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Hello everypony,

I've finished learning Python and one of the goals they've set me is to create a great scale project (this means, a site that can support massive amounts of users and meaning serious business), and I thought about the community. What does this community needs? What's the main issue about MLP? Then an idea came up to my mind: Watching it.

Many non-american bronies (including me) might know how complicated it can be to watch the show with the original voices and many can't even watch it on TV because It's not available in their countries. So, I thought why not making an online streaming for everypony?
Then many question raised about this: Will I be sued because of this? Will I be able to pull it off? Will I be able to gather the money I need to do this?
Well... I don't know. But It won't kill me if I try. And with this I come here to ask you (yes, you!) for help. I can't pull this alone, that's for sure. I have studies and things to attend and two minds think more than one, so I want to recruit people to help me developing this. Right now, I'm looking for:

-Developer(s): Since this is going to be in Python, you must know how to manage Python and Django (we can learn and improve ourselves, but you must know the basics). A plus for Javascript and AJAX. Since we will be at least two or more, insanely active or making one commit per month, we will need to setup a SVN, It would be nice if you know how to manage yourself around it.

-Designer(s): Graphics? Buttons? Backgrounds? You are the guy, then! Your job is to help us in the aesthetics of the site. You don't need to have a petition we made you made by the next day, but it would be nice if you could take a little time off and make it. If you have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, then it will be a lot easier for you to understand how we would work, but It's not a requirement.

-Community Manager(s): Your job is outside the code and design of the page (except for your opinion which is really important). Your duties will be:
*Managing money and accounting it (I will check these and make them public to show that all the donations went to the maintenance of the site and not our pockets).
*Making the disclaimer, community rules and terms of agreement. This is very important because it will cover our flankes as much as we can.
*Keeping a blog of the site in matters of future features, maintenance dates and other announcements
*Communicate with users who report bugs, request features or any community related issue such as parasprites and others.

Remember that you will need to be really active once the site starts, to help us gather feedback and such.

A few things about the website:
*It will have registration by invitation. Only people who donated will have access to an instant account.
*The site will try to have a low profile to avoid Hasbro finding out about us.

If you want to contact me, you will be able to send me an email to: [email protected] upon from tomorrow or when they send me the confirmation email that the account is activated.

Thank you for reading this, have a nice day and don't hesitate in asking me anything about the project.
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>> No. 35644
I haven't receive the mail yet, so I'll give you my proper address: leandro [at] leandropoblet [dot] com

Email me if you want to help.
>> No. 35645
Umm... there are several sites that stream the shows already, most of them show it live. All of the episodes are on YouTube at least twice as well.
I'm not trying to crush your dreams or anything but I don't really thing you'll get anywhere with this...
>> No. 35646
Two words.

Plus, there ARE livestreams each week when the episode airs, with repeats a couple of times through the day before it gets on 1080p in youtube.

A site that requires you to register, that is by invitation only AND that requires you to give money for something you can do easy already sounds quite dodgy to me.

The only different thing you could do that -might- justify giving money (and which is rather grey-zoned legally) would be offering downloads of the eps, and if you're going to offer downloads on top of streaming... Well, most people know what happened to the last site that did that.
>> No. 35647
I didn't mean to put it that way. I don't want people to pay for registration, I was talking about pre-launching. Yes, my bad.

I'm not going to offer downloads, It's 3 times more expensive than streaming.

The idea is to gather all the episodes and have it in iTunes quality or better, probably subs and let everypony watch the show anytime, anywhere without any restriction.

Maybe Youtube is more popular, but not reliable at all. This would not be a livestreaming, this would be a "youtube" which will only contain MLP episodes.
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