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35648 No. 35648
Hello, /collab/, how are you doing today? ♥

As you may know, Spring is coming soon! And we’re all set to enjoy some sunny days, especially after the harsh winter we’ve been through!
So let’s celebrate this Winter Wrap Up and welcome Spring by doing a little project together, um, if you’re interested, that is!

Well, PiercingSight had an amazing idea: How about we all sing Winter Wrap Up together?
We can all record ourselves on vocaroo, singing ‘Winter Wrap Up’, and make a huge pony choir!

All you need to do is download the audio guides he made for each voice (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, you can choose to sing one voice or as many as you want!), open vocaroo, record yourself singing along with the audio guide, and upload the result on the thread! Piercing will take it from here and add you to the choir!

He’s been working on this project for a while, and asked me to be the one presenting it after I’d led the the Group Picture in December. I will also be in the thread organizing, giving advice, and answering your questions if you have any! (I’ll probably sing too :3). Feel free to post here and ask questions!

No need to be an incredible singer to do it, the audio guides will make it easy, and it’s a choir, It’s for fun !
Let’s sing together, and let’s celebrate this Winter Wrap Up like never before!

If you’re interested, I’ll now leave the detailed explanations to my friend Piercing, and I hope to see you posting here soon!
Have a wonderful day,
Tom’ ♥

=======From PiercingSight=======
You'll be listening to an audio guide while recording. I did my best to make it a simple as possible. Here's how you participate.

First listen to Winter Wrap Up completely clean right here:

Once you've established a good connection to the song, we move onto the parts (the audio file guides below). Feel free to pick any part you want. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass. Feel free to do more than one part. Here is how the parts work:

1 - If the guide is playing the song at a regular volume, then you should sing the main voice in that part.
2 - If the guide is playing a piano, you should sing the words for that part to the notes of the piano. Be careful of the words you are singing, because some of the parts have the background words, so listen to the original WWU if you need to know what they are.
3 - If the guide is playing some woodwind, then I want you to hum or go 'ah' for the entire section of that woodwind. DO NOT switch between humming and 'ah'ing in the middle of a woodwind section.
4 - If it's playing the song at a quiet volume, then that means don't sing or hum.

Tips on getting your part right!
- Listen to the audio for your part a few time and practice going along with it before you record.
- Watch your timing, and please try to stay with you part as best you can.
- If you can't hit your note, either choose a different part or change up or down an octave.
-Listen for any strange transitions (Like for the altos at the end, they sing the end of the word "up" and over lap the first sentence of Twilight's solo, then they join in with Twilight's solo on the second sentence.) It's good to try to get these as best you can.
- Most of all, have fun! The sound that somepony sings while smiling is different from just regular singing, so remember to smile smile smile! :D
- Use a good mic if you can, otherwise, use watch got.

Parts (audio guides):

All parts together (Only for listening. Not for singing to):

Now sing it!
Go to:
Click record before you click play on the audio guide, that way you can listen to the guide while you sing. Clap the timing queue (only 4 claps) and then have at it!
>Please let me know what parts you recorded and which vocaroo goes to which part. This will make it so that people can see what has already been done and maybe try a different part to fill the gaps. Thanks

>For those who haven't used Vocaroo before:
Once you've finished recording, click "stop" then click "Click her to save". Copy paste that link into this thread and you're done!
>(if a popup comes up and you can't click allow, go to the following site, click on Vocaroo and click "always allow":

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>> No. 35907
I just chose vocaroo for ease of use. If you want to use audacity, then all the better. :)
>> No. 35921
Here yar.

Have you some vocals.
Bass is definitely easier than the others. :|
>> No. 35931
File 133264767370.png - (125.68KB , 330x490 , DJ-+-Cooleo.png )
Very awesome! No Soprano? ;)

Thanks a ton!
>> No. 35966
Sweet jesus NO.
Unless you want the sound of somepony being strangled.

That was a joke. /edi

Anyway, thanks.
>> No. 35993
>> No. 36044
>> No. 36101
Oh gosh late by a day ;-;
Stupid cosplays taking up my time orz

Sorry for sounding so utterly horrendous! Allergies decided to attack me this week D:
>> No. 36159
File 133305755434.png - (110.65KB , 352x318 , thispleasesmyeye.png )
Thank you very much! And you're not late, getting moved to /collab/ got us to start slower than we'd expected, so Piercing is probably keeping the project opened some more!
Thanks again ♥
>> No. 36183
File 133309168924.png - (138.47KB , 708x678 , DJ---Concern.png )
We need all the help we can get. Please Please Please spread the word about this. Ask your friends, remind your friends, remind yourself. We need more voices and what we currently have is a little less that enough (we need sopranos, even falsetto sopranos if that's all we can get).

Just, yeah. There isn't much time left, but if you need more time, I'll get you some. Again, please spread the word about this project, and if you have a microphone, join.

>> No. 36185
Here are my tries ^^

And once again my mic cut off the long note at the end (I don't know why it does that)
>> No. 36261
File 133330218878.png - (205.82KB , 817x1000 , happy 13.png )
This is perfect! Thank you very much! ♥
>> No. 36271
I was finally alone for a bit today and I was able to get the Bass part recorded, as well as part of falsetto Alto (which is not done yet). Tenor's definitely outside my range so I won't be doing that, but I can manage falsetto for Alto and Soprano if you absolutely need it.

Here's the download to my Bass part:

Next chance I get, I'll try to finish Alto and Soprano. My apologies for the wait, I just don't get many chances to record stuff.
>> No. 36272
File 133331284823.png - (71.01KB , 308x239 , smile8.png )
Well, nothing is "absolutely needed", it's really as many voices as you want to do!
And wow, thanks, that's incredible! Feel free to do more, and no problem, we understand don't worry.
>> No. 36274
File 133331740401.jpg - (55.48KB , 840x745 , 1326160067262.jpg )
Oh shit, I am SO in
>> No. 36275
File 133331775148.png - (331.82KB , 745x719 , 1321128802366.png )
If dubs, i sing Twilights solo soprano
>I sing very deep bass
>> No. 36278
File 133332265827.png - (66.56KB , 278x262 , 1332717502445.png )

Here's my tenor, sorry for the quality of sound/my singing
>> No. 36417
I got a few minutes alone to record a bit more today, so I just finished my falsetto Alto. If it clashes or sounds too weird, feel absolutely free to leave it out. I'm providing this to help out in case you don't get enough actual female vocalists. =P
>> No. 36470
File 133365141715.jpg - (29.99KB , 307x395 , 355344225_104761.jpg )
Thank you guys so much for your contributions. Keep them coming, spread the word :)

I've set the deadline for Friday, April 13th. I'm currently on vacation until late this Sunday so I'm leaving Tom' to manage things until then.

Again thank you all for taking part of this and please try to get others involved as well. You can even dare your friends or do it in groups, you can even use "I'll do it if you do it". ;P

Have fun, be loving, enjoy life.
>> No. 36471
File 133365193393.png - (30.85KB , 867x921 , lurking 6.png )
>I'm leaving Tom' to manage things until then

>> No. 36473
Being one who likes sight-reading things, sheet music would actually be easier for me than listening to a recording a bunch of times. With sheet music, I can see what's coming the very first time. With these recordings, I have to download an MP3. That said, I don't think I'll participate in this.
>> No. 36474
Yeah. I can't really have the sheet music for it because I don't have a sheet music program. I would if I could and if I had time. And it was really made so that everypony, not just the musically inclined, could participate.

Sorry :/
>> No. 36479
File 133366156209.jpg - (5.09KB , 164x160 , pleases fluttershy.jpg )
And on the other hand, I, who can't read a note of sheet music, finds this way much easier.
>> No. 36552
>> No. 36560
Thanks :)
>> No. 36561
File 133382233439.jpg - (26.88KB , 500x487 , happy 9_2.jpg )
So, are you in? I didn't see your contribution...

> Or maybe I missed it?
>> No. 36610
I'm kinda procrastinating on it, lol. But I swear I'll start working it as soon as i can.
>> No. 36616
After you rescue minty, if you go in that hole again you enter the Ursa Minors cave, also if you go left in said instance and the back side of the cave entrance is in visual range when you move to the left, the camera won't move with you and you'll be stuck just off screen.
P.S. What does that mirror do anyway?
>> No. 36617
After you rescue minty, if you go in that hole again you enter the Ursa Minors cave, also if you go left in said instance and the back side of the cave entrance is in visual range when you move to the left, the camera won't move with you and you'll be stuck just off screen.
P.S. What does that mirror do anyway?
>> No. 36710
File 133393691814.png - (59.53KB , 362x360 , DJ-+-ILikeWhatISee.png )
The deadline is this Friday! Get your vocals in as soon as possible!

If you can only record on saturday, then let me know before hand and I'll extend for you one day.

That is all.
>> No. 36762
File 133401218842.png - (22.89KB , 185x185 , CelestiaShrug.png )
Be fore warned, I haven't sung anything to anypony ever.


Fortunately it is possible to record tens of the same bit so I think it turned out all right. Other than the beginning humming.
>> No. 36837
File 133413378853.png - (209.57KB , 559x617 , flutterhappy.png )
Thanks Cara ! Nice contribution!

Deadline is this friday guise!

> I'll try to record mine this afternoon
>> No. 36898
Aaaand here's my falsetto Soprano! Enjoy, I guess...? XD

Can't wait to hear how this turns out. Even just mixing my three tracks as a test, it sounds pretty cool!
>> No. 36912
apologies for the screaming !
>> No. 36913
Thanks guys!

The deadline is tomorrow everypony! If you want in, get in now!
>> No. 36936

Here's mine.
>> No. 37022
File 133444633898.png - (167.33KB , 900x805 , fluttershy.png )
Okay, I'm a day late, sorry about that, I guess I'll be closing the collab now?
4 voices. I did the Soprano an octave lower, I did it more because I'd already done the 3 others, feel free to add it or not to the choir, Pierce.

Soprano: (1 octave lower)

If you want to join at the last minute, do it now, but unless there are any newcomers, I do believe the collab is now almost closed!
I'd like to congratulate and thank everypony, but let's wait unit it's over for the big and long words <3
>> No. 37024
File 133444907225.png - (47.84KB , 273x436 , DJ-+-Cooleo.png )
I'd like to thank everypony for their contributions, and for risking complete embarrassment.

This is now closed, and any applications posted after this post may or may not make it in.

Again, thank you everypony for participating.
>> No. 37025
If you could make it available for download, that' be appreciated. :)

Yours is no longer available? Repost?
>> No. 37026
You also need to make yours downloadable. ;P
>> No. 37067
>> No. 37298
File 133486274222.jpg - (154.63KB , 908x1024 , DJ-+-YES.jpg )
You can download it here:

I'm making a youtube version to submit to EqD.

Special thanks to everypony who participated:
Pinkie with a Top Hat
Papaya Jayz
Cara Citrine
Avohkah Tamer
Wulong cha

Thanks to Tom' for helping get the word out.

>Also, a small note: The parts are quite unbalanced due to the amount of people that did bass and tenor (mfw we're mostly guys ;P). It all comes together quite well, though. :)
>> No. 37325
Alright, time for critiquing...

Love the energy! You guys really sing each lyric with everything you've got. No one seems to peak or top their mics out, which is really good. Quality-wise, it's a-okay!

Now, for a big peeve: Intonation, intonation, intonation! I'm hearing different vowels, different dynamics, and everything is altogether all over the place, even when you're in unison. The final bridge is evident of this; some people are singing in front of the beat, some people behind... it's a mess right there.

The arrangement might also be partially to blame, as some parts of it sound as if the piece is actually written to sound bombastic.

It could have sounded a lot cleaner, but as it is, I'm not actually complaining. With what you had, it was enjoyable to listen to!
>> No. 37327
File 133490776149.png - (47.84KB , 273x436 , DJ-+-Cooleo.png )
>written to sound bombastic.
This is the arrangement put together.

As for the timing. I have no clue what happened. Some people had recordings that were actually stretched out by a few seconds, and I had to fix that as best I could.

We've also got people from different countries (non-native english speakers), so that explains the accents.

Anyway, for a group of people who most have never had any training or are not singers with nothing more than whatever mic they can find, I'd say we did pretty good.
>> No. 37330
When I used the word "arrangement", I was referring to the choral arrangement rather than the instruments.
>> No. 37343
They are the same thing, that audio file was used as the guide for the choral arrangements. look at the OP and you'll see how I set it up.
>> No. 37361
File 133499679201.gif - (44.93KB , 290x290 , CelestiaGIFStrum.gif )
This made me smile. It turned out a lot better than I expected. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
>> No. 37362
You're welcome.
Here's a Youtube link to the no BGM version:
>> No. 37411
Oh woah I could actually hear myself in a sing a long for once XD

It sounds wonderful and you should submit it to EQ if you haven't already! :D
>> No. 37413
I have to be honest, this is actually the first time I ever sung along in a collab but I've had a lot of fun ^^
>> No. 37915
Is still this going on?
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