked. It's unfortunate because that means that the older characters are stuck with their old palette problems. Not because of anything technical, just because the work required to redo the palettes, recolour ALL the flash frames/sprites for every move, re export, do the new colour processing (which is harder), re import about 500-800 sprites per character, then redo all the palette swaps.

We aren't going to do that.
>> No. 39238
File 133878430470.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
>>39221 want back in? I'm not good at detecting hints and such over the internet son, you gonna have to be straight with me. >__>
...cuz if so, yeah you can come back...

Ey yo, you want to join in? We play a LOT of fightan games. I mean, honestly, if you mention something, even if nopony actively jumps on it, if you keep mentioning it, everypony will usually jump on it very shortly. Just post your Skype name if ya want in.
>> No. 39242
File 133879665121.png - (150.80KB , 1275x1448 , BoltReassuring.png )
Ey yo, we can also provide the fighters. There are plenty of fighters that are free yo.
>> No. 39244
File 133879883392.png - (257.68KB , 645x646 , Angel happy 14.png )
Your post about the magic of palettes remain as one of the most delightful and insightful reads I've had on Mane6. Now I can share your pain and suffering when thinking of Rainbow Dash all while having even more admiration when seeing completed works ^^

PS: Angeel is awesome.
>> No. 39250
File 133880608860.png - (19.84KB , 572x472 , Warachia.png )
>I mean, honestly, if you mention something, even if nopony actively jumps on it, if you keep mentioning it, everypony will usually jump on it very shortly.

Oh good, you mean I don't look like a total loon when I ask over and over if anypony wants to fight? :P

I've learned over time to try and get matches while there is not an active fight stream.

We will get you Melty Blood if nothing else. We will melt some bloods together. Even if it has to be in AC because AACC's netcode just doesn't seem to work.

I like how when I google "Melty Blood Pony" that it brings up multiple pictures of Sunset Bolt

>> No. 39260
Dear Mane6,
You are a biatch a$$ neigha.
I heard you now have to login on your site to comment. That's a bitch move, Mane6.
Im coming for that @ss again untill you release the 4Th Livestream.
What is the idea of even allowing comments in the first place if you're not gonna use the critiques or major opinions?

Sincurely yours,
Mane6 Stalker
>> No. 39264
File 133883940664.jpg - (33.17KB , 138x227 , shadow_is_not_happy.jpg )
>> No. 39265
File 133883945465.gif - (376.71KB , 345x346 , 130599417885.gif )
>I heard you now have to login on your site to comment. That's a bitch move, Mane6.

If you were as big of a stalker as you claim, you would have made an account immediately anyway instead of complaining about it. Get on Rellek's stalking level, yo.
>> No. 39266
File 133883957870.png - (6.02KB , 295x361 , fluttershy_comingon.png )

Using "bitch", "ass", and "angel in the same sentence proves what a mature person you are.
>> No. 39267
File 133884000029.jpg - (76.92KB , 852x1000 , 130646658560.jpg )
Oh, yeah. And this:

>What is the idea of even allowing comments in the first place if you're not gonna use the critiques or major opinions?

A comments section is to allow for you to do just what it says: leave a comment. It's to allow people to speak their mind. It's a quick way to get feedback, and often used for starting discussions between like-minded individuals. What it is NOT, however, is a suggestion box. You just don't say "this is awful I hate it fix it" and expect results. Comments do not work that way.

If you're salty that things didn't work out that way, then fine, it's your right to leave that comment; but AFTER you leave that comment, you're gonna have to hold that salt in your chest. Because opinions can always be disregarded.

... did I really have to explain this to somepony? Wow.
>> No. 39268
File 133884025385.jpg - (4.56KB , 222x227 , pie13.jpg )
oh buoy
I see where this nonsense is going and how it's gonna escalate
>luk @ meparaspritlo ex dee
words cannot describe how much I love that picture
>> No. 39270
File 133884109420.gif - (99.08KB , 300x220 , 123235349302.gif )
Is it possible to take the code and the animations and put them in a Platformer or a Beat-Em-Up game?
>> No. 39271
File 133884159719.png - (284.23KB , 500x535 , KNIIIIIIIIIIIIVES.png )
But what about this one?

>> No. 39272
File 133884190157.jpg - (461.85KB , 703x671 , 58b04c8a36be566b6cb2aa7682cd97c7.jpg )
From what they've said in the past, you're free to rip them like you rip any other sprites from a videogame, but they won't do it for you.
>> No. 39273
Thanks! That's exactly right. It is not a suggestion box. Until the game comes out, most 'critique' we get doesn't even make sense. Only a few of Mane6 even read the comments, and it's good for a general feel of how things might be received, but if we think we know better then our decisions always trump random comments. We don't know who's commenting (even with login required). And this may be surprising, but not everypony's opinions on our game are equally valid.

We have our testers who actually play the thing, whose opinion is very valid. If they dislike a certain visual element because it makes the game play worse, then we'll think of options.

The removal of full anonymous comments was mainly to stop the random hateful comments directed at other people (like the VAs). If you are convinced enough in your opinion then you can log in.
>> No. 39274
On a related note, I'd love to see a group of dedicated fans port the characters over to MUGEN after the game's officially released, no matter how challenging it would be.
>> No. 39275
File 133884452505.png - (27.01KB , 136x125 , Toph_Hangin_Out.png )
You guys seem a little upset... Let's all just be happy here alright?

I do? Well shoot... I will try my best.
>> No. 39278
File 133884689229.png - (34.49KB , 170x170 , wait i still have my hat.png )
Could you guys please discuss this over Skype chat from now on?

On-topic: you guys are getting more creative with those color-reference blobs... Fluttershark should be in the game, instant top tier.
>> No. 39280
File 133884790424.png - (35.73KB , 177x183 , Toph_Lighten_Up_A_Bit.png )
I don't think I was that bad. If you guys just left me alone, then it wouldn't have got that far. I was playing individual people outside of the group chat. Whoopdie doo.

>over Skype chat
Ha! That's a joke right?

Sorry... Anyways, I absolutely adore Fluttershy's cotton candy colour scheme. It's by far my favourite of the bunch. Is Fluttershark a joke that I missed? If so I'd like to learn about it.
>> No. 39282
Yeah please no more arguments over the skype group. Asking to join is fine and promoting it is fine. Rellek's dirty laundry belongs in a furnace. it doesn't need to be dragged through our thread leaving brown wet streaks.

Let's all just put on clean underwear and relax on bean bags, together..

Fluttershark is just me having fun. The palette images that hold all the colours don't need to look like anything, they just need to hold pure pixels of every colour needed for the character, so I tend to draw them as funny shapes. No in-joke, no meme, it's completely self-contained and self-explanatory!
>> No. 39283
You could think of them as "evolving", though.

Twi's and AJ's shape were a... something... Rarity's larval stage's on the website... Not quite sure if we've shown Pinkie's... Fluttershy's is a Shark, and RD's... she's still viewable in our twitter.

The long chain of pony palette evolution, everypony!
>> No. 39284
File 133885289006.png - (73.90KB , 229x271 , 132650193569_png.png )
... Where'd I put that brain bleach again?
>> No. 39285
You know, I would very much like to see AJ's, Twilight's and Pinkie's.

I laughed the first time with Rarity, laughed even harder at the Fluttershy one, and I think I'd love to see the rest.
>> No. 39286

Maybe in a future BSU
>> No. 39287
Well awesome! So long as you know what you're doing and doing it right, that's all I really care about. Keep it up!

And yes a furnace is a good place for them. I need new clothes anyways.

I did happen to see the Rarity one. That was rather fun XD
>> No. 39288
File 133885498869.png - (33.23KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Annoyed.png )
Geez, anon. You're such a little kid!
...I use that too often. I should make a stamp!
>> No. 39291
I'll join then, sure. I think my skype name is saturday_saint. I can doublecheck when I get home.
>> No. 39293
Yes please. Thanks.
>> No. 39301
File 133886850499.png - (173.08KB , 900x1352 , 133289915707_png.png )
... I'm not sure. I can only really remember the first, the most recent with sudden Fluttershy, and BroNYCon (if that counts)
>> No. 39302
File 133886879272.png - (175.64KB , 1206x1452 , BoltFreaked1WE.png )
>Last Spoilered Bit

>> No. 39303
File 133887021526.png - (143.36KB , 852x852 , 133047885775_png.png )
You ARE the Melty Blood, Sunset.
>> No. 39304
File 133887060941.gif - (19.82KB , 800x600 , EX-KNIVES.gif )
Check it yourself. I suspect it's largely due to the Fighting is Magic threads, and the extensive discussion of Melty Blood in past versions of the thread by you.
>> No. 39310
File 133887809201.png - (28.28KB , 300x361 , Sunset Nanaya.png )
>> No. 39319
File 133890683023.png - (186.59KB , 891x897 , 133807885605_png.png )
Oh man. Resisting SHED.MOV joke. Resistiiiiiiing...
>> No. 39322
File 133891943708.png - (30.30KB , 352x298 , Sunset Nanaya 2.png )
You do it and I EX Million Stab your flank so hard...
>> No. 39325
File 133892987830.png - (119.24KB , 600x600 , 133479681883_png.png )
I was kidding! Don't hurt meeeeee.
>> No. 39444
File 133910710626.jpg - (19.48KB , 640x349 , Smile!.jpg )
Hey Hey Hey, Stay outta mah shed!
>> No. 39454
File 133917635312.png - (136.00KB , 900x834 , 133281541329_png.png )
Ahaha, at least it wasn't me.

In other news, that animation analysis guy used AJ's Fighting is Magic theme in his newest video. Neat!
>> No. 39477
File 133925212358.jpg - (23.23KB , 447x424 , LightningBlitz_happy.jpg )
Yeah, I noticed. That was pretty cool. I kinda laughed when he said that the shows run isn't really a run.
Fun fact: It's actually a sped up military trot taught to war horses back during (and possibly before) the French-Indian War. They did this to make it harder to take a horse down with a single sword swing / spear jab. The more you know.
>> No. 39478
That's also why it looks like they are sliding around in the show when analyzed in such a manner. In the real trot, there are moments where all the hooves are up, but it is such a small frame of reference that it is virtually non-existant when sped up. =P
>> No. 39488
File 133926143889.gif - (130.19KB , 400x400 , 132961291684_gif.gif )
Oh, that actually is pretty cool! That's why I love the show so much, so many little things that have so much thought behind them.
>> No. 39525
Why isn't this project on Cloudsdale yet?
>> No. 39531

Because between the site, ponychan, twitter, youtube and the two mails, I already have enough sites to manage through the day D=
>> No. 39544
New thread:
>> No. 39546

Thanks. I knew I was forgetting something...

( >>39531 see what I mean?)
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