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Hello, everypony.

So, I am working with Clockwork (the mod behind the askfrederic tumblr) on a project: It's a webseries that we hope will give the pony fans something to look forward to during the break between seasons 2 and 3. Basically, it involves two background music ponies: Frederic Horseshoepin (pianist) and Cantabile Sotto Voce (opera singer), who host a radio show where they talk about classical music and daily pony life. Think of it as something like the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

Now, the thing is, we need animators. We currently have one, but family problems are preventing him from using his computer. He's still drawing and storyboarding, but we need all the help we can get.
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If I was an immortal denizen capable of freezing and re-arranging time than maybe... I do lots of pony-art, but I have LITERALLY no time. Maybe at some point in the future.

Good luck on this endeavor!
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