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Concerning this project:

I am convinced that what needs to happen to make this a success is "22 Short Stories About Ponyville"

Key reasons:

1) This puts it squarely in the realm of parody which protects it from copyright issues.
2) One can feature many of the background ponies, OCs, and one-shots. No being forced to choose. This also increases exposure to the fanon in one video for outsiders.
3) Lots of bronies want to adapt fan fictions, many of which are far too long for this format. There is very little in the way of existing material which is the suitable length and tone for this effort. What does exist in spades are one-shot comics (4-16 panels in length), which is the exact amount of content to make a 60 second segment work. So we're already good at this part!
4) More opportunities for fans to contribute on a per-segment basis. First, second, third place finishers all get to be represented. The more prolific can contribute multiple times.
5) Increased parallelism in production
6) This would help the fan video reach the same level of extra-Brony attention that the Ponybase Alpha video did, since it is parodying something external to the show. This could increase the fanbase even more in anticipation of season 3, so that Hasbro doesn't dare cancel it once it reaches syndication.

Outline of 3F18:

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Sounds good
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>Apple Bloom just blinking for five solid seconds looks really weird, and the long pan shot on the back of Scootaloo's head when we really need to be seeing either her or AB reacting feels lazy

These are the sort of things I'd expect to see in an anime that want's to keep the animation budget low. They're great work-savers, and I'm not really surpassed to see them here, it's just that they're something we have never ever seen in FIM and they clash horribly with the whole 'make something that looks like the show' objective. If you want to make something that passes as an episode, you really need to be able to match the framing styles that the show uses as well as having ponies that are convincingly on model.

And the sets need an upgrade or two. They lack the detail and the texture (for lack of a better word) of the locations from the show. Example: the first wide angle shot we see is looking dead on against the back wall. That's an easy set up to draw, since horizontal across the monitor is horizontal with the back of the set. But it's an angle that I can't ever remember seeing in the show. The viewpoint is always off angle to some degree, and that helps illustrate the depth and shape of the space the characters are in. This is further helped by the use of gradients to help set up lighting an shadows. The room the CMC is in just has flat monotone walls without any shading change with lighting or distance. This all combines to make the whole thing seem very flat.

The hallways shot at the end is even worse, since here we don't even have any vanishing point work to toss up the illusion of depth. It looks like camera pony is just standing on a flat picture instead of walking in a hall- it's got as much depth as something made in ponycreator.

But these things can be overcome; I don't have any formal animation training and I was able to spot this stuff after just a few viewings. With a whole community putting eyes on this (or at least some of the more artistically trained members of said community) it should be a snap to get something respectably convincing. I'm just worried that the writing for a fan-helmed project will end up riddled with fanon and community in-jokes. That's a lot harder to avoid than some simple artistic pitfalls, and it'd sink the illusion of watching an actual episode of FIM worse than anything else.
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Exactly. Which means despite what N66 may think, he needs a storyboarder or two to work out this stuff BEFORE he fires up Flash and starts plopping assets onto a keyframe.

It's not enough to crowdsource a writer and some VAs.

I've abandoned the "22 short stories" idea btw (starting a new thread)
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